Saturday, June 3, 2017

MAY 2017 Round Up

May 2017...went by way too fast and furious for my liking!

It started off with B being sick.  Luckily it was nothing bad, just snot. 😜

Thank goodness she was able to make it back to school on Thursday...for FIELD TRIP DAY!!  Grandpa was able to go with her on her trip.  She was thrilled to have him there!

That Friday began our dog sitting adventure!!  This is Goose and he belongs to my amazing co-teacher.  They went out of town and we got to watch this massive super SWEET beast!

They kinda liked each other....

The next week was full of doctor appointments and work!!  But I received these beauties from the hubs...

My kids Joey bought me this necklace and I LOVE it!! I wear it almost every day! 😍

Saturday night we took Linda out for Mother's Day.  We went to Heim BBQ, and it was delicious.  But her company was the best part about the evening! (I didn't get a single picture on MD with my mom or

On the 17th we had an awards ceremony at our church for Olympians (similar to Awanas).  It was so nice to have family come and celebrate with us.

The next night was graduation at my work.  Mollie, my co-teacher for the past 4 years, is leaving and I will miss seeing her sweet face.  She was a wonderful coworker, and will be missed by all the ladies at work.

And now a picture with my current co-teacher, Trica!!  Oh, how I love her bunches!!  She is so fun to work with and we just get each other!

We had a great Friday night, celebrating our friends that will be transferring to Virginia...but apparently I didn't get a single picture!  Boo!!

Sunday we celebrated B's (early) birthday at American Girl.  This year Owen came along for the ride.  The big boys spent the night with Gaga and Gpa.

(He didn't eat a single bite of this yummy food.)

Macaroni bites...😋

Pretzel bites...amazing!!  Our main course meals are not pictured...Turkey Clubs, Bistro Burger and nuggets.  All of it was delicious.

This is the doll B wants next...Tenney.  And this outfit was so cute!  She reminds me so much of B.

The next Monday were awards for Owen...

Then Tuesday it was B's turn.  She was awarded Sagacious Scholar (even though the certificate she is holding was printed wrong)!!  Proud of both the kiddos.

Wednesday the three littles had a water/splash night at church and Aidan had a spring football game.  I LOVE football and can't wait for Fall!!

Memorial Day weekend was so nice and relaxing.  We had some friends over Saturday night to watch A Few Good Men.  Then Sunday we visited a new church and really enjoyed it.  Monday was Memorial Day as well as Breslyn's 9th birthday!!  So we started the morning with donuts.  Then we had our family lunch at Mexican Inn.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!  We love you to pieces!!😘😘😘

Tuesday the 30th was Finley's 5th Grade Awards ceremony.  It was looong, but we enjoyed seeing him sing and receive his awards.  

(Oh Owen....😣)

I love that Owen's teacher is on Twitter.  She shares pictures all throughout their day, and I love seeing them.  She's the only reason I have a Twitter account.  

They had a picnic on Wednesday the 31st, and I received this picture from Shauna, Colton's Momma.  So sweet!!!  Owen is really going to miss him.

And there ya have it....May was great.  The kids finished school on June 1st, and now it's time for Summmmmmer!🏊🍦🍕🌞  Here we go!