Friday, July 26, 2013

Dolphin Cruise

We went cruising for dolphins on vacation.  The company guaranteed we would see them...and they kept there promise!!!  We saw a ton of them....our two boats would create waves and the dolphins would ride the waves {we found out that they did this to get from one place to another faster in the bay}!!  It was BEYOND BLAZING SUN OF DEATH HOT...but whatever!! ;)

Time to board....

The family and one strange man!!!

This was our guide...I can't remember his name, but my mom and I determined that he sounded just like Mathew McConaughey so his name should've been Mathew!!  Ha!

Mom...a little hot, a little seasick, a little iffy on climbing up to the top of the boat to see the dolphins!

And the notorious hiney shot!!!  Haha!!

Now for the dolphins....they were graceful and amazing!!

It was so incredible to see these beautiful creatures....and I would do it all over again....but not in June...or July....or any month that even MIGHT consider being hotter than the surface of the sun!! So in Texas that means I will go again in Jan, Feb, Nov or Dec!!!  Teehee!! ;)

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