Friday, April 2, 2010

And here I sit...the woman stuck in hospital policy

Yes, here I sit...37w6days pregnant. One looking in not knowing anymore than that would think, "so what?" Oh, but wait the details make the statement take a completely different turn. Let's look past the fact that I was induced at 37 weeks with Breslyn, and the fact that she was perfectly healthy as was I, and that last week I was already 3-4cm dilated, and that yesterday I was dilated to a freakin 5, or the fact that I have had blood pressure readings ranging from 169/98 to 129/72, and finally the fact that I'm sitting here wondering why my baby isn't moving very much. If we look past ALL that what do we have....we have hospital policy. Yes, hospital policy....based on research done by the nations association of OBGYN's inductions have been on the rise for years. I am just a civilian, but I would agree with this statement and even the fact that tooooo many of them are done out of convenience. I agree that it is not in the best interest of the baby to induce at 37 weeks because of the Doc's planned golf game or because the mother wants her pre-baby body back by summer, or because everything else in life in scheduled. Yes, policy to block those situations from occurring is a good thing. However, here I sit...on bed rest...because of that same hospital policy. I am, for lack of a better term, 'being punished' so the hospital can prove a point. My doctor could be categorized as aggressive, but I have seen her go from proactive to very hesitant and worried about saying anything that might contradict hospital policy. As I sat in a beautiful new hospital room yesterday for monitoring I could tell the nurses wanted just as much for me to go into labor as I did. I know that my doctor wanted so badly to just get the process going....well, yeah...hello, high blood pressure and your patient is at a 5, oh and she lives 45 minutes away from the hospital. BUT because of hospital policy the nurses and my doctor were bound not to help me in any way. So here I sit (or lay...on home bed rest) thinking is all this waiting ever gonna end, is my baby okay, am I okay..?! I'm extremely frustrated and maybe slightly depressed.

So I will be the good little (or huge 9 month pregnant) patient and obey what I am told. I will wait till Monday for my next appointment. I will listen to my doctor and do what she says I should.

Thank goodness for hospital policy so I have something to blog about.

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