Friday, May 31, 2013

Glimpse of My Bestie's House!!

My bff, Ashlee, has no idea I'm doing this post...but I just wanted to share some pics of her precious house!!!  I tell her that EVERY time I enter her front door I feel like I'm at home!!  It is so cozy and inviting!!  She is so good at the little touches, and I just wanted to brag on her a little!!  Some of the pics aren't so great...that is my fault!!  

She hosted our Memorial Day that explains the festive decor and half naked kiddos!!

First up the kitchen and dining area....

Lots of beautiful and fun vintage goodies!!!  I just love her style!!  Notice the awesome Blue Ball Mason Jar chandelier??  

I love this chalkboard...and then doilies added to it??  LURVE!!  

Summer/Patriotic mantle...and her super cute collection of vintage thermos mugs.  That reminds me...I need to get going on my summer mantle!! ;)

Hard to see...but these pink shutters are TOO CUTE!!  I love that color and might follow suit and find something to spray THAT color!!

This is the foyer...who doesn't love a red wall full of life??  And the antique dresser?  Swoon!!

The little hall that divides up both boy's rooms and the spare bathroom...I just adore what she has done with these pictures...precious wall gallery!!

Joshua's room...I love everything in this room...the old tennis racquet, license plates, records, lantern and lot's of his personal treasures!  

She recently redid the bathroom and it is so adorable...a navy and white curtain, burlap artwork, that awesome pink shade again, bathroom baby pics, a towel holder I want to steal...just.perfect!! (again..pardon the picture quality...must figure out how to take better pics in bathrooms...that's a skill you can take to the bank!!! hahaha!)

And finally Keegan's room...

LURVE lurve this green dresser...precious trinkets and priceless items!!

And this motley crew and I wish you a happy weekend...can't believe it's almost JUNE!!  Yikes!! ;)

I love you Ashlee and I love your extension of how loving and wonderful you are!!
If you would like to hop over and visit my bestie, click below!!

Last Birthday Event!

Well, we really celebrated BIG for B's 5th Birthday!!  Her actual birthdate was no exception!!  She had donuts for breakfast, was given a huge birthday card poster from Keegan (and Joshua) with money attached so we could go to lunch....and then Joey and I took her to dinner.  Busy, but fun day!!

She looks frazzled...but she was just trying to keep standing upright...the wind was C.A.R.A.Z.Y!!

And for dessert??  Molten Chocolate was SOOOOOOO yummy!! 

Her attempt at taking our picture...I think she did a pretty good job!! ;)

Soooo....happy birthday AGAIN Breslyn Claire!! ;)
love you so much baby girl!!

Wizard of Oz Party Part II {Home}

We celebrated Breslyn's birthday with family last Saturday...keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme...but pretty toned down and very simple.  We just invited my parents, Grandma, brother and Joey's parents!  It was nice to just relax during a birthday party...that RARELY happens, because I am too stressed out about my house or the food or entertaining to actually enjoy myself!! ;)  Here are some pics of her PAR-TAY!!!

It's hard to tell...but the table cloth is blue gingham...with a red burlap runner and Wizard of Oz "placemats".  

I made the fam wear matching W.O.Oz colors...Joey's shirt is blue and white checks...and the boys and I wore light blue and red!  

Yep...this is a true picture of how our family REALLY acts, looks, plays, lives!!  Love these goofballs!

This was the ONE  toy she really really wanted!!! Yay!!  Thanks Gaga and Grandpa!!

Memaw got her LOTS of wonderful clothes!!

Brand new monogrammed backpack and lunchbox for this big kindergartner!!  Thanks Grandma!

New swim suit (that is pretty tight already...gotta get another one for vacay!!!)

I loved LOVED loved this necklace as soon as I saw it!!  It is from an etsy shop.  It comes with red slippers, a blue gingham ball and a silver disc that is engraved with the child's name.  You get to pick another charm as well...we chose a hot air balloon!!  

I hope B had a good birthday...we sure did enjoy celebrating such a big milestone!!  Love you B!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breslyn Turns 5!!

Today is Breslyn's 5th Birthday!!  I cannot believe it is really here....cliches coming- where did the time go?  Where has my little girl gone?  Time has flown by!!
Here are some pictures of my "baby" girl...what a fun ride it has been!!

I cannot express the feelings I have for this little girl.  I was talking to God this morning and started laughing that He probably laughs at statistics....because there was only a 30% chance I would have a girl after having two boys.  I was sad after reading that fact, but luckily fate is NOT in God IS!!  And He blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with this little girl.  
I love you so much baby girl, and I am so grateful for God 's blessing...a daughter!!