Wednesday, November 14, 2012

6 A. M. and Family Discipline

Well, the day started out like any other...

up and at em at in my face at 6:30...them screaming at each other by 7...finding out Finley had a very bad day at school the day before (by way of his take home folder, yes I should have read it the night before)...screaming by adults...Aidan purposefully tripping his baby sister...adults yelling again...adults taking out their frustration on each other...adults assigning discipline to each child.


 {Thanksgiving 3 years ago, Little Rock, Arkansas}

The rest of the day was better....a trip to Hob to Dance...Walmart home from school...and the big boys are in their area completing their assigned discipline, respectively.

I just put up some more of my Christmas decor...I wish I could enjoy it, but honestly it feels like more of a beating.  I thoroughly enjoy the outcome, and I love dreaming up what I am going to do extra each year.  But I inevitably put the same things up in the same place as the year before.  Blah.  This year I am doing a few things different...more of a BURLAP Christmas!!!  I will post pics once I am done.

So back to our day...

Aidan is in his room writing "I will not trip my sister." 100 times.  Finley is in his room writing "I will obey in school." 100 times.

I could complain about a lot more things...but I don't want to be that know her.  The one people avoid because she only spews negative comments about her terrible life and the horrible people in it.  Because let me tell you I am VERY BLESSED, and VERY THANKFUL for all that I have, and I don't want people to think I have a critical spirit...I want to reflect God's great blessings and love in my life.  Thank you sweet Lord for all that you've given me!!

Tonight Joey and I are sitting down with the big three and discussing attitudes, discipline, screaming, gentleness, kindness, respect and love.  Pray for us. :)

Heres hoping for a better day tomorrow...

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