Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football...Middle School Edition?

Omgoodness!!  Aidan had his first football game last week and his second game last night!!  It is so much fun to watch him!!!  Be forewarned...there are lots of pics that probably only family cares about...but I hope you enjoy them!

Number #63 {otherwise known as the tallest/biggest kid on the team}

{seriously....he dwarfs most of his teammates!}

{his opponent was a little smaller than Aidan....;)}

{getting chill bumps watching him pound the other team!!}

{the next two pics are of the coach telling him that he's awesome....or maybe not....I make it up as I go!}

{the next two are of his "almost sack"!!!  It was amazing!!!}

{look at that handsome boy!!}

Last nights game....

{that's right...he's taking on TWO opponents!!}

{half time...or as I referred to it at the game...Intermission!!!  Bwahaha!}

I'm just so very proud of this guy!!  It is amazing to watch him play and fight for his team!!  Go Wayside Wildcats!!!


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  2. Love him! And I can just imagine what that poor little guy across from him was thinking...