Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodnight Sweetheart{s}

My Children,

I sing certain songs to you every single night. I hope that when you have your own children up until you are 100 years old you will be singing these songs. They each mean a lot to me, and I hope you feel the same way too.

Here are the songs I sing and you lovingly listen to with your head placed gently on your pillow, your hair sweeping across the side of your face, your fingers softly caressing your fluffy blanket, holding your sippy cup closely, sucking on your paci and slowly letting your sleepy eyelids finally close:

*You Are My Sunshine {when I sing the verse it has made each of you cry...except for Owen, who is only 5 months old}

*The song from Bye Bye Birdie...."We Love You Conrad"....except I fill in each of your names.

*Amazing Grace...a classic forever

*God is So Good and Jesus Is the Answer

*Goodnight Sweetheart, Well it's Time To Go

*I Can Sing a Rainbow....{I have wonderful memories of your Gaga singing this to me every night}

I love you my sweet children. I love singing these songs to each of you {almost every night...sometimes Mommy is just so tired you may get just a hug and a peck}. Always remember the importance of this time we spend together. I love you love you love you to pieces...EACH ONE OF YOU.

hugs and kisses,

{p.s. your daddy sings to you each every night as well....and always sweetly kisses your hands Breslyn}

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  1. Are you able to print out these posts?? What a wonderful book they would make for the kids!