Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: November 29th

Well we are in the final Thursday of Thanks!

I could come up with MANY things to give thanks for, but I decided to share with you what I always thank God for in my prayer time.

You've already read the first four things I am thankful for in previous posts: first- God, second- my husband, third- my kids, fourth- my parents and in-laws.

Usually after I have thanked God for all those people I have a set of other things/people I thank Him  for.....
our jobs
our cars
our friends
our church
our house
and love.

I am so blessed and anytime I feel like whining about something going on in my life I think on these things and I can't help but smile and be happy!!

Have a wonderful last few days of November dear friends!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I Missed It...

Wednesday was my Momma's BIRTHDAY!!!  I promise I had planned this post, but in the chaos of Thanksgiving I forgot to actually post it. :(...bad daughter!  Every year Mom gets the shaft when it comes to's always too close to Thanksgiving.

Dear Mom,

I love you.

You are a WONDERFUL MOM...

...and an AWESOME GaGa!!

You showed me how to be creative

and to not be afraid to be myself.

You are encouraging and your smile lights up a room...especially when it is under a Glinda crown!

You are INCREDIBLY creative and have such a tender heart for your grandchildren.

You are beyond BEAUTIFUL...and have cheekbones to die for!

You are funny and such a talented actress!!

You are giving and sacrifice for others...but especially your rugrat grandkids. 

I couldn't ask for a more interesting, crafty, talented, fashionable, crazy, funny, caring Mother.

Thank you for being my model, my mother, my friend.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Save Money vs. Avoid Crazy!

So here I sit..just hours before the first retail store door will open and people will pile in.  

I sit here pondering my options...go tonight and save some money OR wait till next week and avoid the crazy people who will be out practically all weekend!  

What are you doing?

I've scoured the ads and I have compared them with what I have written down to buy.  I would love to save some moola, but I'm not seeing a lot of great deals.  Breslyn needs long sleeve shirts which will be on sale at Khols.  They are marked down to $4ish from $7ish.  Is it worth it?  

Two years ago I went out with my bestie on our very first Black Friday trip!!  She had one thing that we were pursuing...a DS.  It was so much fun getting up early and prepping ourselves for the hunt!  Last year she was out of town so I got up early (6ish) and headed out by myself.  I got a few things, but not GREAT deals.  And this year she is out of town again :(.  So I am torn. 

I could use the sleep...I'm pretty tired.  I would love to have some of the shopping done.  

I have been dealing with anxiety lately, and being near crazy will only make that worse.   It might not be as bad as I anticipate, after all I'm not going to be in the electronic section around those "determined" people that waited outside for days for a great deal on a TV.  

I could stand a little excitement.  I could also enjoy bundling up in my jammies and watching some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with the hubs!  

What to do?  What to do? ;)   

Thankful Thursdays: November 22nd

Well today is actually THANKSGIVING!!  

I hope you each have an AWESOME day with family and friends.  I pray you are able to thank the GREAT Lord above for everything you've been given and for every trial you have been through.  Enjoy turkey, ham, mashed taters, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, rolls, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, whip cream,  sweet tea and blessed fellowship!!

Today I give thanks for my extended family.  My Dad, Mom, Grandma, MIL and FIL.  They raised me, they raised Joey....they did a pretty awesome job if I say so!  Hahaha!!  But seriously, I am so grateful for all that my parents did and still do to support me.  I am so blessed to have my Grandma be a part of my daily life.  My in-laws are wonderful, salt-of-the-earth people!  They are giving and helpful and funny.  I am so glad God gave Joey such wonderful parents.  

And to top that....they are INCREDIBLE Grandparents!!!  They are  ALL have patience, they are giving, loving, selfless, funny, willing, courageous, adventurous...could I ask for more?  Ha!

Thank you David, Cheryl, Martie, Bill and Linda for each and every blessing you have given to us.  For your time and patience, love and encouragement, guidance and advice.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

God Bless.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sneak Peek..Blackburn Family

I had a photo shoot with an adorable family yesterday morning...the Blackburn's!  They were up for anything...except for Jett...he wasn't really wanting to smile for I was thrilled when I got just a few of him hamming it up for camera!!  Enjoy!

To see the full session hop on over to my photography blog!!!  Have a great evening!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wilingham Shoot

Yesterday I was so blessed to take pictures of a precious family...I was close friends with Jennifer growing up.  I will say I think about her every time I color my hair, hear Cranberries music, hear strand pronunciations of names (inside joke) or drive down Boat Club Road (which is very often)!!  I love this girl...talented, beautiful and AMAZINGLY smart!  Enjoy a sneak peek!!

Thanks Jen, Ken, K and J for allowing me to photograph your wonderful family again this year!!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: November 15

Today {and EVERY DAY} I am thankful for my babies.

I never EVER expected to be a momma to SO MANY KIDS!!  Thank goodness I'm not in charge of my future...thank goodness the LORD is in charge of every stinkin' area of my life!!  

