Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Latest Photo Session: Lee Family

I took pictures of a sweet family a couple of weekends ago.  I babysat this girl many years ago and our mother's are best friends (for years now)!  We planned to do his 6 month pics and then family pictures...we had a great time {minus the humidity...sweat....yuck!!!}

I am so glad that Angela asked me to be a part of these special memories!!  What a precious family!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

VBS Tonight!!

We are starting VBS tonight....the hubs and I will be leading the preschool kids in Arts and Crafts!!!

If you happen to be in the Fort Worth/Saginaw area then come on down!!  We are at Fellowship Baptist Church (Saginaw)!!  Even if you miss tonight you can still come the rest of the week!!

Have a good Sunday night!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Random Beach Photos!

Joey and I sat out on the balcony one afternoon....and just enjoyed our view.

The beautiful sand...

The amazing waves...

While we relaxed the grandparents took the kiddos down for a swim in the outdoor pool!!  Can you tell they are waving at us??!!

 We really did have such a wonderful time.  My Grandma said it was so perfect we could never have it that perfect again...but I am SO willing to try!!!  Teehee!! :))

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dolphin Cruise

We went cruising for dolphins on vacation.  The company guaranteed we would see them...and they kept there promise!!!  We saw a ton of them....our two boats would create waves and the dolphins would ride the waves {we found out that they did this to get from one place to another faster in the bay}!!  It was BEYOND HOT....like BLAZING SUN OF DEATH HOT...but whatever!! ;)

Time to board....

The family and one strange man!!!

This was our guide...I can't remember his name, but my mom and I determined that he sounded just like Mathew McConaughey so his name should've been Mathew!!  Ha!

Mom...a little hot, a little seasick, a little iffy on climbing up to the top of the boat to see the dolphins!

And the notorious hiney shot!!!  Haha!!

Now for the dolphins....they were graceful and amazing!!

It was so incredible to see these beautiful creatures....and I would do it all over again....but not in June...or July....or any month that even MIGHT consider being hotter than the surface of the sun!! So in Texas that means I will go again in Jan, Feb, Nov or Dec!!!  Teehee!! ;)

A Fancy Dinner?

We ate at our condo for every meal...it was so fun fixing big breakfasts and dinners and enjoying them as a family!!  I loved it!  Our last night we had plans to dress up and go out to a fancy dinner at Lulu's Restaurant {owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister}!!  After dinner we were going to be taking our family pictures.

I looked up pics of the restaurant and realized that although it was a SUPER cool place to hang out, it was going to be SUPER hot....because you are basically dining outside.  We decided that if we were going to spend all afternoon getting ready for pictures, we didn't want to eat outside and risk sweating our make up off and having our hair go flat!!  So we found another cute little restaurant...

We all had a good time....except for Aidan.  He had developed a tummy issue {which came and went till the following morning when he threw up all over the condo!!!}.  ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun Beach Memories

I realized I never posted any of our beach vacation pics (just the posed ones)...so here we go!!

We got to Gulf Shores SUPER late Monday night...but we were all still excited to get into our condo!!

And some decor pics:

We got up each morning and had a huge breakfast...this was my morning to cook!!

Yay....time for the BEACH!!!  I really didn't get very many pictures because I was worried about getting sand in my good camera!  So here are the ones I did get!

My gorgeous mother and lovely Grandmother...

Look at that face!!!  She loved it!!

Where the ocean hit the sand was so turbulent....the waves would definitely knock you down...and then later after twisting and turning in this muck, you would find GOBS of sand in every SINGLE crevice of your body!!!  

Joey......Grandpa......and Aidan

This is the only picture I got of him playing in the sand....we were very blessed that while the big "kids" played in the ocean, my Grandma kept watch over the littles on the shore!!

 Then we visited the indoor pool....nice and toasty in there!  Ha!!  But the kids loved it!!!

We had such a great first day there!!  More vacation pictures to come!!!