Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No Mo Facebook!!

I read a WONDERFUL book all throughout our vacation.  It is titled "7" by Jen Hatmaker.  If you would like to visit her website just go here  I will do a whole post about this convicting, informative, spiritual, hilarious book...but for got me to thinking about how much media I am privy to each and every day.  Not the TV I can turn on and off, not the computer I can get away from whenever I want, not my kindle, gameboy (don't laugh), but the elusive FACEBOOK.

When you get on Facebook you are smacked in the face with ads, informative posts, angry posts, happy posts, helpful information and a bunch of useless facts about your "friends" trip to the snow cone stand, their workout schedule, news that their toddler just went threw up on them...and I could go on FOREVER.

And what's worse is the fact that I'm addicted to checking it, posting to it, seeing how many likes I can get, or who truly cares enough to leave a comment.  But this Sunday during SS I began to think about pulling the social media IV from my veins.

It hit me that instead of going to FB to share the ins and outs of my boring life, my happiness, sadness, problems, gripes, need for fulfillment, curiosity, pride and joy, that I should be taking all of that to God.

When I get on FB I get an immediate reaction, support or loving comment.  When I go to God I almost never get an immediate response!!  Frustrating.  But I know that is where I need to go...only to Him.  I know that is what He everything.  I am willing.

I will miss reading about the arrival of new babies, of friends moving to a new state and the like.  And I readily admit that FB is good for quick "who do you use to fix your a/c" and "tell me about your secrets when visiting Disney World."  But I've decided I will check in every once in a while...and if I really think getting on and asking if someone can recommend a good dentist is the best solution, then I will!!

But for now, for good...I am not going to peruse FB.

I will still have my blog.

I will still obsess over Pinterest.

I can't completely get rid of my "social" life!!  ;)

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  1. A very wise decision. Every day we have the opportunity to do what we should do, and what we want to do. Sometimes it doesn't occur to us that what we should do, is a sweet whisper from the Holy Spirit....just a little reminder that what we should do is God's will. So glad that God loves you....and we love you.