Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

For some reason I didn't take very many pictures this year...during Santa, or when both sets of grandparents were here. :(  I guess I was too excited about the big kids gifts!  They each got one thing (except for Owen)...one BIG thing, that they had been wanting.  It was so fun to see their eyes get huge, their mouths drop and the happiness that they expressed!

And now for the BIG gifts....
Aidan got his TV!

Breslyn got a Nabi...it's a Disney-filled tablet thingy.  :)

And Finn got his Kindle!!  

My parents and brother came over for breakfast and presents.  We always have such a great time and I love the tradition of getting together Christmas morning for a big breakfast!!

See...two pics and that's it!  Pathetic {I think I'll claim that I was too distracted by the TERRIBLE pain in my back, to take tons of pictures!!}!

Then my in-laws came over, as well as Joey's sister and her family!  We had a huge lunch...ham, beans, mashed potatoes, salad...yummy!!  And I have one pic to show for that time...gaw! :(  Oh, well...we really did have a great time!

And that was our Christmas morning in a nutshell!!  

Christmas Eve 2013

So I might be posting this in December (but writing it in January of 2014).  
But that's okay, right?  Right?  Good.

Every Christmas Eve the kids are allowed to open one gift.  Every year they get pajamas.  And every year they forget that's what they are going to get.  But, hey...they still get excited!!  :)

OH.MY.GOODNESS...the cuteness!!!

He's pretending to be the dino on his shirt and she's being the penguin on her shirt!!  Crazy kids!!

And Aidan is....um, well....just being Aidan.  Love you son!!

Nietch Family Christmas Pics

After so many photo dumps full of fuzzy, semi-clear and just plain ugly pics I decided I needed some pretty pics to make me feel better.  I had heard IPhone's take great pics...well not for me!!  My Droid took better pics!  Oh well...there is Instagram and it helps my less-than-flattering pics! Haha!

So now for some pretty....

Hello little models!!!!

Such sweet siblings!!

And for my FAVORITE!!!!!

And shortly after our session this sweet family received their two foster babies!!  I cannot wait to take pics of their family of 6 soon!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Photo Dump...More Scary Ice

Monday...the 4th day of the horrible ICEmagedon...I had to go see my doctor.  It was crazy scary sliding down my driveway and getting out of the neighborhood, but the main roads were fine.  Then came parking at said doctor's office...it was awful!!  I pulled in at an angle taking up 2 parking spots.  I tried to reverse and ended up in 3 parking spots.  I decided that was as good as it was going to get.  I headed into my appt, all the time wondering how I was going to back out of the parking spots.  When I returned to my car, I tried to back up, but "Black Beauty" {my SUV} went nowhere.  Now at this point I really wanted to call my Daddy to come rescue me....but seeing as how that would put him out in the icy mess, I just decided to drive forwards..onto the large grassy area, sidewalk and eventually onto the street.  I only had two obstacles in my way...I had to drive between a tree on my left and a street sign on my right!!!  But I DID IT, I DID IT!!  I cheered myself on the whole time.  Ha!!

That night I determined that we were going out to eat...I was tired of cooking, baking, prepping and serving!!  It was the best meal ever!!

The kiddos and I watched The Grinch in our bed that night!  It was wonderful!!

The big kids finally went back to school Wednesday...thank goodness!!  We were all tired of each other! Ha!

Grandma so lovingly bought us new a new washer and dryer from Lowe's.  Owen and I met her and Grandpa to look at them.  Owen had a blast "trying some out"!

Thursday morning!

B lost her tooth at school!!!  Yay!!  Now she is missing both her top front two teeth!!

Thursday afternoon, while B was at gymnastics, we hung out at Ashlee's house...where Owen decided to dress up as a ninja Thomas the Train!!  

After we picked B up, we headed to the book fair at school.  They each picked out a new book...thanks Grandma for the spending money!!!

That night I needed something sweet and salty....so I made these...YUMMMMO!!!

Friday was a pretty big day.  Joey was fired turned in his notice at work, we returned his company car and then did some Christmas shopping.

Friday night we had our Christmas fellowship with our Sunday school class!  It was held at our worship leader's house.  It was very nice and everyone had a good time.  I LOVED it, because I got to hold a newborn baby girl!!!  Aw, so sweet!!

What a roller coaster week...dangerous in the beginning, fun in the middle, facing difficult times and a great night of fellowship in the end. :)