Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Aug 31st

Sunday we went over to the Szymanski's for a YUMMY dinner...and apparently dress up!  First Owen was a shirtless pirate then a shirtless Spiderman!! :)))  Then they all headed to our house for games!!  

Monday was Labor no school!  I decided to start my fall mantle.  What?!!  My Fall Mantle has to go up early because I will take it down November 1st...when I begin putting up Christmas!  So there!

Monday afternoon Owen, B and I went to sweet Brie's birthday party!!  We all had a great time celebrating this special girl!

Thursday came and it was time for Owen's first day of Pre-K pic!!  My sweet goofball!  I love him so much!!

Thursday night was Open House at Wayside...this was the ONLY picture I could get of Aidan.  He was less than thrilled.  

Afterwards Joey headed to a men's bible study...and Aidan told me he needed help with homework.  English?  History?  Geography?  Even Science for goodness sake?  NOPE it was MATH!!  My most dreaded fear....a little backstory....he brought home math homework in 2nd grade.  I got so frustrated over it I sat at the kitchen table and cried because I couldn't do flippin 2nd grade math!!  So here we are 5 years later.  I calmly sat down with my paper, pencil bright orange marker and his notes and Aidan and I proceeded to do his homework.  This picture is proof that I CAN do math (but don't look super close...there are errors as well)!!!  Ha!!  I was on cloud nine after we were done!!  

Friday...some Camille time for the kiddos!!  Afterwards Finn and Owen spent the night with Gaga and Gpa!

Saturday Grandma, B and I went shopping.  Grandma was so generous to buy me some awesome new clothes!! :)  Then we met up with my brother and the boys!  Yummy Don Pablos!  

Then we hung out at Grandma's till 4ish....on our way home we stopped at Hob Lob and looked at the amazing Christmas items!!  Yay!!

Christmas AND chevron?  Two of my favorites together!!!! 

Just as we checked out it began to POUR down buckets of rain!  We had to run to the car and we got DRENCHED!! 

While at Hob Lob I bought some chevron burlap ribbon and 3 sunflower stems and whipped this wreath together!!  I love it so much!  It makes me happy every time I see it! 

 Happy September friends!!  

Photo Dump...Week of Aug 24th

It was finally here!!!  The FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!  But first...Sunday!  Joey and I were teaching upstairs so B and Finn sat with some friends for the beginning of the church service!

That afternoon B and I attended a multi-vendor party...but our favorite vendor was the only one we really wanted to see!!

 Haley sells Stella and Dot...SUPER cute jewelry, bags, cell phone covers, etc!! 

After we perused the other vendors, who did have lots of awesome things, we went back to Haley's booth and tried on some goodies!  I ended up getting some things on sale and ordered a bracelet that is STUNNING!!  

B got this Elsa shirt...and as soon as we got home we paired it with some of my favorite ruffle pants!!  

Then I began to get everything ready for Monday!!  Backpacks all in a row....

Lunch boxes all perfectly in line and ready to grab!

Then I started planning B's wardrobe...I only meant to plan the first day...but I might've gotten carried away and planned the first two weeks!  Ha!  It's just TOO much fun to dress a girl!!;)

Finley's first day outfit...

And then just like that it was Monday and I was sending off my babies!  Aidan out 7th Grade!!

Then I took Finn to class...sweet boy...who was VERY excited!!

And then I took Sissy...she was so sassy, but couldn't wait to get started!  I MIGHT have teared up on my way to the car...that "I'm having to put my kids lives in the hands of others" cry.  So I prayed all the way home for God to protect them, for the teachers to be loving and classmates to be friendly!!  And then I felt a rush of relief pour over me!

Tuesday I worked in my preschool room...putting the final decorations up and getting supplies for our cabinets! 

Wednesday we had training all morning...

Thursday we had more training and then we prepared our lesson plans and began to prep for the days to come!!

Friday this little man and I played some Memory!  I love that he is old enough to get it and enjoys winning!  

Saturday night My Grandma, her friend Neva, the three littles and I went to Artisan in Hurst to see my mom in her latest play - "Smoke on the Mountain"!  

Mom did a fabulous job (as ALWAYS!!!) and the whole cast was hilarious as well!  During intermission Mr. Blair asked my kiddos to "spin the ticket thingy"!  Ha!  The audience all puts their names on little slips of paper and they go into a drawing for free tickets for the next play.  And the kiddos got to help collect the tickets and then draw out the winning names!!

 What a busy but fun week....;)

Monday, September 22, 2014

First Day of School 2014-15

The rugrats on their first days....sorry the words are so small.:(  Here's to 2014-2015!!!!  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Aug 17th

Sunday Ashlee and I did some back to school shopping, had some lunch and got her ears pierced.  She wouldn't let me take a picture of her in the moment, so this is an empty chair that would soon hold the BFF and her freshly re-pierced ears! ;)

The boys fought...this was their punishment.  Pretty fabulous. :)

Monday I watched Camille...she likes to look at herself on my phone!  

Monday night I took the kids to the Y for some swimmin'!  We were basically the only ones there (other than a few individuals taking lessons). :)

All four in ONE picture...very hard to do!!

 Wednesday I had my four +  Josh and Keegan and we invaded my friend Haley's house!  She also has four counting....we had 6 boys and 4 girls in one space!!  CRAY CRAY!!  But the girls had such a fun time with their lemonade stand!!!  Haley did such a cute job decorating and they had tons of visitors (including a friend from my church!!).  

Ryenn, Ella, Breslyn and Brie...what a bunch!  I'm so glad to have some girls for B to play with.  She can hold her own with all the boys she is surrounded by, but she has asked non-stop when we will see the "girls" again!!;)

Wednesday night we had to go up to the middle school to pay for Aidan's athletic gear and get fitted for football!!  It was so exciting...minus not being able to hear a single thing the coach said and my kids acting terrible.

Thursday Joey was home and we had one final family day....boy haircuts, buying dog food, out to lunch, getting Aidan fitted for goggles and SWIMMING!!

This time we were NOT the only ones there...the day camp kids were everywhere.  They were all well-behaved though, and B made friends with a few of the girls!! ;)

THEN it was Meet the Teacher Night for B and Finn!!  Fun times!!  I will probably do a whole post about it later, but here are a few pics of the cuties...

Friday I had Josh and Keegan (my kiddos hung out with Gaga and Gpa all day) and we had a blast...they were great helpers getting my car washed and vacuumed AND then with groceries!!  We even picked up some wood on the side of the road for some future Christmas gifts!!  That's right...I give my friends wood off the side of the road for gifts...cause I'm awesome like that!!  Seriously the projects are going to beautiful!!  I cannot wait to get started on them!!

Saturday I got my rugrats back and we had some Orange Leaf yogurt!  It was a great LONG week!