Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year's dear friends!!!!  

I was asleep last night by 10pm...pathetic.

Those were not the plans I had for the evening.  Our family was supposed to be spending time with our bfff (best family friends forever)...but Aidan woke up extremely sick yesterday morning.  After a two hour wait at the doc (by Joey, not me) it was discovered he had strep!  Boo.

I was so sad for him, but I was angry.  Not at him (poor baby has been dealing with a sore throat for a while...but had just started running a high fever) but at more plans having to be changed.  We had to miss out on hosting Joey's family for Christmas because of all the other kid's sickness...the kids have technically been sick since December 18th..and now our NYE plans were ruined.

I was taking my shower yesterday (where I do a lot of my praying) and I was talking to myself God and said I had just had an astonishing revelation.  I have prayed many times about things and God sometimes answers with a big ole YES...sometimes he answers so long after the original prayer that I have forgotten what I prayed for...and sometimes, like I realized this very morning, he gives a flat out NO.  Wow.  Yes, I guess I am a slow learner.  I had/have been praying and asking God for healing over each child during bedtime routines.  A miraculous healing over them all.  But each and EVERY morning they would remain sick plus someone new would wake up not feeling well.  So when Aidan had 103 fever at 5:30 in the morning yesterday I was not a happy camper.  

So as the steam from the shower was clearing out my sinuses I guess it stared clearing up my head!  When  I started to gripe in my head about all the sickness and how I had SPECIFICALLY asked God to keep our family from it I realized that His timing is SO PERFECT.  He may not have miraculously healed my kids, but he chose the PERFECT TIME for them to be sick.  Now don't get me wrong..having our whole Christmas/New Year's vacation spent homebound because of sickness has not been fun, but it could have been so much worse if Joey and I were trying to work AND each kid had started feeling sick during regular school days!!!  They would have missed so much school and we would have missed so much work!!!

THAT is His Amazing Timing!!!

So....January 1st, 2013....you have arrived.  

Dear Lord,
I ask that you would watch over my family and lead us where you want us to go. Guide and direct our paths to follow you. Protect us but keep us strong as we fight for you against the snares of this world. Please bring good health and family closeness. Thank you for each and every blessing and trial that we went through this past year. You are our strength, comforter, Lord and Savior. And Lord we ask your blessings and protection over our family and friends.  Please show them your love and grace and bring each of them closer to you.  

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