Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shave and a Haircut...

Actually it was just 3 haircuts...thank goodness my boys aren't shaving yet!!  Teehee!!  Before we left for vacation my little ragamuffins needed some major hair healing!!  I've cut their hair numerous times, but this time I had them pose...cause that's what I do!!

First up was Owen...or should I say Shaggy?!!

Next was Finley...excited as ever!!

OMGoodness...I love those freckles on his face!!  I wish they didn't have to be covered up by glasses.

And Aidan...yeah, he will probably hate me for this not-so-flattering pic, but his face cracks me up!!  Joey had buzzed his hair a few weeks ago, so really I just did some trimming.  Handsome little booger!

I love all three of my boys....even if they are stinky and smelly!!

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