Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll


Pretty cute butts huh?

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING DAY....and a great holiday season. It will be CHRISTMAS before we know it.

All our love,
The Tremaine Family

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Family Pics {Christmas presents for the folks!! Shhh!}

Our family....enjoy!!
Joey and Ashley
Aidan 8 years old
Finley 5 years old
Breslyn 2 and a half years old
Owen 7 months

Thankful Days 17-22

Man I have to stop letting so many days go by before I list my thankful thoughts!! ha!

November 17th: I am thankful for football. I have discovered a true LOVE of it college or professional. I love there!

November 18th: I am thankful for Christmas decorations...which I am about to tear into in just a few days!! Woohoo!! Each box I open brings a smile to my face as I decide where to put the treasures I have just uncovered!! Ahhhh...I can't wait till Friday to start displaying all the lovlies tucked away in my red and green Rubbermaid tubs!!

November 19th: I am thankful for my friend Julie. She has shown me how not to take my children for granted. She is an incredible woman and favorite scrapper in the whole world. I love our few weekends together each year when we tuck ourselves away in her cabin by the lake....we dress in pajamas, speak all sorts of honesty with each other and scrap till we can't hold our eyes open!!

November 20th: I am thankful for my MIL, Linda. She has shown me what it means to care for a parent when no one else does/will. She shows true character and love of all things family. I am so happy my husband is her son.

November 21st: I am thankful for my Momma. Today is her birthday...she is 59 years young!! She is my friend and I love her so much. She has more talent than anyone I know...who else can sing like Sandi Patti, act like Barbara Streisand and pull it off numerous times a week? No one except my mom.

November 22nd: I am thankful for TV.........{SHUT UP!!!}

Just a few days until Thanksgiving....I can't wait to spend some warm moments with my family!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Days 13 through 16

November 13th: I am thankful for Saginaw, TX. While attending Aidan's football practice tonight {11/16} I realized how wonderful Saginaw is. The bright lights of the softball field were shining down on the boys as they practiced...the wind was blowing...parents were standing around proudly admiring their was such a great feeling. Saginaw definitely has a hometown feel, but with perks like Walmart and numerous restaurants, a wonderful school district, a YMCA and many other draws. I just love it and I am so grateful to be able to raise my kiddos here!

November 14th: I am thankful for great movies. I've seen so many great movies's nice to get away from reality and sink into fantasy...a few recommendations: Due Date {dry humor but funny}, Killers {hot Ashton Kutcher}, Grown Ups {fuuuuuny}, oldies like Christmas Vacation, Polar Express, Elf, White Christmas and looking forward to many more!!

November 15th: I am thankful for love songs....oh, just shut up!!

November 16th: I am thankful for Ashlee. My sweet dear friend....she has shown me what it means to be selfless to your family and friends. She shows me you can be a super mom. She has shown me the happy in the difficult, the best during the worst. I love you Ash.

November 17th: I am thankful for Sonic. Every Tuesday and Thursday I try and get a Route 44 Coke on my way home from taking Finn to Preschool....and I luuuhhhhhhhve it!! It lasts me all day. Ahhh, Sonic...I love you.

{yes, some of my thanks are a bit petty, but I don't care. I can say all the things people normally say, or I can name some unique I chose the latter!! Ha!!}

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful Days 10, 11 and 12

November 10th: I am thankful for the laughter my children provide. Just when I wanna smack em, they redeem themselves with hilarious innocence and make me chuckle out loud {or in Finn's case I must chuckle deep down}!! I love that they are so literal and honest and funny. I'll set the scene: I was driving the biggest 3 over to my parents house and a bad driver almost hit I politely said, "Idiot!" Well Finn asked what that word meant and I told him that it stood for someone who is not smart. So he asks if it is a bad word. I said no, just don't call anyone that. "But mom, you just called him that and taught us how to do that." WHAT??!! Why that little smart mouth!! Oh wait...where does he get that from??

November 11th: I am thankful for school/preschool. I love my kiddos and love spending time with them, but we call all use a little break from each other...insert school!!! Precious time away makes for precious time together.

November 12: I am thankful for blogging. I love and flat out need this outlet. I love to chronicle my kids lives, show DIY projects and decor, and just vent. I love it and am so grateful to Leigh Gilbert for filling me in so many months ago!! Thanks girl!! I love reading other peoples blogs and learning how others deal with family issues as well as SUPER AWESOME DIY PROJECTS that I can copy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanful Day 9

November 9th: today I am thankful for doctors, nurses, everyone who has a heart for helping others. It takes a special person to deal with the sick, and care for the sick and heal the sick. Today I need THAT person! I am very sick...sore throat and ears for the last 4 days. It honestly ruined Finley's 5th bday celebration...I couldn't do all I wanted for his party, and I could not enjoy everyone's company. :( But I finally made an appt with our doctor for this afternoon. I am grateful they were able to fit me in, and I pray he can give me some medicine to slap this crap in the face and bring it to the floor!! {I'm a bit tired of being sick!!}

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful Days 5, 6, 7 and 8

Well, like I said sometimes I won't be able to write everyday so I will have to combine a few days. That is the case for today!!

