Friday, April 23, 2010

I am attempting to "link up" to one of my favorite blogs today....Kelly's Korner is asking for us to share how we met our husbands, and I thought I would give this whole "sharing" thing a try!! Teehee...I'm not computer savvy and don't even know how to link to her website, but even if it doesn't work I don't mind having a record of how I met my INCREDIBLE HUSBAND JOSEPH!!

He and I met our first year at college. My friend Adrean and I were taking a summer class as was Joey. We three sat on the same row, but pretty much had no contact with each other except for passing papers up and down our isle. Well it happened that we all three were entered in the Honors program for the Fall semester...and again we sat close to each other. And that is where our relationship as friends began. There was always harmless flirting going on between Joey and myself...but I had a boyfriend....that complicated matters!! ;) Anyways, Joey and I hung out, went to lunch together, went for long drives listening to Dave Mathews Band, and just really got to know each other. Even as friends we had our own song...John Michael Montgomery's "Friends." The more we hung out, the more I wanted our relationship to be more than what it was.

Eventually my boyfriend and I broke up...and who was the first person I called...of course it was true love!! He and I officially started dating March 30th, 1997 (the day after my previous relationship ended...teehee!!) We were both soooo happy to finally be free to love each other....finally we could HOLD HANDS and KISS!!! Whoohoo!! :) We would pass each other notes in class and continue our sweet of which was at a mom and pop diner. We were working on a research paper and at one point Joey took my notebook, jotted down a few things and then handed it back to me. He asked me to marry him...unofficially of course!! He said he would marry right then and there if he had the money, a ring, etc!! Well, that was all it took...I started picturing our life together and that made my heart smile and my soul sing!!

He proposed March 1999, I accepted and we were married on June 10th 2000!! We are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary....originally we had planned on taking a trip to New York City to celebrate, but instead we will be taking care of our newborn son Owen!! Maybe in five more years we will get to take that trip.

I love him so much and he is a wonderful husband (and father). I look forward to another great 10+ years together!! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MORE Owen pics

Precious O-bug....I love you my sweet baby boy. You have blessed us beyond measure. We cannot wait to see you grow up and watch your personality blossom.

Owen Brady Tremaine

Owen's Birth Story...

After being 3-4cm, 60%effaced at my 36 week check up I assumed I would go at any minute. The next day after that appt I had 7 contrax in a row and went to L&D for observation. Came home with baby and a little sad. The next day i lost my mucus plug...which has never happened for me before. I was thrilled and thought labor was coming that weekend. No such luck.

Made it to my next appt...37weeks and I was 5cm. My urine had a little uric acid in it and protein in it. My BP was high and they sent me to the hospital be observed. That was it...just observed...came home with nothing again...and I was VERY sad. And on top of everything I was put on home bed rest....which might sound slightly wonderful to most, but I am a mom of 3 with a house and things to do....limiting me from "doing" before my new baby arrives did not make me happy. I continued to have HBP but relaxed all weekend except for going to church on Easter and watching the kiddos hunt for eggs. It was a good doc was on call and it would have been great but still nothing.

Because of the HBP my doc scheduled me to come back in on Monday to check it. It was high again and I had progressed to a 6...she was afraid I might not even make it home w/out going into labor!! So again, I was observed in the hospital...with the promise that if I did not go into labor on my own we would induce on Wednesday!! I went home a few hours baby, but with hope for Wednesday!! We called the hospital and found out that our induction time was 5am!! Wow...early. And we live a good distance that meant leaving at 4am.

