Monday, August 12, 2013

Play Date

Breslyn had a play date about two weeks ago.  My friend Jennifer needed a babysitter for a few hours while her mom was traveling back into town...and I was happy to help!  It was so great for B to have some GIRLS to hang out with for a change!!!  I did notice she was kinda bossy with we are working on that!!! ;)

I put my awesome tent making skills to the foyer!!!  Our tent was held together by the front door and door to the garage!!

Then it was time for J to play the trumpet while the rest decided to float LEGO's in bowls of water!!  That's fun right there!!! ;)

Then we moved on to LaLaLoopsy and Barbie toys...busy little bees!!!

Gaw...this picture!!!  So grown up...and there is no doubting it anymore....her blue eyes are turning green/hazel like Aidan.  :(  She is still beautiful, but I so wanted her to keep those baby blues!!

We all had a fun day...thanks Jennifer for letting the girls come over and play!!!  We definitely want to do that again!!! ;))

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