Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Miss Those Days

I have 4 children. I sometimes stutter when I say that. I very often do head counts to make sure they are all with me at one time.

Having 4 children opens my eyes to many wonderful things....and fills me with stress!! Ha!

I have just been pondering over the fact that I miss that quality time Aidan and I used to have. When you have ONE child it is so much easier to play, run to the park, read a book, give your undivided attention. I miss that. I wish I had that individual time with each of my children. But I just can't...I even thought that I should have had each of my kids 5 years apart so I could have given each of them that quality time. But even then...those older kiddos would eventually come home from school and I would have to take my attention off of the one I so desperately wanted alone time with. Phew...that sounds a little confusing. So all that to say, I guess once you have more than one, there never is "real" one on one time with each consecutive kid.

That makes me sad.

I know that I can try and sit and read with Breslyn. I can draw with Finley. I can listen to Aidan yammer and yammer. I can cuddle my O-bug and look sweetly in his eyes. I can do ALL that, but it won't be the same. Because someone will scream, or call my name, or trip and hurt themselves, or my phone will ring, or the doorbell will name it...a distraction will occur. Am I being a little over dramatic? Maybe....but I crave that precious time with each of them. I love them each and want them to know that I care about what they are into and I want to love on them individually with my whole heart.

I love you my sweet darlings. I am sorry I can't split into 4 mommies who relishes in every single activity you want to participate in. But i do love you and enjoy the times we do get to spend together.

And on that note I must go care for my family on the form of making dinner!

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  1. It only takes a moment in time to make each of them feel special, and let them know how much you love them. They have a very short attention span, and won't sit still long enough to do much of anything anyway. I used to schedule a Sat each month to take one child and spend the entire day with them. Usually shopping, out to lunch, whatever they decided. It was as special for me as it was for them.