Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Dump 3

Here are SOME pics from the past week(ish)....
 Hangin with our besties...rollin down the road in a mad minivan!!!

Getting ready to applique another shirt for B...Gaga bought this sweet tunic for her when she was 3, and now it is too small.  So I cut out the name and I am going to transfer in to a new shirt!!

My latest applique...not thrilled AGAIN with the stitching..."blanket" stitching is not easy, and doesn't always look good.  I think I'll find a new method!  In fact I might even take the red thread out and start again!!

Um....sassy much?!  

 Bedtime with her matching doll...pjs, long braid and precious smile!!

Last week I had a meeting at school and while there I snapped a few pics of our room!!  Next week we get to get in there and decorate...I CAN'T WAIT!!

Saturday I went through some old boxes we brought home from my parents house...I found my beloved veil from our wedding!!  

UH.MY.GOSH...boohoo...sniff, sniff!!  She's gorgeous!!

Little project I finished....but it is not displayed yet.  I will show pics when it is up!!

And finally Tuesday night we took Aidan to Wildcat Camp up at his new middle school.  Sniff, sniff!

His was the first name picked in a drawing they did at the camp...he won a new t-shirt (that might've fit him 2 years ago!!!  Haha!)!  Luckily it will make a great shirt for Finn or B one day!  They split the parents and the kids up during the meeting.  The kids took a tour of the school and the parents sat and listened to the principal talk.  She seems like a very nice person, who is very protective over "her" kiddos...all 900 of them!!  I only teared up a little and luckily no one caught me! 

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