Sunday, January 7, 2018

DECEMBER 2017: Round Up

I finally made it to December!!  Praise da Lort!  

And now for his ACTUAL birthday...on Friday December 1st!!  Happy 40th Birthday Joseph!!🎊🎉🎈 The reason we did all the celebrating before his actual birthday is because he was in Las Vegas!!  That was what he wanted for his birthday.  No big party, just a trip to spend time with his friend Bryan!  

He got to race around a real race track!!  Dream come true!  

Meanwhile on the old home front...we were having a big ol sleepover with the Edstrom kids.  

Saturday I met mom up at her church (and also where I work) for a ladies craft and cookie party!  We had so much fun!  Thanks mom!

That Monday night we went to a Christmas performance at a local was so HUGE set, beautiful choir, real camels and flying angels!!  Fun fun!

I started reminiscing looking through old pics....MELT.MY.💖!!!

Friday the 8th Daisy woke up with a very swollen eye...this pic doesn't do it justice.  We loaded her up with Benadryl and the swelling eventually went down!

I just needed a pic with my big boy.  I love him so.

Saturday was dress rehersal for Sounds of the Season...

...and it wore these two flat can't see Owen but he's snoring away in his seat!!

 Finally it was time for the actual performance!!!  It started out with a little visit from Cousin Eddie!!😂😂😂  Followed by some other famous people....

...the Grinch...

...Mariah Carey...


 and finally Rudolph!!

My dad played his's terrible picture quality, but it was so moving and beautiful!  And weeks later Breslyn and Owen are still referring to how much they liked this version!

And flowers for the fantastic director!!  Mom worked SO.VERY.HARD on this performance!  And it was a packed house and we all loved it!!  I can't wait to see what she puts together for next year!

 Some of our friends came to the show and we decided to all go out to dinner afterwards.  It was delicious and loud!  

The following week was busy with work, kids finishing up school and....Owen getting the flu. NOOOOO!!! 😷  I had to leave work early Thursday afternoon to pick him up.  He was running 102.9, had a headache and was throwing up.  Luckily Friday morning our doctor got him right in and diagnosed him with the flu.  

That night Ashley V, my co-teacher at HR, and I went to our work dinner party.  The food was so good!!  We enjoyed people watching and taking pics!!

This is our director at HR...and she is wonderful.  Janssen is such a sweet, God-fearing, loving, caring woman.  I am so happy to be working under her. 

Monday I called in from work and stayed home with Owen.  He was just so pathetic.  Still running a high fever.  But I went in on Tuesday and Aidan stayed home and babysat for me.  We had such a good day.  It was party day/pajama day/go out to eat lunch day and we were excited!!

Wednesday I went on to work...even though Obug begged me to stay home with him.  Luckily my dad was able to take him back to the doctor....this time he left with antibiotics and prescription cough meds! 🙌🙌🙌

Friday after my FREEZING cold run I climbed back in bed and Daisy joined me!  We snuggled in until Joey had to get up for work! 

I was taking some selfies because today I was getting my hair did!!!  Ha!  New cut, new color!!  AND....Owen was finally feeling better!!!  Thank you Lord!

The assistant director at my HR job was also a cosmetologist and I asked her to fix me up!!  I even got in a little snuggle time with two of her kiddos!!  

And the final product!!!  I love it and I will NEVER die my own hair again!  This was the first time having a professional dye/highlight my hair...and I am loving it!

That night all the boys spent the night with Gaga and Gpa...and this crazy girl had alone time with mommy and daddy!  We had lots of errands to run that night and the next day...

And just like that it was Christmas Eve!  We had dinner and played games at my parent's house.  My momma is gonna kill me for this picture, but this game is hilarious!!  It is called Hearing Things and we had a blast playing it!  

We headed home so they could open their "one" Christmas Eve gift...that's always pjs!  

And then it was finally Christmas Day (which I will be sharing in another post)!!!

This motley crew celebrated for HOURS!!  We ate, played games, ate, napped, ate, played more games and then tried to take a group picture...this was the best we could get!! haha!!

