Sunday, August 18, 2013


Discipline is a touchy subject.  We all think we are either doing it right and that everyone else should watch and learn from the "masters", or maybe we are afraid of disciplining our kids because we don't want them to hate us, or we just don't know where to start, maybe we've even tried every option and none of them seem to work on "our" kid.

We can only do the best we books, read the Bible, pray, try and fail, try and succeed.  

My pet peeve comes when "you" try and discipline my child.  We were in someone's home very recently where this very awkward situation happened.

I discipline my fact, sometimes I am too tough.  I don't want whiney kids...I want kids that respect their "elders"...I want them to show kindness and God's love to others.  I require that they say "yes sir" and "no ma'am" at all times.  I expect them to have manners.  And when we visit other people's houses I expect them to act respectfully.

Well this recent situation ended with me very frustrated and angry.  Some "new" parents (one baby) have decided they are all-knowing now that they have a child.  I understand the excitement of being a first time are elated, your baby is well-behaved, you are determined that they will NEVER eat chips (only carrots and green beans), you worry about every fall and bump, and you have set up your new discipline strategy.  And you feel the need to "parent" all children.

But you shouldn't.


Now if you have friends over and their 2 year old is hanging from your chandelier, their 6 year old is tripping your baby, their 4 year old is punching you in the face, then for goodness sake, take over the situation.  If however the visiting children are being disciplined by their parents for reasonable things...STAY OUT!!  It is not your job, your right or your responsibility to parent other children!!!

Unfortunately we will not return to this same house with our kids.  We can only go when we are sans kiddos.  And that is fine.

And there ya two cents.

And just to leave you with something happy.....a flashback....'s almost time to buy some punkins!!!!

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  1. Thank you for having such well-behaved kiddos. Don't think it goes unnoticed by others. Love you!