Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Day...

It was "that day".

I couldn't stand hearing my name.

Not just Ashley...but ALL MY NAMES.  Mommy, Mom, Mother, Ms. Ashley, Atley (my sweet Bo at school), etc.  Bet you didn't know I had so many nicknames!!  Teehee!!

My house is destroyed....not a "little" messy...we are talking full on bomb exploded.  I look at the mess and I get tired, physically tired...telling myself "you will never get finished"...It is SO MY FAULT it has gotten this way.  I have turned a blind eye to the nasty dishes, dirty highchair, chips on the floor, four laundry baskets full of clothes to fold and toys on every square inch of my floor.  Whew.  However, I plan on waking up tomorrow refreshed and raring to go to tackle this house!!  I will get it done.  :)

But I digress... name.  EverySINGLEtime I heard my name I cringed.  Apparently I woke up with NO patience. I'm embarrassed at the way I reacted to my littles at school and my own kiddos at home.  I was short, cranky, "pissy", cranky, angry, cranky....get the picture?

Tonight after yelling at them fourteen times to "Be quiet and Go to sleep" I sat down in my chair and had to hold back tears.  I felt such I quietly tiptoed back into each room, told them I loved them and kissed them (only one was still awake....but he was the one who NEEDED to hear it the most).

Oh...sleep is calling me.

I pray that tomorrow my head and heart will be filled with more compassion, patience, soft spoken words and love.


Monday, January 28, 2013

A Christmas Present in January!!

Eeeeek!!  I am so excited!  My bestie got me an AWESOME Christmas present {it took it awhile to get here...which is why I am just now blogging about it}...actually she got me a few wonderful gifts!  She is so thoughtful and really made my day with this incredible gift.  

She knows how much I am enjoying my little side biz of photography...AND she knows I HATE the strap to my camera...AND she knows my taste...AND she got this for me!!!

It is a BEAUTIFUL gray chevron and turquoise camera strap cover...and I think I'm in love! ;)  

Thanks Ashlee for such a great and thoughtful gift!  I am very blessed to have such a sweet friend!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Besties and Their TEETH

I couldn't believe that both of these kiddos lost the EXACT same teeth on the EXACT same day!!  They are very proud of the huge gaps in their smiles...can you tell??!!  Haha!  Cutie Patooties!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Beautiful Model!

So this will be another plug for our new Rags to Riches(byash) site on Facebook...but really I just wanted to show off my precious little model!!  

We needed a little girl to really show some of our smaller clips...and what do ya know...I happen to have the cutest little girl living in my house!!  Teehee!!  Anyways, here are a few (of the 50) pics I took of her!! ;))  

And just in case you are interested in any of these little beauties...
Hair clips/Bobbie Pins $3.00/ea.  
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Have a great Friday and an AWESOME weekend!   

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Hubs...

I love him a little! ;)

Married almost 13 years...together almost 16!  
Whoa..he's old.  I'm not...just him! :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Mantle 2013

 This year I decided not to do ANOTHER white/winter mantle.  I went ahead and started celebrating Valentine's Day early...really early!! :)

I hope you enjoy my
  ReD and AqUa VaLeNtInE's DaY MaNtLe!!  

{T for Tremaine...I made that plate a few V-Days ago, but still really like it!}

{The red #6 is to represent out ginormous perfectly portioned family of 6!!}

{J + A...Joey and Ashley...I like him a little!!  Teehee!}

{I bought this hankie a few weeks ago on a junkin trip...I paid $4 for it...way more than I would normally pay, but I liked it THAT much! ;)}

And there ya have it...I hope you all have a GREAT Valentine's Day with your sweeties, your children, your parents and God...he loves us the most after all!! ;)  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Funnies: Part I

I absolutely love the silly, crazy, precious things my kids say....but after the years pass, and memories fade, those sweet words are forgotten.  So I wanted to take some blog time to help me remember some of those priceless words!!  This my not interest anyone but family, and that is OKAY!!  Today I am just gonna focus on the two big boys.  Enjoy!

