Saturday, February 18, 2017

January 2016 Round Up

January....time to stop listening to Christmas music and start on some fresh ideas!
I wanted some new walpaper for my phone, so I hit up Pinterest for some ideas.  

The beginning of the month was rough for B.  She was sick for almost an entire week.  She was throwing up and super lethargic.  Daisy was a great companion while Breslyn needed it! :) 

One project I wanted to tackle was the pantry.  I had planned on redoing it right after we moved in, but time got away from well as just being lazy.  But not this time!!  I pinned a lot of ideas, decided what I could afford and went to it. the pantry out...😬😣 {I must admit this project took quite a few days to complete.  With a sickie and gathering ideas, I wasn't able to get it done in just one day.}

The next project I tackled was this "Home" decor in our LR.  Well....I loved it...until...

...and I did figure out another way to hang it.  And it stayed...for about 4 days I think.  Then it fell off again, this time on top of Owen.  It hurt him bad!!  I felt like a terrible momma.  But it is no longer in the house.  And we look like we are now promoting the "hoe" life in our LR!!  😂😂😂

Sickness continued...

I bought and hung a new wooden banner in Owen's room...

And FINALLY,  on the 9th, I finished the pantry.  I was able to use a lot of things I found in the garage, and only had to purchase a few things from Walmart!  I'm happy with how it turned out.

This kid...I asked him if he was ready for middle school next year.  His response was no...and I wondered if it was because he would be a little fish in a big pond, or if kids will be mean.  My heart started to hurt...then he said he is gonna miss P.E.  And suddenly all was right again.

I got a new planner and I love it.  I can scrapbook in it and it has room for pictures!  

January 15th the Cowboys played their final game and we had the Edstrom's over to watch...and after the game we played Quiddler.  Shelly and I were pretty proud of our words!!!  haha!

Just another day in paradise...

I decided during my quiet time to journal every verse in the Bible that refers to Christ's love for me.  I NEED to read, see and RECOGNIZE his love for me, because there are days I feel distanced from him.  

The 20th we took Linda out for her anniversary.  We went to On the Border and it was delicious!

That Sunday I helped Jerri and Mimi shop for Mimi's bedroom!!  We had so much fun, and I think Mimi will love the finished product!

The next week I got to hang out with my parents for lunch and a little shopping!  I loved it.  I kinda like them. 😉

That Friday I met my friend Ashley for lunch!  Even though we see each other at work, there isn't a lot of time to talk.  So we met up for yummy food and great conversation!!

 Finn has drum lessons every Monday after school, so Owen and B do their homework in the car while we wait.  

I spent the last part of January sick with a semi sore throat, snot and allergies.  Blah. 

And just like that another month has passed. 👋

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Day in the Life...Wednesday, January 25th


7am/lunches ready/time to wake em up

8am/on my way home from dropping them off/missing my friend

9am/tidying up little man's room

10am/planning in my planner/car wash

11am/grocery run

12pm/surprise lunch with my parents (the best part of my day)

1pm/eating and chatting

2pm/trip to Steinmart with the rents

3pm/perusing IG while waiting in the carline 

4pm/homework done/time to chill

5pm/taking the biggest to church for youth band practice

6pm/dinner done/time for some media

7pm-9:59pm/catch up on shows/putting kids to bed and trying to learn how to make my favorite SB drink at home

10pm/Golden Girls/Zzzzzz

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year's Eve 2016

I did a terrible job at taking pics of NYE, but here are a few!  I found some cute stuff at and blue aren't your typical NYE colors, but I loved the gold throughout!

I pretty much prepped all day....making sausage balls, little smokies, queso, cupcakes...

...and took breaks for Snapchat. (I cannot stop watching this...laughing so hard I've got tears!!!)


Finally it was time for the party...the men watched a sad game of football and girls chatted while kids ran amuck.

And of course when the party got good and we were playing HeadsUp and singing Karaoke with our phones I didn't get a single picture.  Granted we were using my phone, so pics would have been difficult!  We had a great, fellowship and fun was had by all.

DECEMBER 2016 Round Up

Hello I miss you!  Let's get started!

Dec 1st was Joey's birthday and to "celebrate" we went to a concert at a local was BEAUTIFUL, as was the company!!

19 pianos on one stage!!!

Owen finalllllllly had an eye appointment.  His glasses have been broken...pretty much since the week after he got them.  

 That weekend we celebrated Joey's birthday with friends from church!!  I haven't had that many people in my house before, but it was great and we all had a wonderful time!!

Monday, the 5th, Aidan finalllllly had an eye appointment.  His glasses never broke...but he hadn't had an exam in 2 or 3 years.  Yikes.  #momfail

 I came down with a stomach bug that Thursday and it hung around till Friday afternoon.  My major joints ached as well.  The only plus was weight loss!  Hahahaha!!

I finally remembered to take a pic of our mantle and tree!!  😍  

The 14th Owen had his Gingerbread Man play in his class!  Little cutie pies!!  

Then Friday was party day at school, so I made sure they were all dressed Christmasy!!  

Saturday I had choir rehersal for our Candelight service that Sunday.

Then we headed to Linda's house to celebrate her new digs!!  She had a huge turnout and we had a great time.

That Sunday after church we headed out to eat to celebrate our friend George graduating with his Masters from Penn State!  

Monday morning came way too early and it was WAY too cold...hence our attire.  But we did it and were proud!!!

Tuesday was our last day at was a half day and our boss took us to lunch at Olive Garden.  Here we are on our way to lunch...just acting like a bunch of goofs.

All four kids had dental checkups this week.  Two days at the dentist wasn't so bad when it only takes 30 minutes each time!

When we are out of school for a good bit we always play Monopoly and UNO.  Sometimes Dominos.  And sometimes we dress up in beautiful costumes Gaga made!

Christmas Eve Eve we met Memaw for lunch and she took the kiddos until CE dinner.  

CE day I was so productive...baking, cooking, wrapping presents and watching my favorite Christmas movies!!  It was really a wonderful day!  I also took a picture of my newest ornament...a gold "Z" to represent Zach.  💓

Christmas (which I've already blogged about) came and went and I think we all felt like my dad by the end of the day....

The last week of December was filled with lots of this ....

...and this...

...and more of this.

Wednesday I made the kids run/scooter the neighborhood with me.  Owen was exhausted, but liked stretching afterwards!  Ha!

Gma, mom and myself went to a local shoe store because they were having a big sale.  Gma got some beautiful shoes, but mom is showing you a good example of what was available in our sizes!! 😂😂😂

And to end the month I met Joey for lunch at Cheesecake Factory!  It was delicious!!  

I will blog about NYE as soon as I can get my computer to make my pics available...grrr.  Anywho..December was wonderful and sad and fast and somedays painfully slow...but it was a great month for sure.