Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Day of School 2016-2017

First Day of School: August 22nd 2016

Aidan Riley, 9th Grade

Breslyn Claire, 3rd Grade

Owen Brady, 1st Grade

Finley Patrick, 5th Grade

Mhm....Aidan's eyes are closed, Finn's holding in a laugh from me asking them to "model" their backpacks...and then of course you can always count on Owen to make the funniest faces, even though he swears he is smiling.  ;)

One more day and the first week of school will be complete!! 

Day in the Life

5:45...morning walk/jog

6:45...making lunches for 5

7:45...first day of school pics

8:45...drop the big one off at high school...cry all the way home

9:45...Quiet time in the prayer closet

10:45...laundry and more laundry 

11:45...lunch with Daisy

 12:45...sweep and mop all the floors

1:45...lesson plan, snack and check my to-do list

2:45...dinner in the crockpot...chicken salsa pick up line (which was insane- like I've NEVER seen it so bad, not even on past first days)

4:45...pick the big one up early because football practice was cancelled due to bad weather...

5:45...dinner life and too busy to take a pic...apparently. :(
7:45...bedtime, books, singing and prayers

8:45...turned his unibrow into two brows

9:45...watching tv and too tired to get up and take a good all you get is this


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

JULY 2016 Round Up

Since the kids are starting school this coming Monday, I should probably post about our July!!
There was a lot of dominos and UNO played this month!  Too stinking hot to do much else!  

I highlighted my hair....and loved it!  It's about time to put this box stuff back time for school!

We celebrated the 4th with the Szymanski's again!!  They rented an amazing waterslide that the kids absolutely loved (as well as some of the mommies...that is Ashlee on the top right!!!)!  

The actual 4th we watched fireworks at a church friend's house!  They are always so gracious to provide an amazing show!!  

 Aidan was at camp the week of the 4th....I only have pics I could steal off FB.  They weren't allowed to take their phones.  But here Aidan is leading his team in a basketball discussion...

When he came back it was time to see the orthodontist.  And yes....he does have to have braces.  :(  

My sweet friend, Ashlee, brought me these GORGEOUS sunflowers!!!  I loved them.  

Daisy was very loving this month...she thinks she's a lap dog, but her girth proves otherwise!!

Mom and dad took the kids to Lake Whitney during the third week of July.  While they were gone I relaxed and enjoyed the quiet....with the exception of painting our island.  I didn't like it at first, and neither did Joey, but it's grown on me now!  :)

During the last part of June and first part of July I FINALLY started and completed many gallery walls in our house!!  Whohoo!!  Here are some shots I posted on Instagram...

The LR:

 The Foyer:

My office:

My office:

I wasn't feeling so great the last week of July...and Obug helped sort the laundry!!  It was so cute watching him determine who owned the clothes, what stack they went into and how to fold underwear!!

Here is Finn and the birthday boy Josh, the last Saturday in July!!  Ashlee rented the same waterslide from the 4th and the kids had a great time.  Thanks mom for taking all the kids to the party!!

Big sister "teaching" Owen....she is so sweet and so patient with him.  

July was great...lot of things were accomplished and I am happy!!