Friday, May 24, 2013

Kindergarten Round Up!!

Tuesday was Kinder registration AND round up that evening!!  Busy busy day!  It could have been VERY emotional for me...but I was distracted with the kids and work.  ;)  Anyways, B was SUPER excited...can you tell??

The crew....big ole bunch of goofballs...

Apparently they {the Kinder teachers} were going to grill my baby girl!!!  I told Joey if I had known, I would have given her a refresher before we got there!! Ha!!

Bye baby she goes down the BIG hallway looking all BIG herself...sniff, sniff....

During this time the boys and I went to a parent meeting about what to expect for the coming year.  Approximately 3 minutes into the quiet discussion Owen announces he must poop!!  For real?!  I sent Aidan to take him...of course Finley suddenly had to go!  So I had 10 15 minutes of peace....all the while worrying if my boys were either running the halls or sitting in the principals office for playing in the bathroom!!  Luckily they returned and my heart rate slowed down!! ;)

After they met with the teachers the kids came to the gym to play!  She had a blast!!

Our mascot is the owl...

I cannot believe my baby girl is about to be a kindergartner!!  It makes me excited, proud, uncontrollably teary, happy that she wants to go, sad that she will be exposed to mean girls, worried that I haven't done enough for her, confident that she knows her worth comes from God....I am a bit emotional about the whole situation!!  ;)

Breslyn Claire - Class of 2026!!

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