Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shared Boy and Girl Room

I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on boy/girl shared rooms and love each of these rooms!!  Some still seem a little girly for a boy and girl, but still...the ideas are great.

I love the difference in the headboards and footboards in this first picture.  Similar but not exactly alike...but with matching paint one doesn't stick out as different from the other!

I doubt this room is boy/girl...but I still really love the spindle headboards/footboards.  And the gold and turquoise...swoon!!

Simple, but precious.  Plain white, but it works.  The map bunting, the gorgeous chandelier, the individual pics above the beds...all perfect.

This room is a personal favorite because I follow her blog closely.  Her kiddos are precious!!  Love the photos and material garland above the headboards.

Guess I REALLY have a thing for these spindly beds!! ;)  In this particular photo I like the mixing of colors.  I wouldn't want the room to look circusyyy, but I like the blue with black and pink and red and yellow, etc!  It all works so well together!!

Awwww....just absolutely precious!  Adore the metal beds, the white quilts, the photos above the headboards.  LOVE.IT.ALL!

I may be implementing some of the design elements soon!!  ;)  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Words for 2015

I feel like these quotes will look very random to anyone else but me but it's because....

Haha!  But still....I needed some words of encouragement for this new year.  All of these quotes apply to different areas in my life.  I hope they mean something to you as well.

Area: Kids

Area: Biz Adventure

Area: My heart

Area: Getting through past, present and future disappointments 

Area: Serving others (husband, kids, family, friends)

Area: ALL:)

 Happy New Year dear friends!!  Here we go 2015!!