We got up on Wednesday April 7th, got ready, picked up Ashlee and headed for the hospital. I had been having a few contractions on my own the evening before and had a few on the drive to the hospital. We arrived on time and the process began. Checking in, getting in my gown, and getting the IV going. I was so blessed to have two of the best coaches EVER there to support me. Joey and Ashlee were an immense help and I would not have wanted to do any of it without them BOTH....and later I found out I couldn't have done it without them. I was put on a small amount of pitocin and penicillin along with my IV bags. My nurse reminded me that it would take a good 20-30 minutes to get my epidural. I told myself I had time and started to enjoy the process. Around 7am my doc came in checked me...I was at 7cm, 70%eff but he was still up there. She broke my water and let's just say that was all it took. By my next contraction I could feel the difference. I could still handle them, but I was truly amazed at the difference in each contraction. I felt like I still had time for an epidural. But I watched my contractions go from 5 minutes apart, to 4 minutes apart and then 2 minutes apart!! I could not believe it was going that fast. Joey and Ashlee helped me get to the bathroom and I noticed it didn't hurt so bad when I was standing...which made me think I had more time. I was VERY VERY VERY wrong. I got back to my bed and decided I wanted the epidural. My wonderful nurse Colleen gave me the nasty anti-nausea and indigestion medicine to prepare me. Unfortunately I flat ran out of time. Once I realized I had to poop BAD, my nurse checked me only to discover I was complete and she could feel his head. OMG...this was not happening!! I knew I would never be able to do this without my head I really thought that she still might give me something. But as I listened to the urgency in her voice as she called for my doctor to be paged and I watched her start pulling drawers out and pulling the "spotlight" down from the ceiling, I knew I was in trouble. That is when I began rocking in the bed staring at Ashlee and saying I couldn't do it....I kept repeating that there was NO WAY I could do this without an epidural. Luckily no one in the room looked at me and said that it was too late for the epidural...the nurse just kept busy and Ashlee kept saying such incouraging words telling me that I could do it and I was doing it!! She was awesome. Joey held my hand and I felt so loved and supported...even if I didn't show it. Doctor Moser flew in the room along with 2 baby nurses, and a training EMT named Jimmy. Yes, I had another man in the room...if you had asked me prior to this birth if I would have allowed that I would have said no way jose!! But in a moment of "why the heck not" I said he could observe. And by the time he came in the room I was so oblivious that it didn't bother me a bit. I had a hard time focusing becuase I was worried about the unknown. I could only imagine what was about to happen...the tearing, ripping, burning, bleeding I was about to endure without any drugs. I've never been so scared or in so much pain in my entire life. I will admit now that I could have pushed him out in one push but I was holding back. The burning was more than I could handle. And although I made the face of a determined pusher I knew I wasn't doing everything I could. At one point I was hovering above my bed...both feet in the stirrups, Joey and Ashlee holding my legs down, but my butt was in the air!! That of course squished Owen back in and we had to wait for another contraction to do it all over again. I believe it was my 3rd set of contractions that I finally told myself that I was not getting out of this...I had no choice. He had to come out and I needed pain relief. So finally I pushed with two outcomes in mind. I was about to deliver this baby or pass out from the pain. I strongly feel I could not have gone any longer without going into shock. I just pushed...and let me be perfectly clear....I pushed all the while feeling that any minute I was going to tear everything from the front to the back. Finally his head came out and I believe that was the point that I looked up at Doctor Moser and screamed like the scene from The Excorcist...."DOCTOR MOSER PULL HIM OUT NOW!!" Again, no one yelled at me or anything..and for this I am so grateful. One more push and SWEET RELIEF!! Owen Brady Tremaine was born at 8:53am weighing 8 pounds, 12.4 ounces and was 20 and a quarter inches long. I didn't see him for the first minute of his life. I closed my eyes as soon as he came out. I was spent and did not have enough energy to open my eyes to look at him. People kept telling me how big he was and how cute he was and to look at him. I really only got a peek before they went to clean him up. They finished cleaning me up and gave him to me. It was wonderful to hold him. I was still very afraid that at any minute I would start to feel the horrible burning after effects of what just happened so I gladly accepted drugs. They gave me a motrin, no that wasn't going to cut it! Next they gave me Stadol in my IV. It made me feel loopy, extremely sleepy and unfortunately I did not feel safe holding my baby. Ashlee and Joey took turns holding him while I bobbled in and out of conciousness. It wore off about an hour later.

I cannot believe that I did it. I was able to have a baby without an epidural. Proud, empowered and yes, a little embarassed at the way I acted during delivery...but still I am so happy. Joey and Ashlee were the best coaches and I couldn't have done it without them.

About 30 minutes after he was here everyone started to arrive. Linda and Nanny came up with Aidan and Finley. They loved seeing Owen and I think they were pretty happy to see me too!! Mom, Dad, Grandma and Breslyn arrived shortly after that. B was in love with her new baby brother. She just stared at "baby." Everyone was so happy to meet baby OO!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

32 on my 32nd....well, almost

I want to list 32 things I am grateful for on this my 32nd Birthday...well, it will be on Friday. So here goes:

