Tuesday, July 5, 2016

JUNE 2016 Roundup

The kids finished their last day of school....time to go..with end of year presents in tow.

We LOVE Ms. Dean.  Finley had her for 2nd and 3rd.  And now B has had her for 2nd and will have her next year...unless her singing career takes off!!  Oh, her voice!!  It's raspy and country and amazing!  I'm hoping at some point this summer to hear her in concert around town.

Finn and Mr. Caldwell...what a duo!!  Science fiction lovers, silly singers and class crackups!

My goodness we LOVED Ms. Hunter so much!  Owen just adored her....and has talked about her this summer.

In the midst of the last week of school we had more ballet practice.  And finally we had her spring recital!!!

Oh, she looks like shes getting big air...and she did, but the cartwheel that followed...um, well.  Not so much!!  Haha!!  Love you sweet girl! 

THE day of B's recital we adopted our new dog!!  Meet Daisy Mae Taylor Tremaine.  Her name was already Daisy from her previous owner and we gave her the name Taylor after my brother.  She is so sweet and gentle and loving and crazy all in one!!  And the cutest part of her?  Her heart nose!  You will see it in other pictures.

Also before B's performance we met with Memaw and her two best friends.  We celebrated PaPaw's (Joey's dad) birthday.  It was delicious food and great company!!

 That Sunday, June 5th, we handed out flyers for our church VBS program.  We brought Daisy along for the action!  A little story....I am so proud of Aidan....while in this neighborhood Aidan put up a flyer and started walking away from a front door.  The owner arrived home, yelled (so loud I could hear her 4 houses down) and told him to get that off her door.  Mind you she did not have a no soliciting sign.  Ohhhhh I was HOT!!  I wanted to scream back at her for yelling at my baby.  But I figured that wasn't the proper reaction.  BUT Aidan quickly turned around, picked up the flyer, listened to her get on to him again and calmly walked away.  I'm sure she thought he was an adult, he is 6 feet tall....but he's just a boy of 14, and didn't deserved to be yelled at.  :|

 That week the two littles had checkups!  All was good with both!!  Easy peasy!

Tuesday night, even though I was supposed to be serving at VBS, we went to see The Wizard of OZ at Bass Hall!!!  Joey won tickets on a local radio station!!  It was great...the special effects, the scenery and the company!!

But back to VBS...Joey ran security at our site (our church has 3 sites in our area), Aidan and I ran crafts and the littles attended!!

Our anniversary was Friday, June 10th and we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory!!  It is tied for my favorite restaurant...right up there with Chuy's!!  It was quiet, and we just enjoyed each other's company. :)

The following week I had the bug to really, finally get more decorations up!!  I took this pic, sent it to Ashlee for encouragement and accountability and she didn't let me down!!  (I did end up getting a lot done and will share those pics later!)

This week all the kids had dentist appointments!!!!  What was I thinking!  But no cavities for 4 kids?  Not bad!!  However, 2 out of 4 will definitely need braces.  Yikes!

That Friday night Joey's whole family came over....and here are all the grandkids (minus one).  Big BIG grounp!!!  Haha!

 That weekend we laid around and then packed.  Finn was headed for kid's camp and Aidan and B were headed for vacation with my parents and Gma.

{heart nose!!!}

Finley was off that Monday!!!!

And I coordnated all of Breslyn's clothes...I am not OCD, I just thought this would help B and Gaga. ;)

That afternoon we played some Chicken Foot...I never win!

Tuesday morning I took the kids to mom and dad's house and we said our goodbyes.

A few pics from camp....

While all the others were gone Owen and I just hung out!  It was very nice...he can talk a lot. :)))   One day we went over to Ashlee's pool and had a great time.  They have a huge kiddie pool which Owen LOVED!

Sunday, the 26th, the four of us cleared out the trash bags from my brother's room.  I really appreciated Joey and Finley's help.  It was hard, looking at his things, but overall it was a productive afternoon and I'm glad we were able to get it done!

The following week Finn, Owen and myself went and saw Finding Dory, met Ashlee for DQ ice cream, went to multiple doctor appointments and then had a sleepover!  Finn stayed with Josh and Keegan stayed with us!  I think fun was had by all...

The kiddos got home late June 30th..and looking at this picture from vacay they had a pretty good time!!  

Wow, I cannot believe June is over!!  Hello July!!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

MAY 2016 Roundup

Hey May, Hey!  

May was long and filled to the brim with activities, holidays, school functions, etc.  So let's get right to it.  First up...May 1st, I was literally curled up in a blanket on our back porch!  What?  Yes, it was that cold and I LOVED IT!!! 

That Tuesday Grandma came over to do laundry and play a rousing game of checkers with this little rugrat!!  We love her a lot.

This month most of my non-preschool days were spent at our client's house...this day we did her front porch.  

Joey and I need some bedroom furniture and we went out the first weekend in May looking for a bedroom suit, as well as some other odds and ends.  We didn't end up buying anything, but I took pics of our favorites for when we are ready.  

More client work...

The last month at Grace Place, where I teach 3 year olds, we have crazy days all throughout May.  This was the night before "Pick Your Favorite Decade" day....OBVIOUSLY our favorite is the 80's!!!

Client's playroom...it might be my favorite!!

May 18th, the kids had graduation from Gofer Buddies and Olympians at church...B, Finn and Owen each had lines!!  (I don't know if B's video will come through.)

Lots of time was spent at Ballet...prepping for the Spring Recital.

May 21st we took B out for her Birthday!!  You'll never guess where!  She loves her American Girl anything!  She chose to get accessories instead of a new doll, just like last birthday.  We had brunch this year instead of lunch....and it was delicious!!!  We all had a really great time!

Afterwards, we took a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart and checked out Joanna's new Magnolia line.  I loved the look of this bed, but it just didn't feel sturdy.  I love the nightstand and dressers though.  

The next week B was a little emotional...she misses her Uncle Zach.  :(

We had Aidan's graduation from middle school!!!!  WHAT?!!  Cue the "I'm not old enough to have a high schooler" speech.  Annnnnnd ignore my dad being goofy...all.the.time.

That week was also preschool graduation at my work.  For the first time since working there I didn't have a child attending and I didn't take a single picture!!!  It was great!  Haha!

I also subbed a half day for Ashlee...I got to watch my Obugs practice his songs for Kinder graduation!!  I might have teared up a little.

May 27th, Gaga and Grandpa came with me to see his actual performance!  He did a great job.  I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see how he does in 1st grade.

That weekend we had our family birthday celebration for B!  

Annnnd my dad again.  Mouth full of food, on purpose, because he knew I was taking the picture!

After she had been sung to....and had cupcakes!!

 Finn's award ceremony was May 31st.  This was the only picture I got.  :/  Grandpa came and joined us as well.  So proud of you Finners!  Can't wait for 5th! 

Bye May.  It's been real...........busy.