Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photo Dump...Week of August 10th

 Sunday after church we had lunch with sweet friends.  Michelle and Dan have such a beautiful home (with baby chicks in it!!!) and are always inviting people over to eat!!  This day some of the men were meeting to discuss starting a Bible study on Thursday nights.  I love that Joey is so involved in our church and is a great leader of our household!! ;)  

Sunday afternoon selfie with my new mustard colored sweater from Target!  

Sunday evening we celebrated my dad's birthday!!  

Tuesday I accompanied dad to his chemo read more about that go HERE!

Wednesday I took the kids to the YMCA...we just joined!  Aidan "worked out" along beside me, while the others played in the KidZone. 

Wednesday night we went back up to the Y for swimming!!  I sat on the side of the pool and watched...but next summer I will be in that water in a bathing suit-for sure!! ;)

Thursday we went to see B perform at CATS in Arlington!  She was PRECIOUS and super feisty!  She was great at the moves and knew her lines as well as EVERYONE else's (she whispered all of the lines)!!

Friday we kept Camille so Ashlee and Krys could take Josh and Keegan for one last fun day at Hawaiian Falls!!    

She's a little loved by my kiddos!! ;)

Saturday I FINISHED painting our bedroom!!!  Now (after living here for 6 years) maybe I can decorate this room the way I really want!  Ha...probably not!! :)  BTW, the color of our walls is a gray...not this HORRIBLE yellow that my stupid phone is portraying!

Uh.uh.uh....Another week bites the dust!

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