Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday B!!

My Dearest Breslyn Claire,

Happy 4th Birthday baby girl!!  I cannot believe that you are already 4...it just doesn't seem possible.  The day I found out I was having a girl I was in shock!  I couldn't believe that the Lord was blessing me with my GREATEST desire!!  A little girl....in fact, I didn't believe it until you came out and daddy stared me in the eyes and assured me that you were IN FACT a girl!!!  EEeek!  I was thrilled!  And scared....I was a momma to boys.  Would I be a good "girl" momma?  I pray often that I will be the best mother to you {and those rugrat brothers!}.  

 Oh how I love your SWEET personality...
I hate spanking you because you very rarely disobey....
You are showing how smart you are and we are amazed daily....
We love to hear you "read" books....
It melts my heart when you "mommy" the boys....
You give the bestest kisses....
I'm thrilled that you let me put ridiculously big bows in your hair....

Now....I must put my foot down and require that you stop growing up so quickly!!  I fear that next August I will very surely need medication to help me make it through you going into Kindergarten and Aidan going into middle school!!!  I joke...or not!  

HUGS and KISSES to the BEST little FOUR year old EVER!!!

Love you bunches,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Make-up First

Isn't my baby girl beautiful?!  OMGoodness, this was our first attempt at putting make-up on her for her upcoming ballet and tap recital in June!!  We put on mascara, blush and lipstick!  She LOVED getting dolled up....thank goodness, because I can't imagine trying to put all that on with a squirmy, upset little girl! 

She is naturally beautiful, but I gotta say MAYBE even prettier with a little face candy! 

Those beautiful baby blues....melt my HEART!!

I LOVE that she still looks like a baby girl in this picture!  Still has chubby cheeks and that sweet smile!

I am go grateful that the LORD blessed me with a daughter!!  I couldn't have asked for a better daughter at that!!  Blessed, blessed, blessed!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

And the Crazy Starts....Now...

Life is gonna be C.R.A.Z.Y starting this past week up until about the end of June!  Ha!

My schedule is as follows:
This past week B had to dress up for her Ballet and Tap pictures.
Then Finn had baseball practice Wednesday...but he came home sick {threw up on the bus ride home...poor bus driver!}
That night I had to teach Ladies Bible study...now I've been doing that for the past 8 weeks {along with an hour long DVD...putting not all that much responsibility on me}, but for 2 weeks I will lead without the help of a pre-planned lesson.  That is stressful!!
Thursday night I spoke at a dinner put on by the women of our church.  Every third Thursday of the month we have Ladies Fellowship at church....we have a time of prayer, food, fellowship and a guest speaker...well, this time I was the speaker!  I was super excited, but very nervous!  I was told to speak between 15-20 minutes...well, every time I read through my testimony it would take at LEAST 25 mintues!!  Yikes.  But I knew once I got up there I would probably talk way faster than I would when I was all comfy in my chair.  Which I did...but I feel like I did a pretty good job!  I make em laugh, I make em tear up, I was honest and transparent...exactly what I wanted to do!

Around 4:30 Saturday morning I was overtaken by an AWFUL, EXCRUCIATING stomach bug!!  It was terrible....the hubs said it was the most violent puking he had ever seen!!  And trust me....I am feeling it today.  I never could have imagined how many muscles you strain during the "throws" of throwing up!!  I can't laugh, sneeze, cough or breathe deeply!  I am so lucky to have such great family and friends who stepped up to help me with the kiddos on Saturday.  My mom and MIL took care of the big three (shuttling them to and from baseball games and lunch) and my bff Ashlee took Owen for the day.  I am so grateful for that....I needed the time to recover.  My stomach was cramping on and off for hours.  I am still not completely okay...hoping by tomorrow I will be back to normal, just in time for.....

A big dental appointment tomorrow afternoon.  I am not dreading it, but I'm certainly not looking forward to it!  Ha!  We never talked about gas or a pill to calm me down before the procedure...so I am sort of uneasy about being fully awake for everything.  I will be praying BIG for a smooth appointment.

This week is the last week of preschool {and my job teaching 2 year olds}, so it will be super busy!  Preschool graduation is Thursday night....this year I will have to sit with my class instead of my family.  I can't believe my baby girl only has one more year before Kindergarten...sniff, BIG sniff.

Friday morning is Finley's graduation from Kindergarten.  Again...sniff, sniff.  I won't cry, I won't cry.  Right?

Saturday...baseball games.

Sunday...is Breslyn's 4th birthday party!  First...SHE'S 4!!  Second...I love planning parties, but the follow through is brutal!  But it's always worth it...ALWAYS!!

June 1st....B's four year check-up.
June 4-8 is Kids Who Care mini camp!!!  This year Finn and B are going!  Now to brag on my Momma a minute....she works at the camp each year and this year she is giving up her entire paycheck so that both kiddos can go to camp!!  Such a great Gaga!!  They are very lucky to have her!  We love you Gaga!!
June 15th....Dental appointments for Joey, Aidan and Finley AND B has dress rehearsal at 7p.m.
June 16th....B's Dance Recital!!!  So exciting, but I am stressed over getting her hair and makeup just right!!
June 20th...My parents, Grandma, Aidan and Finley are leaving for our annual family reunion.  I will miss the boys, but the following weekend I am going over to my friend Julie's house for a scrapbook weekend!!  Yay!

Whew....I am super tired just looking at my next few weeks!  ;}

If you made it through this entire post...way to go...I know it was probably super boring!!

Have a wonderful week friends! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I want to wish some wonderful women in my life a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!  Two women who are the best mommas EVER belong TO ME!!  tEhEE!!  I have been so blessed to have these great mothers influence me over the last 34 years....

 My Grandma {on the far left, but standing with two other lovely mothers- her sisters}....
 My Momma {with Obug}...
And us together {back in 2010 at my baby shower}....

I have been so blessed by these two women.  I can say without a doubt that they are both friends.  My mom still mothers me, and my Grandma still watches over me...but I get the bonus of having them as friends as well. 

Thank you Mom and Grandma for being such a great support to me, for listening when I ramble, for loving on my babies, for praying over me, for teaching me, for showing me the way....for those reasons and many more...I LOVE YOU BOTH!!

There is one other woman I would like to say Happy Mother's Day...my MIL...Linda Tremaine!  I want to thank her for being a great mommy to my hubs!  Thank you for raising a Godly son who loves me and spoils me rotten...and is an amazing daddy to our 4 rugrats.  He is blessed to have had you as his momma!!

Happy Happy Mother's Day!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Canton Girl

That girl...that one up there...is A HOT MESS!!  Omgoodness....I love her to pieces!  I got to spend one on one time with her this past weekend.  We went with my mom and dad to Canton...if you live in Texas, it is worth the trip!!  Thousands of vendors, lots of amazing goodies, some great deals and lots of fun {and I only got to see part of the area..apparently there was LOTS more to see}!  I got some awesome things {all were great deals}...which I might write a post on later, if I remember to take pics!  Ha!!

But my favorite part was hanging out with my mom, dad and B!  She is so precious, and I am so blessed to have her as my daughter.  She is amazingly beautiful and smart.  I can't believe she will be turning 4 in 22 days!!!  It just isn't right...

One special item I found at Canton was this precious pillow...it wasn't incredibly beautiful, but it meant the world to me.  It says "You Are My Sunshine" which I sing to my kids DAILY.  Even though it's not gorgeous, I am going to "girl" it up and make it perfect for her room!!

I had a wonderful weekend with three wonderful people!! :)