Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Glitz and Glam

I am so excited...I haven't shared a project in so long, but finally I have all my Christmas decorations to share with you!! Whoohoo!!

To start off...a little negativity....I tried for over an hour to take good nighttime pics of everything, but alas there really aren't any. So...sorry...whew, got that out in the open. Now on to the goodies!!

I am pretty pleased with how our mantle turned out! Two years ago I bought brand new stockings for our family....3 red and 2 white. Well, that was when I thought our family was set in stone! Ha! Then along came sweet baby Owen, and now we are down one stocking! So this year we just hung stockings for the for the boys and white for B! Perfect fit!

I always use lit garland on the mantle and I pretty much always use the red candle holders. But this year I added lots of new. The window has been there since Halloween...AND i LOVE IT!! I added a wreath and balls {and I only almost fell once and only broke 2 balls while I hung it!}! I usually use the wooden angels {from Dillard's years ago..they belong to my mommy!! } above my kitchen cabinets, but I switched it up this year! Lovin it! The BELIEVE sign came from my momma last year {purchased in Canton}. All of the ornaments on the garland are new...all silver and so pretty. They are also from Dillard' Grandma always stocks up after Christmas and she CLEANED them out last year!! All the ornaments were so expensive...unless you buy them on 75% off sale!! Ha...go Grandma!! Thanks for all the pretty silver!!

And to the right of the mantle are our two smaller with Willow Tree ornaments and one with Hallmark ornaments that my mom gives us every year! It's full of Barbies and old time cars!! I love it! Yes...I need something to cover the bottom of the trees...I really want to buy some planters to put them in...hopefully by next Christmas I will have some!

And now for the kitchen decor...again, so sorry for the foggy, fuzzy pics! I have had the reindeer forEVER! Bought them at a garage sale for super cheap! More red candle holders...pretty standard stuff, but it sure is purdy!!

And then over to the other cabinets....another reindeer!! Pretty simple, but again I love it! Maybe next year I will have lots of other pretties to go up there, but simplicity is kinda nice every once in a while!

And here you have the rest of the so-so pictures.

Now, for the Christmas tree!!! I am loving the new decorations {all from Dillard's...again from my Grandma!!} Everything on this tree is new....all the way down to the lights!!

Up close and UGLY photo, but here ya go! Everything is silver!

So there ya go! I will leave you with a GOOD picture so you don't have the awful blurry images stuck in your head!! Ha!

I so hope you have enjoyed my happy Christmas decorations!! It was a lot of work, but it makes me feel all cozy inside every time I look at them!!

One set of pictures to come....a really unique table centerpiece!! I will share that later this week!!

Have a wonderful week!!


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  4. everything looks wonderful!! I LOVE your mantel

  5. All the decorations look great. I bet it's a really cozy space . . . especially at night!

  6. love it all looks great and love the simple colors that you used just enough to make it all look great

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