So today I give thanks for ALL four of my beautiful children...
Aidan Riley
Finley Patrick
Breslyn Claire
Owen Brady
You are my miracles.  I feel completely honored to be called their mother.  I've never and will never receive a better gift than that of motherhood.  Lord such a great blessing that I absolutely don't deserve.  Each day is hard and each day is worth it.  Each day is wonderful and each day is a new adventure!  What an incredible responsibility to raise a family...and many days I question my actions, motives and my thoughts, and PRAY without ceasing, for the well-being of my children.  Thank you Lord for these four rugrats!! :)

Aidan, Finley, Breslyn and Owen,

I love you all SO VERY MUCH!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Sunset

{I didn't edit this...but even if I had, I couldn't make that sky look any prettier!!}

6 A. M. and Family Discipline

Well, the day started out like any other...

up and at em at in my face at 6:30...them screaming at each other by 7...finding out Finley had a very bad day at school the day before (by way of his take home folder, yes I should have read it the night before)...screaming by adults...Aidan purposefully tripping his baby sister...adults yelling again...adults taking out their frustration on each other...adults assigning discipline to each child.


 {Thanksgiving 3 years ago, Little Rock, Arkansas}

The rest of the day was better....a trip to Hob to Dance...Walmart home from school...and the big boys are in their area completing their assigned discipline, respectively.

I just put up some more of my Christmas decor...I wish I could enjoy it, but honestly it feels like more of a beating.  I thoroughly enjoy the outcome, and I love dreaming up what I am going to do extra each year.  But I inevitably put the same things up in the same place as the year before.  Blah.  This year I am doing a few things different...more of a BURLAP Christmas!!!  I will post pics once I am done.

So back to our day...

Aidan is in his room writing "I will not trip my sister." 100 times.  Finley is in his room writing "I will obey in school." 100 times.

I could complain about a lot more things...but I don't want to be that know her.  The one people avoid because she only spews negative comments about her terrible life and the horrible people in it.  Because let me tell you I am VERY BLESSED, and VERY THANKFUL for all that I have, and I don't want people to think I have a critical spirit...I want to reflect God's great blessings and love in my life.  Thank you sweet Lord for all that you've given me!!

Tonight Joey and I are sitting down with the big three and discussing attitudes, discipline, screaming, gentleness, kindness, respect and love.  Pray for us. :)

Heres hoping for a better day tomorrow...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: November 8th

Continuing with giving thanks on I give thanks for My Husband.  

How incredibly blessed am I that God knew exactly what kind of man I would need in my life.  We are a great match and I am so thankful for all he does for our family.  

He works super hard to provide for our family.  He gives me unconditional love...which I very often DON'T deserve.  He loves on his children.  He has sacrificed a lot to care for this house of crazy!! :)  

Dear Joey,

Thank you so much sweetheart for all that you do for our family.  You are my very best friend, my confidant and dedicated partner.  I wouldn't want to "do" life with anyone else but you!!  I pray you know how much I love and appreciate you!!

All my love,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I'm I'll Salivate Over These

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

{my bestie makes something similar and they are DEEEEVINE!  Sure hope she makes me a batch soon!!}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

{just made these this week...OMGoodness they were incredible!!}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

{my Aunt Annita makes this and it was TO DIE FOR good!!!}

{if it ever gets cold here I plan on making this warm soup...yummy!!}

Well now that my mouth is officially watering....I will go get ready for Little Caesars Pizza.  Hmm..don't think that is exactly what my tastebuds were craving!!  Hahaha!!

Happy 7th Birthday Finley

Today my little second born... spitfire... daredevil... emotional... passionate... loving son turns 7!!  

He is an awesome stinker.  We butt heads A LOT, I fear it's because we are exactly alike very similar!!

He has grown so much in the last year...reading like crazy, adding and subtracting and an AMAZING imagination!!


I love you so very much Finley Patrick.  You are an incredible little boy.  Never forget how much you are loved!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: November 1st

{Yep...I'm a day late, but I just thought of there!!} 

I could commit to one post a day detailing one thing I am thankful for, but I know me.  I know that I will forget a day...maybe four and then I will get discouraged.  So this year I am just going to commit to posting my November Thanks on Thursdays!!  

So here is my November 1st Thanksgiving post:

I am so thankful for God, my Savior, my Salvation and especially the Holy Spirit living inside me!  A lot of people don't talk about the Holy Spirit...I don't know why because we couldn't make sense of this crazy life without Him.  Without the Holy Spirit we would never feel conviction, or know what we are called to do in life!  The Holy Spirit reveals Gods will and teaches us about our Spiritual Gifts (another post coming)!  

Thank you God for the great gift of your son and for each and every blessing you pour down on me.  
I love you so much.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Latest Session

I had the priviledge of shooting a very fun family this past weekend!  They were full of life and love!  Here is a sneaky peek...the full session can be found HERE!!