Friday, July 28, 2017

Family Vacation 2017

The last two weeks of June we began our family vacation/family reunion with my Grandma's side of the family!  Unfortunately Joey wasn't able to join us because of work.  We missed him, but we had a still had a good time. My parents drove their car and I drove mine.  We left Texas Tuesday the 20th and headed to Maumelle, Arkansas for our first stop.  We had a delicious meal and the kids swam at the hotel pool that night.

Wednesday we headed to Tennessee!!  I love Tennessee...and I will tell you the weather was AMAZING this trip.  One day we had to drive in the rain and I was a nervous wreck, but the temperature was phenomenal!!  

We stayed in FAVORITE and ate at my FAVORITE restaurant...Pucketts!!  It is just a wonderful, down home restaurant. 

Thursday we continued traveling till we reached Cookeville.  We bought TONS of groceries for the rest of the weekend.  After a quick lunch at Taco Bell 😌 we headed up the mountain to Fall Creek Falls Resort!!  My favorite cousin, her husband, son, mom and dad were all with us that night!

Friday afternoon/evening is when the rest of the family joins us...and this year was a huge turnout!  But before the evening festivities began I took the kids on a hike to the bottom of the falls!!  It is NOT an easy hike.  The "stairs" are made out of rocks.  Luckily there is a handrail 85% of the way down.  But the kids loved it.  They played in the water while my uncle (pictured above) and I watched.  

My cuz Josie, her husband, Danny and Jude...

On our way back up....

Saturday was JAM PACKED with things to do!  The kids had activities in the morning...

The "older children"...and my mom πŸ˜„ played a game of water balloon volleyball!!  It was a hoot watching!  In the end they just started chunking them at each other!

That afternoon the women had a Favorite Things party!  We brought two of our favorite things to share.  We each got up and talked about what we brought and why we brought it.  Here is my Aunt Karen sharing with the group!

And my FAVORITE, Aunt Annita!!  I love her to pieces!  She is down to earth, funny and not a bit sarcastic!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

A little throwback of Annita and my momma...😍

Saturday night we did family pics, had a banquet dinner and then had a DANCE PARTY!!  My mom worked so hard making everything so fun and perfect this year!!  Thanks momma!!

Another throwback to circa 1986 I believe!  These are my amazing cousins posing for pictures...our family is very blessed and we have grown abundantly!!!

Sunday we got up and helped get the family suite picked up and back in order then headed to Annita's house in Ooltewah!!  We ate lunch and took some pics on the way.

Last 2015....they have grown so much in just two years!!

Annita and Al recently moved into this new sub-division and their home is gorgeous!!!  I wish I had taken more pics. 😍

Preparing dinner...

My dad was WONDERFUL and took my kiddos both Monday and Tuesday so that I could have some time away from them to spend with the adults!πŸ˜‚ We hit up a few home decor places (I got some awesome things!!) and found some amazing Grandma and I modeled just a few for you. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

Monday dad took the kids to the Chattanooga Aquarium and an ocean movie!  

Tuesday dad took them to Ruby Falls and "explored the cave".  Again, I am so thankful he was willing to tote them around so I could enjoy time with the ladies!  

Wednesday we packed up and hit the road...headed back home.  We drove FOREVER 11 hours to get back to Arkansas.  Then Thursday we made it back home.  I'm so thankful my kids get to expeirence being with family and have a fun vacation...thank you Grandma, mom and dad for your generosity!!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Parenting Memes I will admit defeat.  Summer has won.  Well, not so much summer, as my kids.  They have beaten me at my will to adult.  The whining, complaining, screaming, hitting, running, whining, whining and eye rolls.  It's just too much.  So I'm resorting to reading some funny memes.  And I thought that I would share some that have brought me such joy I cried....or maybe I was crying because of my kids and then found joy in the memes.  You pick....cause it DON'T matter.  

(hello teenager)

(all day, errrrrrrrr day) 

(so true....I love my sarcastic nature, but then when it slips out of their mouths I get so mad!) 


(every dang time.) 

(aaaaaaamenπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ )

(or not even a chore, but to clean up what they got out...or clean up her stairs with her crap on it that SHE put there.  every.single.time.) 

(any.flippng.time I take away screen time)

(and ending with my tried and true favorite parenting meme...#truth

I hope these brought some laughter to your day.😊

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JUNE 2017: Round Up

So....hey there June.  You were a busy month...and we enjoyed you!  Let's get started...

To start, we must end with school...Love these goofballs!!

The last day of school the 5th grade classes walk the hall for the last time, while the rest of the school and parents clap for them.  Unfortunately my photo skills were lacking, but I did get this one picture.  I managed to not cry until I caught another momma's eyes.  Then through tears I told her to "stop it!"....

The week after school was out the two littles had soccer camp...thanks to Gaga and Grandpa!!  They had a great time even with the awful heat!

This week mom and I worked at a client's house.  I don't have all the before and after pics, but hope to soon.

On the 8th we finally made our way to our pool!!!  I've been helping B learn to swim and she's doing a really good job.  She's still not a fan of putting her head under water, but she can swim across the pool without her noodle now!

Friday the 9th I went my friends Jerri and Shelly to a place downtown called Pete's Dueling Piano bar.  Multiple piano players performed songs all night long.  I can't even say how much fun we had and how INCREDIBLY talented these musicians were!!!  They all sang and played multiple instruments.  We had a blast just being together singing and acting silly.  

June 10th was our 17th anniversary.  This is what he does when I ask for a picture.  We celebrated by going to lunch at Uncle Julio's and then taking our brats to get ice cream!!

On Sunday the 11th we had to say our final goodbye to the Edstrom family.  We have gotten so close to them over the last few months.  Our kids love playing together and we were so sad for their move to Virginia.  It was a packed last day...Shelly cried all the way through church, we all went to lunch together, hung out at our house all afternoon, went to Grace's ballet recital, took some photos and then went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was a great day, but I admit most of us ended the day crying.  

All the kids (minus Aidan)....
Mimi, Caleb, Finley
Owen, Grace, Breslyn

All the adults...
Jerri, Mike, Shelly, George, me, Joey

That Tuesday Aidan left for youth camp...

This week I had a MILLION errands to run to get ready for our vacation...multiple doc appts, haircuts for all, oil change, bloodwork for Finn, clean out and wash the car, etc.  On one of the days the kids and I had lunch out!! 


and after!

That Friday night we went out to dinner with Mike and Jerri.  Joey and I ate for less than $20!!  Great couple deals on Fridays. :)

Sunday the 18th was Father's Day...and we celebrated this guy!!  

 Monday I got a pedicure with a giftcard from my boss....this pretty girl joined me and we had a great time together!!

Tuesday the 20th we left for vacation and that is a whole post in itself...but I will leave you with this little gem from're welcome!!! πŸ˜‚

Moving on to July....then August....oh how I LOATHE the heat, and summer, and heat.