Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

{okay...this can't be wordless...I have to explain a little. Gaga is now taking Breslyn to Mommy and Me dance classes!! I can't take her because I have a million kids!! Anyways, they started their first class today...aren't they cute??!!}

{she's darling, ain't she?? Ha!}

{this is her version of a smile!!}

{showing off her new shoes!!}

{showing off her skirt}

{I was teaching her some moves from when i took ballet!! Notice the pup-pup in the window?}

{Look at the pretties!! They are so cute, and had such a good time}

{Gaga....thank you so much for making time for B, and for being so wonderfully generous with your time and money. We love you so much.}

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tray Transformation

Saw this idea on another blog and decided to copy it!! To make....gather a tray {got mine at Goodwill for was already black, but you can also spray paint an old tray any color you want}, wooden letter {from Hobby Lobby for less than $2, spray painted it white} and ribbon. I also sanded up the edges of the tray and letter. I chalked up the edge of the "T" as well.

This is my small stash of ribbon...I have lots more!! I just chose ribbon that would be complimentary colors...pretty easy when you are just using black and white! ;)

Now on the blog I saw she had an "O", so she ran her wide ribbon through the hole in the top of the tray then directly through the whole in the "O" and then glued the ends together...super cute. BUT...since I don't have that option I was just gonna staple my ribbon to the back of the letter. However, after talking to my one of my besties, I went with looping them around the top with cute little knots. What do you think....should I have gone the other route...or do you like it this way?

There she is in all her glory! I like the way it turned out! I hung it from my mantle to give you a better look at it. At first I wasn't sure where to hang it permanently...but ended up putting it in our kitchen.

{see the orange thing above the tray? that is the start of my new Fall/Halloween mantle...which I will show next Monday!!}

And here is how I made my own "hanger". I am also copying this idea. easy!! I wish I could remember which blog I got it from, cause I'd love to give her credit!! You just super glue a small piece of ribbon on the back...normally I would have made a special trip to Walmart, just for the claw hangy thingy!! Ha! But not anymore!! As long as the "art" doesn't weigh very much, this should always work! Yay!!

Hope you enjoyed my little tray project!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodnight Sweetheart{s}

My Children,

I sing certain songs to you every single night. I hope that when you have your own children up until you are 100 years old you will be singing these songs. They each mean a lot to me, and I hope you feel the same way too.

Here are the songs I sing and you lovingly listen to with your head placed gently on your pillow, your hair sweeping across the side of your face, your fingers softly caressing your fluffy blanket, holding your sippy cup closely, sucking on your paci and slowly letting your sleepy eyelids finally close:

*You Are My Sunshine {when I sing the verse it has made each of you cry...except for Owen, who is only 5 months old}

*The song from Bye Bye Birdie...."We Love You Conrad"....except I fill in each of your names.

*Amazing Grace...a classic forever

*God is So Good and Jesus Is the Answer

*Goodnight Sweetheart, Well it's Time To Go

*I Can Sing a Rainbow....{I have wonderful memories of your Gaga singing this to me every night}

I love you my sweet children. I love singing these songs to each of you {almost every night...sometimes Mommy is just so tired you may get just a hug and a peck}. Always remember the importance of this time we spend together. I love you love you love you to pieces...EACH ONE OF YOU.

hugs and kisses,

{p.s. your daddy sings to you each every night as well....and always sweetly kisses your hands Breslyn}

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Sickness and Musings...

The dreaded stomach bug has entered our house, settled in and gotten nice and cozy. {So how come the day after I prayed to God to graciously spare our house of sickness this coming season...did this happen? I mean really? Often it seems that when I specifically pray for something, or for something to not happen, it seems God does exactly opposite of what I want. Now I know I can ask some very selfish things, but this isn't/wasn't one of them....I want my household to be healthy. Let me just lay this out for you....if one of us gets sick, WE ALL GET SICK!!! So can you imagine why I pleaded with God to keep away the germs?! I'm just making an observation...but why, why does he allow it to happen....I almost feel as if my "request" has been spit on. I dunno...I will try not to linger on the issue.} Anyways, I had an upset tummy all weekend, but starting Sunday afternoon Owen threw up....and then Aidan and then Breslyn during the night. {As of now Joey nor Finley have gotten sick...although when Finn went to bed he said his tummy hurt.} So today with Joey's help we have cuddled, coddled, cleaned, disinfected, laundered, made beds, etc. Breslyn and Owen have both thrown up on me my hair, down my bra, on my shirt.

They are all peacefully sleeping....I hope they continue sleeping soundly and that nothing comes out either end of their poor tired bodies.


I am desperately trying to come with ideas on how to decorate my mantle for Fall. I am pooooor at the moment, so whatever I use has to be something I already have. I have seen numerous ideas online...{i love decorating blogs}....and I think I feel even more overwhelmed. I need to stop looking and just do something. I just want it to be perfect. What to do, what to do?

