Thursday, July 11, 2013

Exchange Program

So my bff, Ashlee, and I decided to give each other a gift of a few summer days WITHOUT.OUR.KIDS!!  Whoop!!  In other words, she takes my kids all day (plus her own) and another day I take her kids (plus mine).  

She watched my kiddos last Friday...let's just say I've been super crafty/super purgy/super efficient ever since that morn!!  Seriously...I finished up some projects that have been on my mind for months; and you might recall the infamous "Great De-Clutter Dare of 2013" spoken about briefly HERE and HERE...well, I was able to continue that process as well.  I have so many posts building that I can hardly stand it!!  

Anywho back to the Exchange Program....I watched Ashlee's kids this Tuesday.  We decided it might be fun to go to the park...on this gorgeous 400 degree day!  

Lucky for us we knew a park that could hide us from the evil sun monster...seriously...I hate TEXAS SUMMERS. Like a lot.

 Does he look mischievous?!!  Teehee!!  

This picture cracks me up...they are all about to pounce on Aidan, but I believe Aidan is ready to unleash the smackdown!!

 Quite pensive, no?!  

After about 2 hours of deadening heat, and the insistence of the tired lads and lassie, we headed home!

PB and J's, chips, water...and a big ole pile of clean laundry!  What? Doesn't everyone leave their laundry on the dining room table?! ;)

I can't wait for another EP day...I can't wait to sleep in, lay around, do nothing...oh wait...I should probably run all those errands I need to run sans kids.  Bummer.  Maybe I will get a little crafting in that day as well!! :)

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