Friday, December 11, 2009

The Attack of the Stomach Flu

This week has been a rough one at our house. Breslyn was projectile vomiting for two days and then started having diarrhea. We just assumed it was a bug, but it was a very contagious stomach flu!! I began feeling somewhat sick Wednesday afternoon....and then it hit!! Hard!! I threw up and continued to throw up about 9 times. I hate throwing up, but I have never experienced anything quite like this. I threw up everything in my stomach, then white foam, then blood. It got to where I could not breathe during each episode. I knew there was nothing any doctor could do for the vomiting, but I was worried about becoming dehydrated. That could lead to contractions and that would be very bad for the baby! By this time Finn was throwing up in his bed, and Joey and Aidan were beginning to feel the effects as well. I called mom and she came to my rescue! She drove me all the way to Baylor Grapevine and we began our journey. ER, then Labor and Delivery, then ER again. The baby was fine, but they decided to put an IV in and give me some medicine for the nausea. I took in two bags of saline as well as two doses of Zofran. I felt better, but was still cramping so they gave me my first ever dose of Morphine. Well, let's just say, I won't be taking Morphine again. I felt a RUSH of warmth all over my body and suddenly an elephant was on my chest!! I began violently flailing in my bed which of course terrified mom and the nurse. The nurse threw a nasal oxygen mask on and calmed me down. It still felt like a very heavy weight was on my chest. Luckily I felt better within a few minutes. The doctor came in to check on me and told me to leave a urine sample "just to check". Well, the nurse didn't know it, but I mentioned it. After leaving a specimen I started to get dressed, but luckily the nurse left the IV needle in. She came back in and told me to get comfortable, that I was going to be here longer! I was still extremely dehydrated. I got to keep all my clothes on, but got hooked back up to a new bag of solution with a little sugar in it. Mom and I finally left around 4:15am. What an interesting I do not wish to repeat. Today, Friday I feel like I was in a fight and lost!! It feels like my lungs, ribs and neck were beaten to a pulp. It hurts to laugh, take a deep breath, burp, etc!! I am very grateful that everyone is already better and ready for the weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And it's a ......

BOY!!! We found out yesterday at our 20 week sono!!! I would have sworn on my mother's intuition that i was having a doubt in my mind. But I guess the doctor knows best. When she first saw it she wasn't sure, but a few seconds later she was sure. I couldn't believe it...another Tremaine Boy!! It shouldn't have surprised me, but it did. As of today I am still in disbelief, but it will start to sink in soon. So another Irish boy name.....??? Anyone???

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

Yes, it is snowing here in Texas ya'll!! It was beautiful and I loved it!! I wish it would have stayed around longer. It snowed all morning, but eventually stopped and it all melted very quickly....:( I hope it happens's nice having a white Christmas!!