Monday, November 23, 2009

Momma said there be days like this.....

Well, it has been A day! There are those days when I lay my head on my pillow at the end of the day and can't help but feel so blessed, so grateful, so encouraged by what God has given hubby and three wonderful babies. Today is NOT that day!

After I finish this post I will lay my head down on my pillow with guilt, remorse, and maybe a little self-hatred. It was a day filled with busyness and LOTS of yelling...all done by me. I knew ahead of time that I had to get more than normal done today....laundry, packing, decorating, babysitting and of course caring for my three kiddos. It really didn't seem like it was going to be a difficult task...but I was WAY wrong.

In the midst of all the daily ruckus was a cranky little girl, a loud mouth 4 year old and a very talkative 7 year old!! I tried...I tried. I failed and failed many times. I found myself screaming and getting very angry at them all today. I am a bit of a sarcastic gal, and it came out in true form today. Instead of just telling them I was done and to go to their rooms, I proceeded to demean them with a quick witty saying. I do the same with Joey and he can always come back with a funny face and make me feel all better....not the same with the kids. I felt bad every time I yelled at them. It was just that kind of day.

I didn't finish the laundry, decorating or packing. And I did a terrible job of being a Christian mother. I can only pray tomorrow I can make a WAY better difference in their lives. I want to be a positive role model not this mean mommy that makes them sad. So there it day in a long nutshell. Tomorrow will be better....right?

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Adorable Finley

Here he is in glasses! I really really didn't want him to have to wear glasses. With Aidan I was so afraid kids would make fun of him...I in fact cried when I found out he had to wear them. Of course he was absolutely adorable in his little boy frames. And to this day no one has picked on him. Different story for Finn....I have no doubt he could ever defend himself...he'll either call the bully a butt-head (which I do not approve of btw), or beat him up!! Finn can just take care of himself...always the fear of people making fun of him isn't there. I just didn't want another child to have to go through the same process. I had always seen Finn as healthy...loves fruits and veggies, milk and chicken....the TOTAL opposite of Aidan!!! I had attributed some of his health to my breastfeeding him. I always felt maybe he received more of the nutrients from the breastmilk to help in certain areas...mainly his weight and eyes. I had assumed that since Aidan was mostly formula fed that that is why he had weight and eye problems. But now I know....I can still do my best to breastfeed my kiddos, but I don't control their fate....I shamed Joey...I told him our poor kiddos will have his bad eyes and my bad teeth!! They don't stand a chance...we just have to pray and do our best to keep them healthy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eggbert and Twist

Just a quick post to announce the name of the new baby! Finley stated after much thought and confusion that we should call the new baby Twist (this was 3 weeks ago). This weekend he decided to name the baby Eggbert!! Adorable! I knew I had heard the name before but couldn't remember which he informed me it was from Ice Age 3! I love it! We never even prompted him for a name, he just thought it was his job to come up with a new name!! Just precious!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas time is here...

okay not quite. But as I begin to listen to Christmas music, oh who are we kidding, I listen to it year round...anyways, I begin to feel so great. I know that soon we will be driving up to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit our wonderful cousins!!
My memories of a Little Rock Thanksgiving:
*the smell of home grown, home cooked green beans from my great uncle's tiny farm
*the warmth of my great aunt and uncle's house...always quite toasty, but just perfect for the cold weather
*over-eating one year and being very very sick all night
*the aroma of pumpkin pie still lingering two days after Thanksgiving
*watching my mom fill out her Christmas cards on Friday....and now I try to carry on that tradition every year for my own family
*the gorgeous trees lining almost every a small kid they all looked like Christmas trees
*finally being cold enough to wear a coat
*sitting out on my great aunt and uncle's back porch and watching the beautiful leaves fall to the ground
*hating to leave every single year.

I enjoy having Thanksgiving here at home, but there is just something so special about traveling, the cold winter air, and being with extended family that I love so very much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finn's Four

We celebrated Finley's 4th birthday this weekend, Sunday the 8th. We had family and friends over for a Bakugan party!! Julie Goolsby graced us with another WONDERFUL cake! Finn was very lucky to have so many people love him and love on him! He had a great time and is thankful for all his fun gifts.