Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I hope all the WONDERFUL PEOPLE that read my blog {all 5 of you! Ha!} have an incredible New Years Eve and an AWESOME year to come!!

Love and Blessings,

{BTW...tomorrow or Sunday I will be listing a "sort-of-resolutions" list!! It should be interesting!!}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas family and friends.

Happy Birthday Jesus
I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the tinsel and lights
And the presents are nice.
But the real gift is you.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I'm so glad it's Christmas
All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it's all about you.
Happy Birthday Jesus, Jesus I Love You.

Love and best wishes for the new year,
The Tremaine Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Memories

Each memory is so special, and each one I never want to forget:

*Every Christmas Eve as a kid, my brother and I would spend the night together in my room upstairs. It would take forever for us to fall asleep, wondering what wonderful surprises would await us in just a few short hours. We would often sit right at my door and listen for Santa. And if by chance I would wake in the night to use the bathroom I would ALWAYS sneak halfway down the stairs for a peak! Unfortunately I could rarely distinguish what was laid out on display from the jolly man himself....but I tried...I would let my eyes adjust to the darkness and try desperately to make out just a glimmer of an image. It NEVER worked! Santa was very smart, he always unplugged the Christmas tree lights as to not give away the bounty below it! I would return to bed and eventually fall back asleep, dreaming of Christmas morning and all the joy that it would bring.

*Every Christmas morning we go to my Grandma's for a hearty breakfast...some of us in our pajamas and some in our sweats. Our family would gather together at the table and partake of yummy sausage casserole, bacon and biscuits!! After gorging ourselves in the yumminess we would head to the den to open presents!!

*Each Christmas since Aidan was 4 we have read the story of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve. We want our children to know the REAL reason for this blessed celebration. And although they may not yet get "it" we will continue to do our best to teach them the importance of keeping CHRIST in Christmas.

I was so blessed to be able to experience Christmas with my immediate and extended family as a child, and I want that for my kiddos as well. I pray our children will one day be able to recall such wonderful memories and traditions from their childhood.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Christmas Songs

I was just running around my house doing chores and listening to beautiful Christmas music. I started to wonder what my top favorites really are!!! So, in a particular order {ha!}:

#1: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
#2: I'll Be Home For Christmas
#3: Baby It's Cold Outside
#4: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
#5: Grown Up Christmas List
#6: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

{and for good measure #7: 12 Days of Christmas BY Straight No Chaser...not a classic, but still it is fuuunny as heck!!}

And I don't love just any version of these songs! Some versions are terrible and some are so classic that no one should ever attempt to recreate the greatness that has already been done...for example...NO ONE will ever top BING CROSBY singing White Christmas!! And as I've been listening to the Christmas channel on TV, I've come to love Al Hirt and Ann Margret's version of Baby It's Cold Outside. Some other classic singers of Christmas music...Andy Williams, Perry Como, The Carpenters, Elvis...some not so classic, but wonderful as well...Amy Grant, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, Harry Connick Jr., Carrie Underwood and so many others!!

Music alone can stir up feelings of such happiness this time of year...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! What are your favorites?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berry Centerpiece

So here is my beautiful berry centerpiece!! It was so easy to assemble and it makes such a statement on our dining room table. I've gotten lots of sweet comments on it too...okay mostly from my mom, but still!! Hahaha!!

First gather your supplies:
a box of small ornaments
a box of large ornaments
tinsel in coordinating colors to your ornaments
fake snow
berry picks
mason jars
{all the above can be purchased at Hobby Lobby}

Take your mason jars and just start stuffin'!! Big ornament, small ornament, dust snow, and throw in some tinsel...super duper easy!!

There ya have it...super easy!! Here are some more pics before I put the ribbon on:

I used different textures and tied different bows for each give each their own special look.

This was one of my first purchases at an antique store...$5..not bad I think!!

Now place your jars in a pattern and sit back and enjoy your beauties!!

Hope you have enjoyed the easy tutorial!! This centerpiece is so beautiful and I love getting to look at it every day!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candlestick Wreath

NO!! I'm not gonna set my wreath on fire with a candle!! I know the title sounds a little scary, but really it is just a simple way to display a wreath...cause there are only so many doors in one house...and let's be honest, no one wants to see a wreath on my closet door!! Ha! Anywho, I have seen wrought iron wreath holders and other wonderful ideas {} to display wreaths and other things. But being on a financial and time budget, I must use what I ALREADY have! So here is a simple and quick way to display your lovely wreaths. {And yes, I am a wreathaholic...I have 7 wreaths hanging in my house!} First gather your supplies....I have 3 tall {2ft.} candle holders and I used one for this project. Grab your wreath and for me I have this TOO cute sign to add! You could also add ribbon to fancy it up a little. I chose to keep it plain, because of who the sign is "technically" from!! So here we go.

