Friday, May 31, 2013

Wizard of Oz Party Part II {Home}

We celebrated Breslyn's birthday with family last Saturday...keeping with the Wizard of Oz theme...but pretty toned down and very simple.  We just invited my parents, Grandma, brother and Joey's parents!  It was nice to just relax during a birthday party...that RARELY happens, because I am too stressed out about my house or the food or entertaining to actually enjoy myself!! ;)  Here are some pics of her PAR-TAY!!!

It's hard to tell...but the table cloth is blue gingham...with a red burlap runner and Wizard of Oz "placemats".  

I made the fam wear matching W.O.Oz colors...Joey's shirt is blue and white checks...and the boys and I wore light blue and red!  

Yep...this is a true picture of how our family REALLY acts, looks, plays, lives!!  Love these goofballs!

This was the ONE  toy she really really wanted!!! Yay!!  Thanks Gaga and Grandpa!!

Memaw got her LOTS of wonderful clothes!!

Brand new monogrammed backpack and lunchbox for this big kindergartner!!  Thanks Grandma!

New swim suit (that is pretty tight already...gotta get another one for vacay!!!)

I loved LOVED loved this necklace as soon as I saw it!!  It is from an etsy shop.  It comes with red slippers, a blue gingham ball and a silver disc that is engraved with the child's name.  You get to pick another charm as well...we chose a hot air balloon!!  

I hope B had a good birthday...we sure did enjoy celebrating such a big milestone!!  Love you B!!

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