Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Teach Re-cap

So here are the rest of the pics from Meet the Teacher night!!

Waiting for the PTA meeting to end so we could go find out who our teachers would be!

Joey snapped this pic of these three little girls TOTALLY flirting with my baby Finley!!!  Eeeek!  They were adorable! {Notice how red Finley's cheeks are in the above pic? That's because these girls were trying to talk to him!!!}

B and Miss. Tatum....I know B was happy to see a face she knew {from her years at Grace Place}!

Finally we found out who Finn's teacher was, and we headed upstairs to his room...

This was his reaction when he found out he was sitting by his BEST FRIEND!!  Ha! 

Ms. Dean seems like a very sweet woman...and she likes the same things Finley likes...critters, bones, animals!!  Whoohoo!!

And on to Breslyn's class...we've known for a few weeks who her teacher just happens to be my bff...ASHLEE!!!  

B checking out her uber cute cubbie!!  Mrs. Szymanski's room theme is Vintage circus, and it is ADORABLE!!!

B with Mrs. Szymanski...I know it is taking every bit of control Breslyn has to not call her Ms. Ashlee...which is what we call her at home. ;))

There you have it!!  MTT in a nutshell!!  It was a great, BUSY, crazy, FUN night!!!

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