Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change is a comin'

My Dear Joseph,
I know that you know that I LURVVVE you...but just wanted to tell you again. Our life is about to, again...but I know if anyone can make it we can! It will be difficult...sleepless nights, a bazillion diaper changes, endless bottles, expensive formula...where was I? Just kidding. Each of our children have changed us in good ways, and shown us where we need to improve...I'm sure Owen won't be any different. What will he teach us? Maybe more patience, to be more organized. I dunno, but I am excited and a lot nervous. BUT I wouldn't choose anyone else to be excited and nervous with. You are a WONDERFUL daddy and I love you so much.

xoxoxo, ashley

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hospital last creative hurrah

Ta-da...Owen's coming home outfit!!
I didn't get an individual pic of Aidan's shirt (or Owen's shirt), but here is his letter A. I made the one on the left first and didn't like it...after making the other shirts I was liking the different style of letter so I attempted it again...hence the A on the right.
I did have to iron on the applique tie...although I wish I could say I had sewn it myself...teehee!
Finn's shirt.
Breslyn's shirt.
My shirt...which I've never had. I haven't ever made myself a hospital shirt, but my sweetie told me I should and he picked out the letters for me!! Love you babe.
Joey's the "rock and roll" letters!!
I added patches from all of their shirts to mine...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
And here are all the shirts together...I am happy for the most part...I would do some things differently next time. Anywho, can't wait to wear em!!

Owen _________ Tremaine

Yesterday I had my 36 week check up and I had high hopes, yes High Hopes! I prayed on my way to the appt that if that was the day to have Owen, that I wouldn't stress over everything I hadn't gotten done...ya know those nagging little things like....dishes in the sink, mail ALL over the counter, dirty laundry in the hallway, wet clothes in the washer as well as in the dryer, toys in every corner of the living room, clean clothes in every bedroom-staring at me wondering why they aren't in the proper drawers, dirty bathrooms...oh I could go on and on and on. Luckily I did get a few things done....that just HAD to be done....painting Owen's dresser and making new hospital shirts. And I also prayed that if it wasn't the day to have Owen I would be okay with it and not be disappointed...because well, it would give me more time to accomplish everything on the list above PLUS I'd still get to have a pedicure on Friday night with Ashlee!! I have been wanting to go into labor on my own...after having so many contractions on my own, I thought how incredible it would be to do it without pitocin.

So the stats of my appt are as follows... he is still a boy, measuring about a week ahead, he has a GINORMOUS HEAD, weighs approximately 6lbs 11oz, and I am 3-4cm dialated, 60% effaced, and ready to go at any time!! My feet and hands were swollen, a little protien in my urine, but my BP was still good. I was thrilled with the results!! I had felt like I was far along and really wanted to get confirmation from the doc. She was so surprised at how far along I was and said she was even half tempted to send me to L&D...but since my contractions were irregular she waited. She did tell me to come in immediately if they got closer...for fear that i would have the baby at home..HA HA!! We scheduled my next appt for next Thursday which is dun dun dun...April Fools Day!! No, I don't want my baby born on that, no, no!

So here I am waiting to all of the sudden "know" that it's do you know if you've never done this on your own before? I fear I might not know when or if I am truly in labor. I need God to send me a BIG OLE SIGN!! Break my water, have horrible pains or just the confidence that I will know when it's time. I am about to start on my list from above and maybe do some squats as well...teehee!!

FYI-We will reveal his middle name at the hospital as soon as we figure out what it will be...we are choosing between is "cute" and the other is "unique"...but both sound good with Owen Tremaine. We shall see!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Park Play

It was such a pretty day today...WE...Ashlee, Josh, Keegan, Kennedy (Ashlee's niece) and my brood, all headed down to our subdivisions park!! There isn't much to it, but it is perfect for our families. The kids have a blast and Ashlee and I sometimes get to catch up!! Not this wanted to be pushed on the swings or were jumping on things, or eating mulch, or jumping out of the swing, etc!! Luckily Krys came down and threw the football around with Aidan and Josh. Every time we go to the park this little girl seems to join the party. She is a sweet child, but she wants attention (which she is not getting from her grandmother who you might see in the background of these pics). She wanted to play football so badly...then she wanted us to push her on the swing...and as much as we want to "play" with her, we have our own kids to take care of. It makes me quite sad, but she has a such a great spirit and hopefully her grandmother (I'm using that term version of a gma is one who loves you, builds you up, sacrifices for you, shows her love for you, ya know) won't break that wonderful spirit. But on to the pictures...enjoy!!