*To this day (since the day he was 3 and we started working on a map of the U.S.) he calls the state of IOWA...I-OWE-A.  
*When he was little (2 y/o) and Joey and I would be laughing he would ask, "What you funny for Momma/Daddy?"
*When anyone would suggest doing something fun, or any idea Aidan liked, he would say, "That's a good idea to do!"
*Another favorite...he used to say "backesball" instead of broke my heart when he started correcting himself.  
*Growing up in Austin, Aidan was used to hearing about  THE Texas Longhorns.  But the little stinker couldn't quite say TEXAS...instead it was TEH-TAS!!  So cute to this momma's ears!

*It never occurred to me that a little boy might not be able to say his own name...until Finley started speaking.  He couldn't sound out the "L"!  So out of his pouty little lips came "Finwey."  
*He has ALWAYS and STILL DOES say "Crampa" for Grandpa...I LOVE IT!!  According to my mom I used to say the exact same thing...until one day I saw it in print and apparently I was appalled that it started with a G!!  I immediately corrected myself and starting saying Grandpa instead!
*Finn still to this day says, "CROWN" for Crayon!!  So cute and I love hearing him say it.
*Another word he continues to mispronounce...ANIMAL...he says AMINAL.  Last week he asked me if it was animal or aminal.  I told him, but I said that however he wanted to say it was just fine by me!!! So precious!!

I'm sure there are many more little sayings that I've already forgotten...but these few bring a smile to my face!!

My goodness...I love these little toots!!  Thank you Lord for letting me have the privilege of being their mom!

Monday, January 14, 2013

DCD 2013: Part II

I'm sure that title isn't at all hard to understand!!!  Ha!  DCD (De-Clutter Dare)...just in case you've forgotten my mission for the year!

The past week or so I've slowly been bringing in all our tubs from the garage and attic....and I have decided something....

I SO BEYOND APPRECIATE the generosity of all the people who have donated/handed down/given clothes to my kids, but the time has come to go through them and get down to the basics!!  I was a little overwhelmed at the task....I brought in multiple tubs for each size that Owen and Finley will be growing into....and slowly I weeded through each and every piece.  One huge positive to getting rid of all these clothes is that I have a great SIL to pass them onto (she's the one having triplets soon!!!).

So here are a few pictures of the great DCD 2013: Tub Time!! { are absolutely NOT allowed to judge the dirty carpet, hangers, couch cushions askew, pitchers, books or cars!!!}  

and now....FOUR ginormous bags of clothes (and still adding to them)!!!

Two totes each for 3T, 4T and 5T (summer/spring and fall/winter).  

I really have a lot more to go through starting at size 6...I hope plan will get through those this week(end)!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Greatness of Prayer

Days can get so busy...taking care of kidlets, loving on the hubby, working, laundry, watching tv, baseball practice and even sleep can sometimes take priority over spending time with God in prayer.

I can let all those things and many more {including laziness} get in the way of prayer time.  But when I simply take time to give God my, He moves me!!

I'm so VERY thankful for the time I get to spend with God...asking forgiveness for sins, thanking Him for all the blessings He gives me, interceding for others and asking prayers for myself.  I've spent a lot of time with God lately and even those days when I reluctantly begin my prayers, by the end, I am energized, positive, strengthened, empowered, relaxed after giving over my worries to Him and filled with His Spirit!!  I try and pray every morning in the shower, but I also try to give Him more time during nap time...which is sometimes difficult.  I want to relax in my chair, enjoying not hearing my name 50 times every minute.  Or I want to watch tv and get my head out of this world.  Or do the chores that require me to be alone...without little helpers right next to me.  Or even SLEEP...yes, sometimes I take a's not often, but when I'm tired I snooze for a bit.

But when I choose to put God first before all that He blesses me beyond words!!

I'm thankful to have God to go to...because right now I know so many people who are hurting and could use a few prayers.  I encourage you to go to God in prayer...Christian or not.  Trust in HIM and lay down those burdens sweet friends.  

Have a wonderful Sunday sweet friends!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday:Rags to Riches Plug

{just a few examples of our work...leave a comment for info!!  General info: Single pins $5, Double/Triple pins $8, Headbands $10.  Shipping $3.  Check us out on Facebook @ RagstoRichesbyash!}