Align CenterFluff your one likes a flat wreath!! Once fluffed place the wreath atop the candle stick. Now let me say the back of my wreath has wire which greatly helps it to sit on top and actually stay in place.

My momma got me this sign...ISN'T IT THE CUTEST? It is one of my favorite decorations. I think Aidan finds it pretty funny too!!

Place the sign {or ribbon or whatever you want to add} on top of the wreath and secure it. For some reason I am obsessed with all my signs on my wreaths being a little no need to tell me that it is slightly off center!! Ha!

And there ya have it!! Place it somewhere it can be ooed and ahhhed over....on your counter, above you fridge, above your kitchen cabinets, on your entertainment center, on your bathroom counter, in your entry way table!! This whole project was suuuuuper cheap...I paid $2 for the candle stick months ago at Hobby Lobby's 90% off sale, the wreath I've had for years but it probably cost $3, and the sign was free. I hope you have enjoyed this super easy tutorial and can use it in your house!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Glitz and Glam

I am so excited...I haven't shared a project in so long, but finally I have all my Christmas decorations to share with you!! Whoohoo!!

To start off...a little negativity....I tried for over an hour to take good nighttime pics of everything, but alas there really aren't any. So...sorry...whew, got that out in the open. Now on to the goodies!!

I am pretty pleased with how our mantle turned out! Two years ago I bought brand new stockings for our family....3 red and 2 white. Well, that was when I thought our family was set in stone! Ha! Then along came sweet baby Owen, and now we are down one stocking! So this year we just hung stockings for the for the boys and white for B! Perfect fit!

I always use lit garland on the mantle and I pretty much always use the red candle holders. But this year I added lots of new. The window has been there since Halloween...AND i LOVE IT!! I added a wreath and balls {and I only almost fell once and only broke 2 balls while I hung it!}! I usually use the wooden angels {from Dillard's years ago..they belong to my mommy!! } above my kitchen cabinets, but I switched it up this year! Lovin it! The BELIEVE sign came from my momma last year {purchased in Canton}. All of the ornaments on the garland are new...all silver and so pretty. They are also from Dillard' Grandma always stocks up after Christmas and she CLEANED them out last year!! All the ornaments were so expensive...unless you buy them on 75% off sale!! Ha...go Grandma!! Thanks for all the pretty silver!!

And to the right of the mantle are our two smaller with Willow Tree ornaments and one with Hallmark ornaments that my mom gives us every year! It's full of Barbies and old time cars!! I love it! Yes...I need something to cover the bottom of the trees...I really want to buy some planters to put them in...hopefully by next Christmas I will have some!

And now for the kitchen decor...again, so sorry for the foggy, fuzzy pics! I have had the reindeer forEVER! Bought them at a garage sale for super cheap! More red candle holders...pretty standard stuff, but it sure is purdy!!

And then over to the other cabinets....another reindeer!! Pretty simple, but again I love it! Maybe next year I will have lots of other pretties to go up there, but simplicity is kinda nice every once in a while!

And here you have the rest of the so-so pictures.

Now, for the Christmas tree!!! I am loving the new decorations {all from Dillard's...again from my Grandma!!} Everything on this tree is new....all the way down to the lights!!

Up close and UGLY photo, but here ya go! Everything is silver!

So there ya go! I will leave you with a GOOD picture so you don't have the awful blurry images stuck in your head!! Ha!

I so hope you have enjoyed my happy Christmas decorations!! It was a lot of work, but it makes me feel all cozy inside every time I look at them!!

One set of pictures to come....a really unique table centerpiece!! I will share that later this week!!

Have a wonderful week!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanful Days 23-30

{because I am so far behind and it IS December, I am going to be short and sweet with the rest of my days!! Ha!}

November 23rd: I am thankful for the opportunity to gather together with family for this wonderful holiday {and eat till our pants pop a button}!

November 24th: I am thankful for gummy smiles and chunky thighs {not on me of course!! Haha!}

November 25th: I am thankful for bows, tutus, tights, crochet hats, flowers, pink, pink and more pink!! I feel so incredibly blessed to be the mother of a daughter {and all the fun things that come along with having a daughter!}

November 26th: I am thankful for glasses, patches, dinosaurs, books, legos, cars, Wii, DSi, Leapsters, dragons and even dirt. I am also so very blessed to be the mother of 3 boys {and all the fun things that come along with that!}

November 27th: I am thankful for movies. I love that I can escape from reality and slip into fantasy even for just a little while.

November 28th: I am thankful for chocolate..yummo!

November 29th: I am thankful for PBS, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network...for entertaining my children when I am drained and need a break.

November 30th: I am thankful for another day to dream, love and live.