Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo Dump...Week Before School

This one accompanied me to get a TB shot for school..."man that stings!"  The nurse neglected to put a bandaid on my arm, causing me to bleed onto this awesome yellow sweater!!  Grr.  

I've been sporting this hairstyle the last few weeks and I really like it!!  Think I've found a style I really like!!

Same day...MTT night at school!!

I made a DELICIOUS breakfast Sat morn...yummo!!  

Finn being Harvey "Two-face" Dent!!  The resemblence is uncanny...snicker, snicker!!!

And then there's this one....what.a.mess!!  I hope you take in all the details...hats, "glove", "chain", boots....

Sunday was Owens last day in Net Net's Sunday school class....I am very sad that he is moving on...I think she is too!!

Joey taught our Sunday school class...he did SUCH a good proud of him!!

Sunday night was the night before the first day of school...we prayed over each of our kids.  We prayed for their protection, those they will influence, those that will influence them, and many other areas of the coming school year!

And it's tradition that the night before one of our kiddos starts Kinder we read ALL our back to school books...including this one!!  I am so glad I was able to spend some one on one time with my baby girl.

I will stop there...seeing as how I took about ONE MILLION pics of the first week of school!!! Teehee! ;)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Teach Re-cap

So here are the rest of the pics from Meet the Teacher night!!

Waiting for the PTA meeting to end so we could go find out who our teachers would be!

Joey snapped this pic of these three little girls TOTALLY flirting with my baby Finley!!!  Eeeek!  They were adorable! {Notice how red Finley's cheeks are in the above pic? That's because these girls were trying to talk to him!!!}

B and Miss. Tatum....I know B was happy to see a face she knew {from her years at Grace Place}!

Finally we found out who Finn's teacher was, and we headed upstairs to his room...

This was his reaction when he found out he was sitting by his BEST FRIEND!!  Ha! 

Ms. Dean seems like a very sweet woman...and she likes the same things Finley likes...critters, bones, animals!!  Whoohoo!!

And on to Breslyn's class...we've known for a few weeks who her teacher just happens to be my bff...ASHLEE!!!  

B checking out her uber cute cubbie!!  Mrs. Szymanski's room theme is Vintage circus, and it is ADORABLE!!!

B with Mrs. Szymanski...I know it is taking every bit of control Breslyn has to not call her Ms. Ashlee...which is what we call her at home. ;))

There you have it!!  MTT in a nutshell!!  It was a great, BUSY, crazy, FUN night!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night 2013

{I'll post the rest of the evenings pics later!}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Dump 3

Here are SOME pics from the past week(ish)....
 Hangin with our besties...rollin down the road in a mad minivan!!!

Getting ready to applique another shirt for B...Gaga bought this sweet tunic for her when she was 3, and now it is too small.  So I cut out the name and I am going to transfer in to a new shirt!!

My latest applique...not thrilled AGAIN with the stitching..."blanket" stitching is not easy, and doesn't always look good.  I think I'll find a new method!  In fact I might even take the red thread out and start again!!

Um....sassy much?!  

 Bedtime with her matching doll...pjs, long braid and precious smile!!

Last week I had a meeting at school and while there I snapped a few pics of our room!!  Next week we get to get in there and decorate...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Saturday I went through some old boxes we brought home from my parents house...I found my beloved veil from our wedding!!  

UH.MY.GOSH...boohoo...sniff, sniff!!  She's gorgeous!!

Little project I finished....but it is not displayed yet.  I will show pics when it is up!!

And finally Tuesday night we took Aidan to Wildcat Camp up at his new middle school.  Sniff, sniff!

His was the first name picked in a drawing they did at the camp...he won a new t-shirt (that might've fit him 2 years ago!!!  Haha!)!  Luckily it will make a great shirt for Finn or B one day!  They split the parents and the kids up during the meeting.  The kids took a tour of the school and the parents sat and listened to the principal talk.  She seems like a very nice person, who is very protective over "her" kiddos...all 900 of them!!  I only teared up a little and luckily no one caught me! 

The Scariest Day of My Life

Without sharing all the details to the story...

God protected Owen, 
God protected me, 
God comforted me,
God saved my baby. 
God used two little boys to do His work:

I really cannot emphasize how much I rely on the Lord for protection.  
He provides ALL.THE.TIME.  
He is good ALL.THE.TIME.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Funnies, Outfits and Pleasantries

And I have MANY ecard funnies to share, but with the new system every time I put one on the blog the little "PIN IT" button covers up all the words (over in the left corner)...stupid new Pinterest!!

So we will now move on to in the outfits I WISH I could pull off!!  Haha!!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some boots like this...can they be found for women with less than petite calves?? ;)

Note what I put in the caption area!!!  Haha!!

Any outfit with a turquoise necklace gets my seal of approval!!!

So there ya have it....funnies, outfits and a post that doesn't make people uncomfortable!!!  ;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Discipline is a touchy subject.  We all think we are either doing it right and that everyone else should watch and learn from the "masters", or maybe we are afraid of disciplining our kids because we don't want them to hate us, or we just don't know where to start, maybe we've even tried every option and none of them seem to work on "our" kid.

We can only do the best we books, read the Bible, pray, try and fail, try and succeed.  

My pet peeve comes when "you" try and discipline my child.  We were in someone's home very recently where this very awkward situation happened.

I discipline my fact, sometimes I am too tough.  I don't want whiney kids...I want kids that respect their "elders"...I want them to show kindness and God's love to others.  I require that they say "yes sir" and "no ma'am" at all times.  I expect them to have manners.  And when we visit other people's houses I expect them to act respectfully.

Well this recent situation ended with me very frustrated and angry.  Some "new" parents (one baby) have decided they are all-knowing now that they have a child.  I understand the excitement of being a first time are elated, your baby is well-behaved, you are determined that they will NEVER eat chips (only carrots and green beans), you worry about every fall and bump, and you have set up your new discipline strategy.  And you feel the need to "parent" all children.

But you shouldn't.


Now if you have friends over and their 2 year old is hanging from your chandelier, their 6 year old is tripping your baby, their 4 year old is punching you in the face, then for goodness sake, take over the situation.  If however the visiting children are being disciplined by their parents for reasonable things...STAY OUT!!  It is not your job, your right or your responsibility to parent other children!!!

Unfortunately we will not return to this same house with our kids.  We can only go when we are sans kiddos.  And that is fine.

And there ya two cents.

And just to leave you with something happy.....a flashback....'s almost time to buy some punkins!!!!