Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016 Round Up

Hey, September!!  Let's take a peek at cha!

Friday the kids wore UT gear for college day at school.  I think Owen is doing the dab....mhm.

That night Joey and I hung out and watched TV....Daisy was very loving...

...she continued the next morning.  I just love her sweetness!

B went to a birthday party that afternoon and had a blast!!

Sunday I took a pic with my girl!!  

That afternoon/evening we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Longhorn game!!  

Aidan's game that week...got to get up close and personal after the game.  :)

Owen had his first soccer practice...he was really good!  He controls the ball really well.

I worked on my fall mantle...and I LURVE it!! 

The following week B had her first soccer practice as well.  So stinking cute!!  I was afraid she would be behind at age 8.  But there is  good mixture of first timers and ones who have played before.  

Saturday we put my Grandma's sofa at the road and went to my Aunt and Uncle's house to get their couch and take it back to Gma's house.  Yeah...that is Aidan laying down on the couch...in the back of the truck...driving down Gma's street.  Super safe.  

I declared the 19th "clean out Aidan's room if it kills me" day.  There were boxes in his room that were still from our move in December of last year!!  What??  And, annnnnd, most of the boxes were in there by mistake....it was ridiculous, and I can only blame myself.  Anyway....;/ I did accomplish my goal...but I have yet to officially decorate his room.  

That afternoon we had Keegan over for a little while...they had a blast doing arts and crafts!

At football that week we had an entire crowd to support Aidan....my whole family, my MIL, plus two men from Joey's work, our youth pastor, his wife and friends and then there was Mr. Mike.  So patient and loving to Obugs. :)

 Breslyn made both Joey and myself these BIG hearts that had questions on them...on the other side she proclaims her LOOOOVE for us!! :)  She has such a sweet heart!  

Saturday, the 24th, we officially started soccer games for the season!!  B did great, as did Owen!  

{this is what EVERY SINGLE PICTURE looks like when these two are together.  neither one can look straight at the camera and just smile!}

That afternoon we stopped by the mall and visited our new local ice cream parlor.  It is run by friends from our church.  It was a long, busy, fun-filled day!

Sunday we taught preschool...B was apparently having a pretty good time!! :)

That afternoon Aidan had two friends over and ALL the boys played a rousing Nerf game.  Here they are strategizing!!  

Monday I made Cheeseburger Pie!!  The recipe is HERE.  I LOVE this blogger and her recipe did not disappoint!!  

Wednesday, the 28th, was a somber, special day...remembering my brother's birthday.  I will do another post on the entire day.  

Aidan all dressed up in his BOW tie!!  Love!!

Friday, the 30th, our school was asking everyone to wear yellow to show our support for a little girl that has cancer.  Her big sister is in B's class.  :(

I'm so excited that it is already October!!  Come on fall weather....quit teasing me and BRING.IT.ON!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Zachary

Happy 33rd Birthday bubba.  

I have so much to say...so many feelings.  I cried most of Monday just preparing for today.

I wish you were here to see Aidan play football...
I wish you were here to watch Star Wars with Finley...
I wish you were here to hug Breslyn who cries for you at least twice a month...
I wish you were here to play UNO or "Goldfish" with Owen...

I wish you were here being loud and annoying...
I wish I could tease you one more time about Charlie Hough...
I wish I could lose Monopoly once more to you...
I wish I could wave to you as you drive by in your truck...

Music can break me or heal me.  I have found songs that do both...but these...burn my heart.  

This song came on while I was running this morning.  It's hard to run and cry at the same time.

I don't know why this song brings up ALL the feelings (probably because of the next song by him), but it does.

This song came on while I was grocery shopping Monday (yes, I was listening to Christmas music in September!)...and I broke down right there in Walmart.  This version, this right here, reminds me of our childhood, growing up together, Christmas nights and you staying in my room while Santa came downstairs.  

I love you Zachary, and I hope your first Heavenly birthday is amazing.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

AUGUST 2016 Round-up

Well howdy there August!!
It was a full and fast month....so let's get to it!

Football camp was the first week in August...

The first weekend in August we drove to Waco for a mini family reunion...but before that we stopped at the Silos, shopped, ate and shopped some more!!  We all had a great time at the reunion at my Uncle Larry's house, but somehow I didn't get a single picture.  Boo. 

Owen lost his first tooth!!!

I worked on B's room...I might post more pics later...but she never keeps her room clean, so it is hard to get any good pictures! ;)

The Norris girls stopped by to give goodbye hugs and take a quick pic.  We miss them so much...:(

Owen lost ANOTHER tooth!!  

We celebrated my dad's birthday...:)

Joey took Friday off because we had a ton of errands to run and it was Aidan's first scrimmage...we just ended up playing ourselves.  I guess that's normal...I'm a newbie to this whole son-playing-high-school-football thing.  

Let me fill you in....when he got in the car...he STUNK!!!  Like teenage boy funk + b.o. + stinky crack.  It.was.bad.  

Next we went searching for Bos gear for the whole family, but only Joey found a shirt. 

Next it was time for SHOTS for all three of the littles!!  Yes, I am that momma who took pics while it happened!!  Haha!  Owen didn't cry till the very end...

...B was crying before they even called her name...

...and Finn was a champ!!  

We headed to Memaw's house to help take down some light fixtures.  And apparently Owen ended the day with some Fixer Upper. ;)

The following Thursday night was Meet the Teacher.  Don't they look spiffy?!!

 That Saturday night was Haley's farewell dinner.  We had a great time...even though the group of ladies didn't all know each other.  The food was great and I think H had a great time. :) (Side note...a former client of Modern Farmhouse was sitting at the table behind Haley!)

And this is what we do after our dates...take serious photos.  Always.  Yep.

{School started the following week, but I've already posted those photos...didn't want to over post on that. ;)}

We finally found out that Aidan made the 9th grade A team for football.  And apparently you have to dress up on game days (told ya, I'm a newbie).  So Joey and Aidan had to run to Walmart at 9pm to find him some clothes.  He had outgrown ALL his dress pants! :/  Anyways, he was stinkin' handsome if I do say so myself.

Thursday Night Football!!!  Our #66 is a starting Noseguard.  I'll admit, having him play is pretty darn exciting!!  I'm trying to understand football...without being too annoying to Joey.  

That Friday night the littles were with my parents so Joey, Aidan and I went to the varsity game!!  

Sunday we taught upstairs in preschool...I love when Aidan actually gets on their level and pretends with them. 

That afternoon we had 400 10 or so men and boys over to pick fantasy football teams...I guess that's what you call it.  I just stood their staring at them, and periodically cleaned the kitchen.  Ha!

The last week in August I was working to get my room ready for this school year!!  I've had some challenges this year, so my heart wasn't exactly "in" it.  The rainbow is better in person, but avert your eyes at the bottom pic if you are OCD.  My blue fan thingy is too far to the left...but I couldn't go up that stupid ladder one more time to fix it.  

And just like that....the month was over.