Saturday, August 31, 2013

Photo Dump...Week Before School

This one accompanied me to get a TB shot for school..."man that stings!"  The nurse neglected to put a bandaid on my arm, causing me to bleed onto this awesome yellow sweater!!  Grr.  

I've been sporting this hairstyle the last few weeks and I really like it!!  Think I've found a style I really like!!

Same day...MTT night at school!!

I made a DELICIOUS breakfast Sat morn...yummo!!  

Finn being Harvey "Two-face" Dent!!  The resemblence is uncanny...snicker, snicker!!!

And then there's this one....what.a.mess!!  I hope you take in all the details...hats, "glove", "chain", boots....

Sunday was Owens last day in Net Net's Sunday school class....I am very sad that he is moving on...I think she is too!!

Joey taught our Sunday school class...he did SUCH a good proud of him!!

Sunday night was the night before the first day of school...we prayed over each of our kids.  We prayed for their protection, those they will influence, those that will influence them, and many other areas of the coming school year!

And it's tradition that the night before one of our kiddos starts Kinder we read ALL our back to school books...including this one!!  I am so glad I was able to spend some one on one time with my baby girl.

I will stop there...seeing as how I took about ONE MILLION pics of the first week of school!!! Teehee! ;)

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