  1. My Lord....enough said...or is it? I would have nothing in my life without Him. My life would be empty. Although I have felt a distance from Him for over 5 years now, I still know that life isn't worth living without a relationship with Him.
  2. My husband. A man who loves me just as I am....every fault and flaw included. He takes such great care of the kiddos and me. He knows my every secret, my every dream. I would not want to walk this road without him by my side.
  3. My children. 10 years ago if someone would have told me I would have 4 kids before my 10 year anniversary I would have first slapped them, then I would have passed out. But being a mommy is the ABSOLUTE BEST thing that has ever happened to me. I love to see my children smile, hug me, blow me kisses, draw me a picture, sing Amazing Grace, become content when I sing "you are my sunshine", build a skyscraper with Lego's and just be themselves. I can never thank God enough for each of my little "blessings".
  4. My parents...who taught me so much, teaches me to this day, supports my family and loves my babies. It is said that when a child is little they KNOW their father knows everything. And by the time said child has reached 13 they KNOW their father knows nothing. I am 31 and I still believe my daddy knows pretty much EVERYTHING. My mom is so beautiful, talented, creative and totally trendy. I pray I will look as hip as her when I am her age!!
  5. My incredible woman. She has shown me generosity, caring, selflessness and she is always willing to help me out. I cannot count how many loads of MY laundry and MY dishes she has washed! There are not many people out there who want to help others instead of focusing on themselves.
  6. My In-laws. Bill is always providing us with milk...which is like gold at it's current retail price...and the kiddos love him to pieces. Linda is always willing to listen and help out...and of course the chillins love her too...well, B doesn't show it yet but I'm sure she will soon!! Teehee.
  7. My friends. I have had many friends in my life....some close, some just acquaintances, and some that fill my heart with love to the limit. Right now in this time of my life it is hard to raise 3 (soon 4) kids and make time to be with friends. God has blessed me with neighbor, employer (teehee), friend and confidant. We have so much in common and I've never had a friend care THIS much about my family and me. I love you Ash.
  8. Joey's job.
  9. My job.
  10. Music. What would life be like without music? I NEVER want to know. Old Hymns, 90's country, 90's period, Jazz, Musicals...Ah, my love for music.
  11. TV....thank goodness for DVR.
  12. Movies...especially when I've been ordered to bed rest.
  13. Church.
  14. Sunday school...or LifeGroups, or whatever your church calls it!
  15. The Bible.
  16. outlet and favorite pastime.
  17. Reading blogs....I'm currently obsessed with reading to see how others decorate, create and live.
  18. My car....even though sometimes it's hard to get into gear and the cruise broke (today).
  19. Doctors....have to drive a far ways to each doctor/dentist, but worth it for the care.
  20. Ultrasounds. Seeing my unborn babies on a little screen is one of the best moments ever. Seeing Owen's little first they weren't growing at the same pace, then they were full of fluid, and then to see them normal on an u/s machine is a wonderful feeling.
  21. My house. Every day I thank God for our wonderful house. It isn't a mansion, but it holds our family and I enjoy making it a home.
  22. Singing.
  23. Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies videos.
  24. White powdered donuts, home made caramel popcorn and GUM.
  25. Feeling a baby move in my cannot top that....EVER EVER EVER.
  26. Scrapbooking weekends away with my Juju. We have a blast and catch up on all our 'work'. I love hanging out with my Juju, not being a mommy for a little while, lounging in our pj's and watching the Game Show Network.
  27. Dr. Pepper, Coke with Cherry (from Sonic) and swEEEEEt tea!
  28. My laptop.
  29. Facebook.
  30. Paychecks.
  31. Back rubs from the hubs (yes, he's currently doing that as I type)!!
  32. Opportunities to pray....I say that because even though I want to make time to pray every day, sometimes it just doesn't happen. Sometimes my heart just isn't in it. But other days if feels so great to ask forgiveness, start clean, ask for God's blessing for others and for ourselves, and give thanks.
There ya have it. It seems like a pretty long list, but it doesn't even begin to cover all that I am thankful for.

Such blessings....for this I am grateful.

Friday, April 2, 2010

And here I sit...the woman stuck in hospital policy

Yes, here I sit...37w6days pregnant. One looking in not knowing anymore than that would think, "so what?" Oh, but wait the details make the statement take a completely different turn. Let's look past the fact that I was induced at 37 weeks with Breslyn, and the fact that she was perfectly healthy as was I, and that last week I was already 3-4cm dilated, and that yesterday I was dilated to a freakin 5, or the fact that I have had blood pressure readings ranging from 169/98 to 129/72, and finally the fact that I'm sitting here wondering why my baby isn't moving very much. If we look past ALL that what do we have....we have hospital policy. Yes, hospital policy....based on research done by the nations association of OBGYN's inductions have been on the rise for years. I am just a civilian, but I would agree with this statement and even the fact that tooooo many of them are done out of convenience. I agree that it is not in the best interest of the baby to induce at 37 weeks because of the Doc's planned golf game or because the mother wants her pre-baby body back by summer, or because everything else in life in scheduled. Yes, policy to block those situations from occurring is a good thing. However, here I sit...on bed rest...because of that same hospital policy. I am, for lack of a better term, 'being punished' so the hospital can prove a point. My doctor could be categorized as aggressive, but I have seen her go from proactive to very hesitant and worried about saying anything that might contradict hospital policy. As I sat in a beautiful new hospital room yesterday for monitoring I could tell the nurses wanted just as much for me to go into labor as I did. I know that my doctor wanted so badly to just get the process going....well, yeah...hello, high blood pressure and your patient is at a 5, oh and she lives 45 minutes away from the hospital. BUT because of hospital policy the nurses and my doctor were bound not to help me in any way. So here I sit (or lay...on home bed rest) thinking is all this waiting ever gonna end, is my baby okay, am I okay..?! I'm extremely frustrated and maybe slightly depressed.

So I will be the good little (or huge 9 month pregnant) patient and obey what I am told. I will wait till Monday for my next appointment. I will listen to my doctor and do what she says I should.

Thank goodness for hospital policy so I have something to blog about.