Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Moments...

{if you haven't noticed I am just tweaking "Wordless Wednesday" into "any day-I-want-to-post-a-pic-day" far we have Saturday Snapshot and Monday Moments...we'll see what else I can come up with on a Tuesday or Thursday!!  Haha!!}

look at that sweet it!!  :)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

No I Don't Listen to Christian Music Radio....

{This is my blog and I am allowed to speak my speak my mind I must!! ;)}

I had an experience recently where someone was surprised I didn't know a couple of songs we were singing in church.  In fact I got that I-can't-believe-you-don't-know-this-song-you-must-listen-to-crap-if-you-don't-listen-to-this-type-of-music look.  Ok, yes...I might have been reading into her glare, but all the same....I've gotten this look before from other Christians. 

I want to make it perfectly clear that Christian music is awesome and it is incredibly encouraging, providing great lyrics and above all adoration for Christ.  But for me, it is just something I do not care for.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old Hymn's from days gone by.  The lyrics from more recent music cannot hold a candle to the old Hymns. 

I want to make it perfectly clear what kind of music I do listen to. 
Currently on my Pandora list:
*Disney music
*Old showtunes (ie:Oklahoma, My Fair Lady)
*New showtunes (ie:Hairspray, High School Musical 2)
*Christmas music (multiple channels of this wondrousness!!)
*Ella Fitzgerald
*Jimmy Durante
and finally, I thoroughly enjoy listening to Christian TALK radio.

When I was a young teenage girl, I loved current Christian music....DC Talk, Point of Grace, etc.  Listening to that type of music was how I related to Christ.  I relied on music to bring me closer to God.  Which in and of itself is not bad, but I hadn't figured out how to relate to him through prayer and Bible study.  But I came to a point in my life where all that music started to sound the I stopped listening to it.

I do not have to listen to that music to have a wonderful bond with Christ....I read my Bible, attend church and finally I have an incredible prayer life.  That is how I speak to God and ask Him to speak to me....through prayer and reading His word.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not saying there is anything wrong with listening to Christian music fact I know that for many it is the best way to worship and it brings them such indescribable joy and closeness to Christ!!  How awesome!!

{So....I guess I have spoken my peace about this....I, in fact, started this post days ago, but needed to cool off before finishing it!!  Teehee!} 

I pray I have not offended anyone!!!  Thank you God for the freedom to write openly about you   :))))


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello Saturday...what to do, what to do?
If you are looking for that kick in the butt you need to finish up a project or start one that you have been putting is your chance!!

Karah over at The Space Between is challenging us to get our rump in gear!!

the space between

So....I am still not sure what I will tackle for this have to finish by the end of January and we are strapped for cash this month.  Maybe that should BE the challenge...doing a project with no money...using only what I have on hand.  Hmmm, sounds good to me!!  Anyways, head on over and check out Karah's blog!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Breslyn's Pinterest Bedroom Pics....

Just thought I would share some ideas I'm tossing around for doing my little girl's bedroom!  Her nursery was pink and brown...her toddler colors were black and white and pink....and now ??  We are still working with black and white cause I LUV her bedspread and other black accents she already has.  But I am wanting to jump out there with some AWESOME color...pops of turquoise or maybe entirely blue walls!  Whatcha' think??



Source: via Ashley on Pinterest




Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

These are just a few ideas I have collected from Pinterest...and yes, I, like many other women, have fallen in love with the BIG P!!  :))))

If you have any ideas for her room I am so open to them.  She has large windows and I am stressing over the curtains!!  I will do another post with fabric that I love (but can never afford to buy).  Teehee!!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ballerina Breslyn

B had her first Ballet recital back in December.  I was so proud of her...she practiced so hard, but I could tell she was nervous to get out in front of so many people.  She did a great job though!!  My only complaint is that I couldn't see her during her performance.  The ballet company did a poor job in the set up...not monitoring who was in the front row, organizing seating...very discouraging.  Next time I will have to get there 2 hours before the actual recital time if I want to see my baby girl perform!!  I was quite angry then....I'm over it now. ;)  Here are the pics I did get of her!!  Enjoy my beautiful ballerina!!

 yes..this is turned wrong...pfff.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Mantle

So here is my WiNtEr MaNtLe!!

I went with mainly WHITE and accented with bare twigs and wreaths....

...used some gray material as well!!

Lurve this white plate, and use it OFTEN!!  I bought this little frame at a resale shop because it had a beautiful letter "A" in it!!  I like that letter for some random reason!  :)  I reuse it each season with fun festive paper!!

I decided something was missing from my mantlescape....and remembered these CA-UTE little wreaths in my garage...thank you Goodwill!!  Trying to keep with the neutral colors, I chose the gray material to hang them from the white open frames. 

 I "stole" these twigs from my parents back yard...I don't think they minded much!!  ;)

And my precious family!!!  Ain't they sweet?!
I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my mantle!!  And I hope that all of ya'll that get snow this winter, have fun...I'll be a little jealous when we don't get any this season!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayer Request and Praise....

I ask that my readers pray for the Ely family.
They just lost EVERYTHING they own in a fire.
A little back story...
This family is related to a woman that works with Joey.  They have been living with family for the last three years.  The two of them and their TWO YEAR OLD little girl just moved into their own place (townhome) recently.
This week their home caught fire and burned and DESTROYED all that they have.  INCLUDING their has smoke damage.  Unfortunately they did not have renters insurance to help replace all that they lost.

My heart is broken for this family...but especially the little girl...she lost EVERY doll, EVERY blanket, ALL her clothes, her bed and ALL her Christmas presents.  EVERYTHING.

I know what it is like to lose precious items to a fire...I know how scary it is to be in a fire...I know what it's like to have someone hurt because of a fire...I know the fear.  I ALSO know how wonderful it is to not lose EVERYTHING in a fire...I know how blessed my family was that we didn't lose our lives or our entire house.
Please please take a moment to pray for this family...that the Lord would surround them with His love and peace and strength.  Pray the Lord will provide their EVERY need...through family, friends and even perfect strangers!

And the praise...I must brag on my sweet children.  Tonight when faced with eating ice cream at Chick Fil-A (because it would support our elementary school) or giving that same money towards something for this hurting family, my precious kids without skipping a beat, said they wanted to donate it to the family.  Joey and I choked back tears at the tenderness of their hearts.  With their dessert money and a gift card I got from a child at school, we were able to get the little girl some clothes and pjs!  We are also gathering for them every "gently used" stuffed animal, book and blanket we have.

Again...please keep this family in your prayers because THEY.NEED.IT.


Monday, January 2, 2012

My Beauty...

I love this precious girl....
She is hitting the troublesome threes....
a little cranky, an attitude that could rival a 13 year old teenager...
somewhat sassy and quite temper mental!!  
Lawd have mercy...
But I must admit, she is so sweet too.
She is full of kisses and hugs and love....
She is so beautiful, blond hair, ringlets and squishy cheeks!!
Blessed...yes, we are!