Kennedy having a blast on the slide...she went pretty fast for not weighing very much! Teehee!!
Doesn't Keegan look like a giant?!?! I love that you can see his little teefers from this angle!!
You cannot look at this pic and not fact, it might make you laugh OUT loud. :)
Very nice Mr. Krys tossing the football with Aidan, Ken, Josh and the aforementioned little girl whom will we will call "b", and her grandmother. The kids had a blast together!!
How sweet is this picture?? Aunt Ashlee getting hugs from Ken!! I was so happy to capture this sweet moment on camera!!
B and Ken just hanging out cute.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures of the kiddos!! We had so much fun hanging out together and can't wait to do it again...of course that would mean we have to have some warmer was snowing here's almost April...OMGoodness!!

St. Patty's Day Pics

We decided to take our St. Patrick Day photos in the same park that we took them in last year. It was a lot cooler this year, so we didn't have to compete with lots of other people!! Looking back at their pics from last year was very interesting..all in short sleeves and shorts!!
Here is my sweet 8 year old son Aidan oldest Irish babe. He is such a great helper and loves to give hugs and kisses!
Here is sweet 21 month old Breslyn Claire!! She is hitting her 2 year old stage...she is so loving, but pretty feisty too!!
And finally here is 4 year old Finley Patrick. He is a ball of energy, very emotional and very loving.

Here are just a few shots of my wonderful year there will be another baby to take photos of...4 kids...that should be a fun experience!!! Enjoy my SWEET IRISH BABES....

I love you three so very much, and i cannot wait to add your baby brother to the mix!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick and Tired (and a little angry) I am sick of being sick. I am sick of being tired. I am sick of listening to myself complain! I have had the "snot" for 5 weeks...but for the last week I added a horrible cough and chest congestion to the list. As a pregnant woman I can only take certain I am taking about a million OTC drugs just to feel SLIGHTLY better. After a visit to the doc a diagnosis of an Upper Respiratory Infection was made. I get to ADD two more drugs to my already long list. I am now taking...drum roll please: 2 tylenol (every 8 hours or so), 2 allergy meds (every 12 hours), 1 decongestant (every 12 hours), cough med (every 12 hours), 1 antibiotic (once a day), prescription nasal spray (when I need it), vicks in and on my nose, wearing a breathe right strip and finally using a nettie pot (2x a day). Yes...if you add that up I am taking, in 24 hours, 11 pills PLUS the extras!!! Oh and I'm not sleeping...because I keep coughing....which I believe has torn a muscle in my side. Last night I actually thought i broke a rib. I realize I would be in excruciating pain if I actually had, but still!!! And let's add the stress of GUILT. I am growing this innocent baby inside me and whatever I take he is exposed to. I just find it difficult to believe that it is better for me and baby to take a million OTC drugs rather than one or two strong prescription drugs.

I have gone from being sad about being sick to feeling downright ANGRY. I am just as tired of hearing myself whine as everyone else is. It's annoying to listen to someone only focus on the bad in their life...but currently I can't focus on the rainbow for the heavy, thick, powerful clouds.!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

First thing you see as you walk through the door to Owen's shower!! So cute!!

Yummy Cracker Jacks!! Sweet party favors!!

The details are amazing!
Precious Owen banner!! Loved it!
I mean really....look at the balloon lighting...WONDERFULLY UNIQUE!!
Great set up...popcorn...yummy!!
Y. u. m. m. y!!!!
Sweet hooded towel from Brandi Harris...I was in love instantly!!
This precious quilt was attached to a special note from my MIL...which I chose not to read at the time....knowing I would cry. And of course a few hours later, as I sat surrounded by all these beautiful gifts, I read the note and couldn't stop the water works!! Joey's Grandmother made this for him!! is one OLD quilt!! I can add this incredible heirloom to the one Linda gave me 8 years ago...the bonnet Joey wore home from the hospital!! They both mean so much to me and I cannot wait to pass them down to my kiddos!!
This airplane was one I wanted from Hobby Lobby, but decided I couldn't buy it. Of course that didn't stop S.W.E.E.T Kitty from remembering and going and getting it! It looks wonderful in Owen's room!! Such a thoughtful gift.
Auntie Adie...and of course sweet Brooklyn was there as well (just missed getting a pic of her)!!
Cupcake makin' Julie! She did not disappoint...her cupcakes were adorable and D.E.L.I.S.H!! Oh and she even missed her little girl's first EVER soccer game...what a friend!
MY wonderful Ashlee...the BESTEST shower-thrower ever!! I know she worked so hard preparing you will see in the detailed pics!! I love you Ash...thank you so much for all you have done for me and Owen!
My precious baby Breslyn...not so much my baby anymore.
Stephanie Silva with the gratuitous belly hold shot!! :)
Sweet Kitty!!
My mommy and grandma!! I love you both so much.
My wonderful her to pieces!

I was blessed by so many generous friends and family!! Thanks all for the W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L party!!