Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Dump and Shout Outs

Photo dump from last week...my life is ever so exciting!!  Teehee!!

Visiting the local teacher store with my bff....getting ideas for our classrooms

The theme for my classroom this year is PIRATES!!!  I'm super excited to get up to the preschool and decorate!!

Monday I took my little LuLu to the vet again.  They were happy with her progress...so that made me happy!!

After dropping LuLu off at the vet I ran a few errands....HOB LOB!!


AND the first shout out is to my bff....I saw these cute little "circus looking" cups and thought they might be a good birthday gift for your kids!!

We had matching buns Tuesday...of course she has much more hair...thick and full....totally NOT FAIR!!

Just another dress up day at home...we have to look our best at ALL TIMES!!

Little makeup for my little beauty!!

My week was mostly taken over by the impending garage sale!!!  IT WAS A LOT OF WORK...if anybody tells you differently...slug them in the nose!!!  

Prep work.....

I got in a little more appliquéing...totally a word!!  I haven't finished it.  I needed the bff's approval on what color thread to use!  I will put a pic up once it is complete!!  I'm really starting to like this new-to-me craft!!

 And then it was Saturday....dun, dun, dun....time for the garage sale!!  The weather couldn't have been better {for Texas IN AUGUST!!}.  And we were fairly successful {more on that later}!!


I got to work with this handsome man ALL DAY!!!  He is a good man for sure!!

 Earlier in the week I took inventory of all the school supplies...and realized I still needed manilla paper and assorted paper.  Hey, in case you were wondering...those two things are FLIPPING EXPENSIVE!!!  $8 for 50 count assorted construction paper and $5 per manilla!!  I needed about 8 packs!!! :(

Second shout out goes to my Dad...thanks for getting so many of the supplies for the kids!!  That really helped us out!

A pic before church...she claims her baby brother threw a duck at her {which happened at Gaga and Grandpa's house}!!!  That was later confirmed by her Gaga!!  Gaw...mean Owen!

Uncle Zach {my brother} joined us for church and lunch at Wendy's!

That night B and I went to a birthday party for her friend Karington!!  

She is a doll...so sweet!!

This was yesterday...he is always prepared for a dip in the pool!!!

New shirts for B...the mascot for the school is owls...so glad that is so popular right now!!  My mascot growing up was a lion...not a lot of t-shirts sporting lions then or now!!  Third shout out...Mom, these are the shirts I was thinking needed some ruffly pants...hot pink...brown, blue!!  So fun!

And finally I completed a vintage seal for the bff's classroom!!  She is doing a vintage circus theme...she is uber talented, and the class will be awesome!!!

 So there...my past week. :))  Hope you are having a great Tuesday!!

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