Sunday, October 8, 2017

AUGUST 2017: Round Up

 Well hello's been a few weeks (almost 2 months) since I blogged.  Glad this blog is mostly for myself!!  Ha!  Let's just jump right into August!

 Grocery shopping in all our glory...

I found some cute baskets/boxes on major sale at Kroger during our trip.  I decided to hang them on little man's wall.  

Later that week I was heading over to my parent's house to pick up my kiddos and people kept looking at me while I was driving.  FINALLY a woman told me to roll down my window and she pointed to my tire.  I thought I had ANOTHER FLAT TIRE!  Grrr.  Nope.  Yeah....that is a drop cloth.  It was on the floor of our garage (from painting projects).  When I had backed out it somehow latched onto my tire.  I called my wonderful dad to come help, but I was able to FINALLY get it to rip and release!  I was pretty embarrassed, then proud for getting it off.  😂

That weekend I worked more on B's room.  I seem to always be tweaking it here and there.  Here are a few shots of her room!

I completed this project...and I LOVE it so much!  It sits above her desk...I want her to always read this and believe it!

That Saturday we headed out to my uncle's house for a mini family reunion.  They have an amazing pool and cook a delicious meal!!  We ALL had such a great time!  Can't wait to do it again!!

Tuesday, the 8th, was a camp for incoming 6th graders.  So while Finn was off exploring the school, the littles and I listened to the principal and counselors.  While we waited they found a flag that represents some of our good we had to take a pic and send it to them.  OH...IO.  

Later that week, the 12th, was my dad's birthday....and this cake...was INCREDIBLE!!  Moist, chocolatey, delicious.  (My MIL, Linda, had a birthday the following day and we took her to lunch, but I didn't get a single picture!!😠 mad at myself!)

The following week it was time for fresh school haircuts.  It gets expensive when you have 3 at one time.  But they are worth it.... 😊

Snap chat fun with this girl happenned a lot!

Finally it was time for Meet the Teacher. 

Owen was thrilled to have the same teacher from last year...Mrs. Anderson.

B was a lot more nervous.  She had heard some "things" about her teacher and she was worried.  But I think once she met her and saw her room, she decided it would be okay!  

 The next day Aidan and I made a SAMS run with Gma...I tall is he?  Ridiculous.  

That Saturday the 19th, was jam packed with football stuff.  First a scrimmage at 8am.  Then a BBQ luncheon, then card selling for a fundraiser, then we took a nap!  It was an exhausting day, but fun too.

My mom gave me this embroidered picture that was given to her when I was born.  It was in a (old) gold frame...which I know is popular right now...but I decided to switch it to this wooden frame and add it to her gallery wall.  I love it and hope she can one day pass it to her daughter! 

And just like that it was time for the first day of school are two.  I will do another post just for this day though!  Nice face Owen.

Day 2 this big boy rode his bike to school.  And I was a nervous wreck.  But he made it and all was good!!

I started putting out some fall decorations that weekend.  This might be my favorite.  I keep telling myself to change the picture, but I just can't do it.  I love putting this frame gives me all the feels!!😍

The week of the 28th I started inservice at both jobs.  This awesome girl here, Ashley V, and I had Open House.  She and I are teaching the 2's together at HighRidge Kids School (We also get to work together at our other preschool...just in different classrooms).  This night we got a quick glimpse at the CRAZY that was going to be coming our way a few weeks later! 😂😝😱

That Wednesday I peeked in on the girls who were taking CPR....I might have taken this picture of their enthralled faces.  Then I might have piddled a little laughing at this picture later!!! 

 The following week I started back teaching at Grace Place!!  It was stressful and loud but good!  I have a wonderful co-teacher- Jennifer (above picture on the far left) and an amazing director- Laurie (above picture on the far right)!!

Thursday night we went to Aidan's football game.  I love watching him play.  So proud of him!!

That month was so full, so fast and so exhausting. 😌

Friday, August 18, 2017

JULY 2017 Round Up

Another summer month gone...:)

Big get between me and my tv, and I WILL post this attractive pic of you!!  

Little man developed some sort of eventually made it's way all through his limbs and then went away.  Strange.

Sunday, July 2nd...we had some extended family over for a visit.  They are the same ones we carpooled with on vacation....but we wanted to see their faces one last time before they went back to Germany.  I set up these beautiful sunflowers and they just made me so happy!!😍

Aidan playing with little Jude man!!

July 3rd Joey and I went and saw Wonder was FANTASTIC!  We will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD!

On the 6th these two left for kids camp!  This was B's first year and she was a little nervous, but all the pictures my friend sent me and those posted on FB show a very happy girl!  She even did the zip line!!!  So proud of her!

Owen and I met Memaw for lunch this week, but I didn't get a single picture.  Boo.  That weekend I was not feeling well...let's just say the bathroom was my bff, as was the couch.  Sweet Daisy kept me company!!  

Monday the 10th I subbed for the first time at a new preschool.  I was super nervous, but I ended up being with my girl Ashley V!!  I was thrilled and we had a great day!!  LONG story short after my first day the director offered me the job I had subbed for that day!  So I have been teaching at my new preschool ever since!  And within two weeks of this day I was hired on for fall!  So starting in September I will be working M-Th.  I'm already exhausted thinking about it, but I'll get the hang of it!!  Haha!

Wednesday was a big doctor appointment for me, so I took a picture! Ha!!  

The next week I completed a project I've been working on for months...4 months to be exact!  I had the letters up on the wall by themselves, but it just wasn't enough.  Then I saw a picture on IG and I had to copy it...and the best part, it was free.  I already owned all the shutters!!  I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

On the 18th Daisy Mae visited the groomer for the first time!  She looked so cute and smelled WONDERFUL!!  I love this sweet girl!!

Between late bedtimes and kids camp these two were exhausted...but they woke right up to see Finn get some shots at his doctor's appointment!!  Haha!!

Funny story....we have been seeing this pediatrician for 6.5 years...and we realized when booking this appointment that Finn has never seen her!!  What??!!  He hasn't been to the doctor in 6 years!!  Holy cow!!

Later that night I headed out for dinner with a few friends from church...Samantha, Jean and Jerri!!  We enjoyed some delicious Chuy's!!  😃 

The whole week was a rough one for this momma.  I don't know why, but this week had me searching for some funny mom memes and posting all about it HERE!!  

That weekend was Joshua's birthday and Ashlee went ALL OUT with the Amazing Race theme!!  She worked so hard getting all the challenges ready and at the correct locations!  I was so impressed!  

The next week we headed to the pool and this little cutie had me smiling!!

Take away screen time and look what happens....Nerf wars and fun!!  It ended in screaming, but it was fun for a while. 😎

Sunday the 30th we had plans to visit a new church and then Ashlee and I were gonna hang out for lunch and shopping.  Well, while brushing B's hair I discovered....LICE!!  NOOOOOO!!!  (Fortunately after only one treatment on her hair and me going crazy cleaning and washing everything, the lice were gone...of course we are still checking...just in case!)

So after running around crazy all morning, it was a nice and needed trip with Ashlee!!  We had Olive Garden and then visited a new store in our area!  We had so much fun talking and eating and catching up (and  devouring some  Blizzards)!!  

👇 This meme totally sums up my feelings on our day!! Haha!!

 We ended out the month shopping for groceries...we have a new Kroger and they have kiddie shopping carts!  These two pushed all our groceries around for over an hour and they did it without complaining!  

Goodbye July.  Bring on (the rest of) August!!😊