Pumpkins, wheat, candlesticks, OH MY!! I really enjoy having a mantle to decorate numerous times during the year. I especially love to decorate it come Christmas time. Unfortunately this year I will have a wee bit of a problem....two years ago I finally splurged on brand new matching stockings for our family...well, two years ago all we needed were 5, and now we need 6!! Ugh!! I got them at Hobby Lobby {on sale..whooop}, but they don't carry them anymore {Booo}. So this year I have to make a decision on the stockings....replace them all, or just buy one new one. Hmmmm.

I will focus on my Fall mantle decor right now....okay after I brainstorm a little more!!! Ha!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Miss Those Days

I have 4 children. I sometimes stutter when I say that. I very often do head counts to make sure they are all with me at one time.

Having 4 children opens my eyes to many wonderful things....and fills me with stress!! Ha!

I have just been pondering over the fact that I miss that quality time Aidan and I used to have. When you have ONE child it is so much easier to play, run to the park, read a book, give your undivided attention. I miss that. I wish I had that individual time with each of my children. But I just can't...I even thought that I should have had each of my kids 5 years apart so I could have given each of them that quality time. But even then...those older kiddos would eventually come home from school and I would have to take my attention off of the one I so desperately wanted alone time with. Phew...that sounds a little confusing. So all that to say, I guess once you have more than one, there never is "real" one on one time with each consecutive kid.

That makes me sad.

I know that I can try and sit and read with Breslyn. I can draw with Finley. I can listen to Aidan yammer and yammer. I can cuddle my O-bug and look sweetly in his eyes. I can do ALL that, but it won't be the same. Because someone will scream, or call my name, or trip and hurt themselves, or my phone will ring, or the doorbell will name it...a distraction will occur. Am I being a little over dramatic? Maybe....but I crave that precious time with each of them. I love them each and want them to know that I care about what they are into and I want to love on them individually with my whole heart.

I love you my sweet darlings. I am sorry I can't split into 4 mommies who relishes in every single activity you want to participate in. But i do love you and enjoy the times we do get to spend together.

And on that note I must go care for my family on the form of making dinner!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hangin with my Friend {a.k.a. my MIL}

A couple of weekends ago I went thriftin' with my MIL...Linda. I should also mention that not only is she my MIL, I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful Christian woman in my life. My husband was blessed to have her as a mom. And my children are blessed to have her as a Memaw!! We drove out to Lewisville to visit a christian {church-based} resale store. It was huge and we had a great time. Here are a few pics from our time together......

Saw this precious poem....sewn (?) or whatever. I just thought it was so sappy and sweet AND very appropriate since I was with my hubby's mommy!!

Now let me just set the scene for the next few pics....along with some great stuff, this place also had a large load of crap. I hate to be so crude, but that is the only way to describe some of the items we saw. Oh and apparently it was "80's" day as well!!! We saw numerous turquoise pieces {which are very in right now...but not this stuff}. I wish I had taken more shots of the "Santa Fe" inspired pottery, ugly heart cut-out wooden shelves and lovely laminate covered bread boxes!! It was dreadful and hilarious all at the same time! Ha!

The store was broken up into numerous sections and way in the back I found this golden treasure!!!! ha! I couldn't believe Jim Nabors of GOMER PYLE status could actually sing. {I found out years ago when he sang on the show and my mom did everything she could to convince me that he actually WAS singing!!!} But a record...really??!! Wow...just wow.

And now presenting the infamous CATS!!! UGH!! These EXACT {minus the pearlized sheen} are in my MIL's living room!!! I have always stared at them in amazement...and not in a good way. They are only slightly creepy, but they are just plain u.g.l.y!! I found out during this trip that Linda doesn't like them either!! Hahaha!! However her mom {hubby's gma} does love they will forever guard over their fireplace!!!

Look at the sweet little piggy!! Not!! But I bet I would've loved it when I was in Junior High!!

And now in this treasure trove of beautiful nick knacks and interesting thingys we happened upon the following.....OMGOSH!!! He is so bad that he gets TWO pictures!! Take it all in....the creepy silky wavy hair, the horrible mustache, the pasty skin color and another fact I won't call attention to!! I'm actually quite scared of this doll...he gave me nightmares. Not really, but he could.

{she said she'd kill me if I put this on Facebook, but she never mentioned my blog...shhhh!! Ha}

No, she is not in love with the greenery, but she was excited to find some that matched some she already had at home!!

And finally one of me and the bug!! He was so good on our trip!

I had a great time thriftin', but mostly I enjoyed yappin' and shoppin' with my you Linda!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Flashback....Go Horns!!

{from last september...getting ready to celebrate the first Longhorn game}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010