Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good News, Bad News

It always feels best to get the bad news out first...

My little Lulu is hurt. :((  She has had x-rays and it has been determined that she has a disc that is pressing on some nerves....which is making it extremely difficult for her to walk.  She looks drunk!

These are pics coming home from the vet.  I think she was still extremely sedated from the meds.  Poor pooch.  She has perked up some, but still cannot walk properly.  I am praying the medicine she is on plus not letting her do much will fix the problem.  The prognosis isn't good if this medicine doesn't work. :(

The good news....I was up for renewal on my phone contract...which always means a new phone!!  Yay!!  And the best part is I got an IPhone...and older version, but it's awesome nonetheless!!  I usually get super cranky when learning how to use a new phone (which happens every two years), but not this time!!  I love it, and I am thrilled with how easy it is to use.  The best part is I can now download all my phone pics to my computer (my old phone couldn't/wouldn't do that)!!  So here is my first (of many) phone dumps!!

Our life consisted mostly of VBS this week:

I might get a little giddy when something I make gets noticed on another blog!!  Well this was last week, when my You Are My Sunshine post was featured!!! Then....

 This week the same lady featured my post on Aidan's Room!!!  Eeek!!

Registered this punk for Middle School...sniff, sniff!!

More VBS...

I did my first "real" applique for B!!!  I learned if you want frayed edges don't use this type of stitching.  If you have straight edges use this stitching!!  But I am very happy with how it came out!!

Last weekend the kids went boating with Grandpa and Uncle Zach!!

Lovin this phone!!

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