Sunday, May 26, 2013


One week ago Aidan and Finley were baptized!!  {I hadn't blogged sooner because I had to edit them...and they are still WAY BAD photos...totally my fault...need to learn my Manual setting better:(}

Anyways, we were so blessed to have family AND friends join us for this awesome day!!  Unfortunately I did not get a pic of Jacob, Stephanie and little Makayla!  Thanks for coming to celebrate such an important day!!

The Group...
Memaw and Papaw
Grandma, Grandpa {yes...that is my REAL dad...yes, he thinks he's funny!} and Gaga
Aidan being introduced to the church...he moved so fast and my camera moved too slow to catch the dunking!!! Ha!  {Youth Pastor, Dale Mason, conducted the baptisms.}

Finley being introduced and preparing to be dunked!!

I was just a bundle of emotions...knowing that my boys have asked Jesus into their hearts and we will one day spend eternity together was just too much to hold in...and those tears just flowed!!  

Amen and hallelujah!!! 

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