Friday, January 18, 2013

Funnies: Part I

I absolutely love the silly, crazy, precious things my kids say....but after the years pass, and memories fade, those sweet words are forgotten.  So I wanted to take some blog time to help me remember some of those priceless words!!  This my not interest anyone but family, and that is OKAY!!  Today I am just gonna focus on the two big boys.  Enjoy!

*To this day (since the day he was 3 and we started working on a map of the U.S.) he calls the state of IOWA...I-OWE-A.  
*When he was little (2 y/o) and Joey and I would be laughing he would ask, "What you funny for Momma/Daddy?"
*When anyone would suggest doing something fun, or any idea Aidan liked, he would say, "That's a good idea to do!"
*Another favorite...he used to say "backesball" instead of broke my heart when he started correcting himself.  
*Growing up in Austin, Aidan was used to hearing about  THE Texas Longhorns.  But the little stinker couldn't quite say TEXAS...instead it was TEH-TAS!!  So cute to this momma's ears!

*It never occurred to me that a little boy might not be able to say his own name...until Finley started speaking.  He couldn't sound out the "L"!  So out of his pouty little lips came "Finwey."  
*He has ALWAYS and STILL DOES say "Crampa" for Grandpa...I LOVE IT!!  According to my mom I used to say the exact same thing...until one day I saw it in print and apparently I was appalled that it started with a G!!  I immediately corrected myself and starting saying Grandpa instead!
*Finn still to this day says, "CROWN" for Crayon!!  So cute and I love hearing him say it.
*Another word he continues to mispronounce...ANIMAL...he says AMINAL.  Last week he asked me if it was animal or aminal.  I told him, but I said that however he wanted to say it was just fine by me!!! So precious!!

I'm sure there are many more little sayings that I've already forgotten...but these few bring a smile to my face!!

My goodness...I love these little toots!!  Thank you Lord for letting me have the privilege of being their mom!

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