Friday, September 26, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of Aug 24th

It was finally here!!!  The FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!  But first...Sunday!  Joey and I were teaching upstairs so B and Finn sat with some friends for the beginning of the church service!

That afternoon B and I attended a multi-vendor party...but our favorite vendor was the only one we really wanted to see!!

 Haley sells Stella and Dot...SUPER cute jewelry, bags, cell phone covers, etc!! 

After we perused the other vendors, who did have lots of awesome things, we went back to Haley's booth and tried on some goodies!  I ended up getting some things on sale and ordered a bracelet that is STUNNING!!  

B got this Elsa shirt...and as soon as we got home we paired it with some of my favorite ruffle pants!!  

Then I began to get everything ready for Monday!!  Backpacks all in a row....

Lunch boxes all perfectly in line and ready to grab!

Then I started planning B's wardrobe...I only meant to plan the first day...but I might've gotten carried away and planned the first two weeks!  Ha!  It's just TOO much fun to dress a girl!!;)

Finley's first day outfit...

And then just like that it was Monday and I was sending off my babies!  Aidan out 7th Grade!!

Then I took Finn to class...sweet boy...who was VERY excited!!

And then I took Sissy...she was so sassy, but couldn't wait to get started!  I MIGHT have teared up on my way to the car...that "I'm having to put my kids lives in the hands of others" cry.  So I prayed all the way home for God to protect them, for the teachers to be loving and classmates to be friendly!!  And then I felt a rush of relief pour over me!

Tuesday I worked in my preschool room...putting the final decorations up and getting supplies for our cabinets! 

Wednesday we had training all morning...

Thursday we had more training and then we prepared our lesson plans and began to prep for the days to come!!

Friday this little man and I played some Memory!  I love that he is old enough to get it and enjoys winning!  

Saturday night My Grandma, her friend Neva, the three littles and I went to Artisan in Hurst to see my mom in her latest play - "Smoke on the Mountain"!  

Mom did a fabulous job (as ALWAYS!!!) and the whole cast was hilarious as well!  During intermission Mr. Blair asked my kiddos to "spin the ticket thingy"!  Ha!  The audience all puts their names on little slips of paper and they go into a drawing for free tickets for the next play.  And the kiddos got to help collect the tickets and then draw out the winning names!!

 What a busy but fun week....;)

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