Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Day...

It was "that day".

I couldn't stand hearing my name.

Not just Ashley...but ALL MY NAMES.  Mommy, Mom, Mother, Ms. Ashley, Atley (my sweet Bo at school), etc.  Bet you didn't know I had so many nicknames!!  Teehee!!

My house is destroyed....not a "little" messy...we are talking full on bomb exploded.  I look at the mess and I get tired, physically tired...telling myself "you will never get finished"...It is SO MY FAULT it has gotten this way.  I have turned a blind eye to the nasty dishes, dirty highchair, chips on the floor, four laundry baskets full of clothes to fold and toys on every square inch of my floor.  Whew.  However, I plan on waking up tomorrow refreshed and raring to go to tackle this house!!  I will get it done.  :)

But I digress... name.  EverySINGLEtime I heard my name I cringed.  Apparently I woke up with NO patience. I'm embarrassed at the way I reacted to my littles at school and my own kiddos at home.  I was short, cranky, "pissy", cranky, angry, cranky....get the picture?

Tonight after yelling at them fourteen times to "Be quiet and Go to sleep" I sat down in my chair and had to hold back tears.  I felt such I quietly tiptoed back into each room, told them I loved them and kissed them (only one was still awake....but he was the one who NEEDED to hear it the most).

Oh...sleep is calling me.

I pray that tomorrow my head and heart will be filled with more compassion, patience, soft spoken words and love.


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  1. Ashley,(oops, there's that name again !) I remember when Joey was about 4 yrs old, I told him I was going to change my name and not tell him my new name ! That was one of "those" days...we all have them. No pride in having those days, but we are human ! In Ecclesiastes 7:8 it says, The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. God's Word knows that we have those days, and He gives us courage to recover.