It was a great month and a great Christmas!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

NOVEMBER 2017: Round Up

Hey were BUSY and I have a TON of photos to share!  Settle in and enjoy...if ya want! 😉

We started off with another football game...Go big #78!

November 3rd marked this boys 12th birthday...but in this pic I just see my sweet chubby faced little boy.  Happy Birthday Finley Patrick!!

(His 5th birthday!)

I began prepping for family pics that were a couple days away...

Friday night Finley's friend, Zachary, spent the night and we saw Happy Death Day at the theatre.  The next day we had a birthday lunch with these two goofballs!  

I continued researching for our pics....including poses like this!

Sunday was picture day and we packed up and headed to Eagle Mountain Park with Ashlee!  It was hot and you can see all the pics HERE.  

 After pics we went and had Finn's family birthday luncheon!  This pic is blurry, but we all had a great time together celebrating this boy!

 A new week, a new football game.  And it was FRIGID!  We were playing Aledo....and that's all I'm gonna say about that. 😠 

Friday I was not feeling so great.  Being out in the cold temps and being very run down was hitting me hard.  But a warm cup of hot chocolate was perfect for my sore throat.

B and I started assembling and fluffing the tree!! 😍😍😍

Sunday we continued with Sounds of the Season practice....look at little Obugs staring at his Gaga!!

November 15th we went to Finley's middle school band concert.  He is a percussionist and pretty darn good.  I can't wait to see him get better each year!

Thursday, in preparation for my surgery, I ate bfast and lunch and that was it.  After school I had to drink this AMAZING bottle of SALT IN A JAR!  It's the most disqusting thing I have ever EVER drunk.  I mean it was horrid.  HORRID.  I could take about 2Tbs then chug water.  I was supposed to drink it quick, but it took me an hour.  It was to help "clean out" my bowels.  So that was fun.

Friday I was up by 3am drinking a full Yeti of water and barely eating a Little Debbie's donut stick.  I was able to go back to sleep for a little bit, but then we were up and at em.  We got the kids off to school and waited till time to head to the hospital.  My sweet parents and Grandma came too!  I am so blessed to have such a great family!!

The surgery went well...MINUS getting my IV.  That was difficult...tears were shed and I know that I will NEVER let a nurse put an IV in my inside wrist again.  But Joey was such a great nurse and caretaker.

I spent the next few days recovering.  Joey even brought me home a bundt cake and totally made my day!!

We celebrated this AMAZING woman on the 21st!!  Happy Birthday momma!! 💝😘

After the party, little man and I snuggled...

The next day Finley was doing Parkour in the house and somehow hurt his neck.  Well we drugged him up and sent him on to Gaga and Gpa's house.  We got a call that he was just in too much pain and Gpa was taking him to the ER.  So Joey and I headed to meet them.  It turns out he..."hurt his neck".  Glad we cleared that up!! Ha!  They gave him a valium and a prescription for more.  After a few days of resting his neck he was feeling better. 

I didn't take a single picture of Thanksgiving.  What??  But it was nice and delicious and we enjoyed each others company!  

 We planned a party to celebrate Joey's 40th, a friend's birthday, a friend's graduation and a family returning to the area!!  Needless to say we were in full clean the house/put up decorations/crazy mode for a few days.  Joey was so great to help me put up decor I'd been meaning to put up for months.  

Saturday afternoon we took a little break and relaxed...loved seeing this so much...and those two humans are cute too!! Haha!! 

Sunday I got up and took Ashlee's family pics at a local park and then headed back home to get food prepped for the party.  Soon the guests arrived and we had a great time celebrating ALL THE THINGS! 



And a pic with Shelly.  She and George (the graduate) had moved for schooling, but they have returned and we are thrilled!!  

Another Sunday afternoon, another practice!

Monday night we had our family dinner to celebrate Joey!!  We went to Fred's Texas and the food was great.  There was live music, beer and great company.  

✌ out November!!