Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hangin with my Friend {a.k.a. my MIL}

A couple of weekends ago I went thriftin' with my MIL...Linda. I should also mention that not only is she my MIL, I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful Christian woman in my life. My husband was blessed to have her as a mom. And my children are blessed to have her as a Memaw!! We drove out to Lewisville to visit a christian {church-based} resale store. It was huge and we had a great time. Here are a few pics from our time together......

Saw this precious poem....sewn (?) or whatever. I just thought it was so sappy and sweet AND very appropriate since I was with my hubby's mommy!!

Now let me just set the scene for the next few pics....along with some great stuff, this place also had a large load of crap. I hate to be so crude, but that is the only way to describe some of the items we saw. Oh and apparently it was "80's" day as well!!! We saw numerous turquoise pieces {which are very in right now...but not this stuff}. I wish I had taken more shots of the "Santa Fe" inspired pottery, ugly heart cut-out wooden shelves and lovely laminate covered bread boxes!! It was dreadful and hilarious all at the same time! Ha!

The store was broken up into numerous sections and way in the back I found this golden treasure!!!! ha! I couldn't believe Jim Nabors of GOMER PYLE status could actually sing. {I found out years ago when he sang on the show and my mom did everything she could to convince me that he actually WAS singing!!!} But a record...really??!! Wow...just wow.

And now presenting the infamous CATS!!! UGH!! These EXACT {minus the pearlized sheen} are in my MIL's living room!!! I have always stared at them in amazement...and not in a good way. They are only slightly creepy, but they are just plain u.g.l.y!! I found out during this trip that Linda doesn't like them either!! Hahaha!! However her mom {hubby's gma} does love they will forever guard over their fireplace!!!

Look at the sweet little piggy!! Not!! But I bet I would've loved it when I was in Junior High!!

And now in this treasure trove of beautiful nick knacks and interesting thingys we happened upon the following.....OMGOSH!!! He is so bad that he gets TWO pictures!! Take it all in....the creepy silky wavy hair, the horrible mustache, the pasty skin color and another fact I won't call attention to!! I'm actually quite scared of this doll...he gave me nightmares. Not really, but he could.

{she said she'd kill me if I put this on Facebook, but she never mentioned my blog...shhhh!! Ha}

No, she is not in love with the greenery, but she was excited to find some that matched some she already had at home!!

And finally one of me and the bug!! He was so good on our trip!

I had a great time thriftin', but mostly I enjoyed yappin' and shoppin' with my you Linda!!

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  1. Thank you made me cry !! You are so sweet, and not to mention, a great shoppin' buddy. I had a wonderful time, and look forward to doing it again...SOON !
    I'm going to look for a button that says...I was featured on GIVE ME THE SIMPLE LIFE !!
    Love you !