November 5th: I am thankful for my extended family. It is so wonderful to have 2 sets of grandparents and 2 great grandmothers for our children to love on and learn from!! Our children are so blessed to be able to spend lots of time {including spending the night} with their grandparents!!

November 6th: I am thankful for our house. We moved here over 2 years ago, and at times it is hard to make ends meet, but it is worth it!! There is enough space for our large family, it's in a great school district and we are in a great neighborhood {minus the one set of awful neighbors}.

November 7th: I am thankful for my Jeep. It sounds silly, but having driven a much smaller mini van/suv, I know how badly we needed a larger vehicle. It is perfect for our huge family.

November 8th: I am thankful for my Grandma. She is always has an ear to listen to me, a hand to help me out {every week doing the laundry}, time for me to get things done {every other Friday when I shop for groceries} and generosity when my family so desperately needs it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

November 4th: I am thankful for my Lord. I may be struggling in my faith and very often feel like He has left me...but I am not foolish enough to stray away from Him. I know that He provides for me every day, he blesses me with miracles I don't even notice, he teaches me lessons I didn't know I wanted to learn, He covers me with protection that I wish I was more aware of, He gave me the most wonderful family which I love more every single day. Thank you Lord for ALL that you have done and continue to do for me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday {HAPPY 5TH FINLEY}

we LOVE you finley. happy birthday sweet boy.

Thankful Day 1, 2 and 3

{although I am 2 days behind...I will put the first three today}

November 1st: I am thankful for my job. I am able to be a stay at home mommy ONLY because I watch little kiddos. I am very lucky to have such sweeties in my house.

November 2nd: I am so thankful for my husband Joseph! He provides for our family every day...he has a far distance to drive every single day...I just couldn't sit in my car that much!! He works so hard managing others and then comes home and helps with the kiddos. He is a wonderful hubby and daddy.

November 3rd: I am incredibly thankful for my children. Today is Finley's 5th birthday {post to follow later} and it is just a reminder of how lucky we are to have kids. I have a great friend who cannot have kids, and here i sit with 4! I realize that we are beyond blessed with all four of our little rugrats!!

{I will do my best to blog every day with something I am thankful for...although I may fail, I will catch up!!!}

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Gets the Shaft

Poor Thanksgiving. Why doesn't this WONDERFUL holiday get the recognition it deserves? I mean really...Halloween gets so much hype...isn't that a pagan holiday? Yes, my family does get dressed up and goes trunk or treating and we decorate and enjoy the yummy candy. I am not judging anyone who enjoys this holiday. And then there is FAVORITE holiday!! It is about the Lord's deserves all the celebration and regalement that it receives. And yes we revel in the gifts, the food, the time spent with family, the music and the incredible decorations!! And I would venture to say that the Lord's birth doesn't get talked about enough during this time because we are too focused on the materialistic part of the holiday...I pray every year that I would show my kids the REAL reason for the season...and usually every year I fail.

But between these two hugely celebrated holidays is one very special time that is in need of some serious acknowledgment. Thanksgiving is wonderful.....a time to tell and show others what we are grateful for. The air is getting cooler, fires are being lit in fireplaces, leaves are falling from trees, autumn wreaths are hung on front doors, pumpkin fragrance fills the air, families gather together and love on each is deserving of an incredible celebration. So why do we "skip" this holiday? I was in Walmart on Sunday {Halloween} shopping for groceries, and right next to the 400 bags of Halloween candy a worker was setting up a Christmas tree!! Really? I know...why is this a happens every single year. But just once I wish more emphasis was put on this special day. Maybe all I can do is make sure MY family makes the most of this great time of year.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone....enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween 2010!! {First I apologize..some of the pics are out of order.} We attended the Grace Trunk or Treat again this we have done every year for the past 4 years. A great time was had by all!! The kids loved getting the candy, playing in the bounce houses, eating fried, cheesy food, playing in the cake walk and spending time with family!!

See...out of order, but oh well!! Ha! Grandpa holding B!

Most of the kiddos posing with Gaga!!

Owen...our little BOY dragon!! Thank you Ashlee for the cutie patootie costume!!

Finley...our blue-eyed, pink-cheeked Tyrannosaurs Rex!!

Breslyn....our precious GIRL bow and tutu included!!

And Aidan....awesome Ian Kinsler!! Right now the Rangers are in the World Series...that has never happened in franchise it's kind of a big deal!! Hahaha! Anyways, we think he looked pretty cool {wig and all}!

Kristi Stevens and mom...two beautiful ladies!!

She is in control...not us, ya see! "I push!!"

This is Finley's BESTEST friend..Ashton. They have been in preschool together since last year. They get along so well and miss each other if they miss cute!!

Gaga giving O-bug some lovin!!

This is Bro. Donnie, the preacher at Grace. They represent the Rangers well!!

Gaga and Grandpa always volunteer to open their trunks and give away candy...I love that they take the time to do that for others..not just my kiddos. Very generous!!

B jumping in the bounce house...during her crazy time she accidentally ripped her tutu {which was handmade by Gaga!!}! So now I have to try and fix it...doesn't B know I don't know how to sew??!!

Sweet Gawa {as she is now called} holding O-dragon!! Doesn't she look pretty in orange?!

We had a blast again this year. It was a bit hard to get up this morning though! Halloween should always be on Friday or Saturday nights..just sayin!!