Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Torn on Truth

Happy Wednesday friends!!  I hope you are all having a great day!

I feel lately like I am being bombarded with "tales of future truths"...and it's kinda freakin me out to be honest.  I've had friends, family even strangers telling me what is in store for me with FOUR children.  And they aren't commenting because of the amount of kids...just because I HAVE kids.

"You better enjoy every minute of putting them to bed...soon they won't want you to tuck them in."  sniff, sniff

"Pray they are good teenagers and don't have a lot of rebellion."  yikes...sniff, sniff

"It goes by so fast!"  again...sniff, sniff

"Just wait till they get older and don't want you anymore...the house is so all changes



changes (do you get my echoing through type??  haha!!)

Anyways, I do want to be informed and not naive, but it just seems to be SO much all at ONCE!   I'm already dealing with what I feel is a "loss" of a child when B goes off to school...don't judge me!!  I know she will love it, but I am going to miss her like CRAZY!!  So with that already looming over me and adding in all this '"tweens/teenagers are difficult" talk, I just wanna run away with my kiddos and never let go!!  Ha!

I am not defined by my kids, I have plenty of my own thoughts, plans, goals, interests, but they are my life right now.  I love them and want the best for them...through the crazy tween/teen time and after.

Ah....all I can do is rest in faith that through difficult times and GREAT times, The Lord is ALWAYS in control and I don't need to worry.  :)

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