Monday, July 22, 2013

Franklin Tennessee Makes Me Swoon!

Ok...that title?  I know, ridiculous!!  But really, Joey and I fell in love with Franklin 2 years ago and we couldn't wait to visit again this year on our vacation.

Downtown Franklin...sorry I didn't take enough pics.  Beautiful stores and restaurants lined the streets.

We ate at our FAVORITE restaurant, Puckett's!!  They serve chicken fried steak, burgers, salads, soup....home cooked, yummy food!!!  And while you dine (at least for dinner) you are serenaded by local bands!!

 Little man was our only companion (the others stayed at the hotel to swim with the grandparents) and he was a little bit spoiled....all he ate was a heaping bowl of vanilla ice cream!! ;)

We STILL love Franklin and we STILL love Puckett's....and we can't wait to go back and soak in it's beauty again!

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  1. It is a cute little city! My parents live there, and I hit downtown every time I visit.